April 23, 2024


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Blog Wars – Let’s not come asunder now!

I hope that the present ‘Blog War’s ‘ taking shape in our Malaysian Blogosphere dissipates away into cyberspace and everyone getting so bloody worked up about where the embryonic ‘All Blogs’ is heading , give it a rest and wait till it’s reached it’s ultimate station.

Sure, we all worry about being dragged into anyone’s political agenda or vested interests and do not want to be turned into a ‘pressure group’ serving any political party’s interests.

Some choose to be silent observers, some like me and Ktemoc raise our concerns in our blogs and express our thoughts so very clearly, taking care not to cause hurt to the feelings of those in the protem committee ; yet get to deliver our message to them straight up.

The reason I am sharing my concerns here is to ensure that those of us actively blogging here in Malaysia will not end up as the ones responsible for the failure of the grouping to come into existence due to such warmongering in cyberspace.

The Malay saying of ‘Bagai menarik rambut dari tepung ; rambut usah terputus, tepung usah berselerak’ meaning ‘ As pulling a hair from the flour ; let not the hair break off or the flour get scattered’ is referred.

We need to exercise wisdom when discussing something as sensitive as this.

The context of my saying so is asking all those who are commenting about the subject at Susan Loone’s posting to exercise commonsense and goodwill when commenting about something that has yet to be finalized.

We are being scrutinized and monitored by the powers that be who are just itching to pull the plug on us (metaphorically speaking) due to our being able to express our thoughts at will online bypassing all the usual censorship that is imposed on the regular print and broadcasting media.

Let’s join ranks as a coalition of bloggers yet retain our own individual stand about anything we feel strongly about especially where it concerns our faith, social standings and political leanings.

I am confident that those who value and appreciate what we have now before us will cease to continue nitpicking and griping about the ‘All Blogs’ agenda or plans and let things settle down first.

As I said earlier, we who are blogging here have a choice. To be or not to be is up to you and me.

For now, all I ask is for us to be united in our hearts and minds to remain free to be able to speak as we see fit about all that we so treasure and cherish.

Viva Malaysian Bloggers. Stay cool and remain committed to our cause. We can do this!

Stay united and let’s all close ranks for now. I wish you all the best. Cheers!

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