May 10, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

BN or BA? Who deserves our votes in the next GE?

We Malaysians have been stuck with the ruling BN Coalition government since this nation became independent from the British in 1957.

Malaysians have come to resign themselves to think that if the BN is not there, progress will not continue in this nation.

The reality is that this nation lacks a strong viable Opposition. The BA @ Barisan Alternatif has yet to forge itself into a solid, co-operating coalition of alternative government to replace the Barisan Nasional.

One major reason is the main Malay Muslim Opposition party @ Parti Islam seMalaysia can’t come to terms with the other major Opposition party in the form of the DAP @ Democratic Action Party.

DAP opposes PAS’s main objectives of wanting to rule Malaysia according to the Syariah and turn Malaysia into an Islamic nation in the true sense based upon the tenets of the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

PKR @ Parti Keadilan Rakyat is just a novice Opposition single seat party that came into being for the prime reason of freeing Anwar Ibrahim, the former Deputy Prime Minister during Tun Dr.Mahathir’s premiership from prison, after he was sacked, beaten up black and blue, and incarcerated under trumped up charges!

PAS has tried over the years to make inroads into Malaysian’s hearts but fail to deliver because of it’s seeming to be hardliners in wanting to implement the Hudud Laws of Islamic Syariah. Thus, they still slip up at the polls and end up just being able to come into power in the east coast States of Kelantan and Terengganu (which they lost to the BN in the last GE).

PAS continues to hold sway over the Kelantanese by way of religious endearment to the people there and a very strong attachment of the Kelantanese to prefer the PAS ‘ulamak’s’ to be in charge over them instead of the secular UMNO diehards. The people of Kelantan are known to be very committed to the religious figures in PAS hence their continuous support for the Islamic party.

The DAP is very Chinese based and it’s approach over the years to Malaysians has always been to champion it’s call for a Malaysian Malaysia where the Malays will no longer enjoy their Bumiputera status and everyone will be treated based on meritocracy. Thus the Malays shy away from even coming near to the DAP. They will never give up their rights and privileges that they have over the Non Malays of this nation.

You can say that they are racist but who isn’t all over this world? Wherever you go in this world, the natives have always viewed immigrants as a danger and a challenge to their lands and properties.

The American Natives lost their lands to the British ‘Pilgrims’ who massacred the Red Indian tribes and usurped their rich continent using their advanced firepower and military might against the Indians equipped with just their bows and arrows plus their tomahawks.

The Sioux, Apache, Comanche, and all other tribes have been decimated and reduced to living in ‘reservations’ and have lost their traditions and culture over the last century.

Colonialists have always robbed the native people of all the lands in this world through might and justice is always seens through the eyes and the slanted views of the dictators.

China through the annals of Time has seen many similar massacres and genocide take place in it’s vast nation through wars and skirmishes wrought upon it’s own people by it’s Emperor’s and now by it’s own ‘People’s Army’!

What rights does it give it’s own people? Hundreds of thousands of it’s own Chinese citizens in the form of the Falun Gong practitioners have perished recently and are still being killed to harvest their organs for sale to others by the communist regime. This is taking place as we speak.

Ethnic and religion based massacres and genocide take place every now and then in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Kashmir. Who wouldn’t want to hold on to whatever piece of land they have and possess and just roll over and surrender to the newcomers?

Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh’s strong stand against the setting up of an Islamic nation here in Malaysia stands as a vital challenge to the Malays of Malaysia and as Muslims, they view it as an affront to their rights and will never vote for the DAP save for a few liberals in the NGO’s amongst the Malay masses who don’t give a hoot to their heritage or traditions.

Thus, the present state of affairs denying the BA, their foundation to push over the ruling BN coalition from power!

When you don’t hold sway over the hearts and minds of the Malays, you can forget about ever becoming the rulers of this country!

You can only come to be a formidable opponent to the BN if you can give and take on your policies and come to a compromise over certain issues especially the issue of the PAS’s main objective to set up an Islamic Nation here in Malaysia in the truest sense of the word.

Till then, the BA will end up just as they have always been in all the General Election’s we have seen take place here in Malaysia. The BN will keep on triumphing over the fragile BA and use whatever means they have at their disposal to bulldoze the Opposition away to the sidelines.

The ferocity of certain BA individuals in clamoring to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia is also a major reason why the people are put off by such displays of hunger for power by those who trumpet their intentions to gain power through whatever means to the extent that it looks so bloody vulgar and offensive!

I remember reading a hadith of the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam where Rasullullah SAW forbids the giving of office and position to those who seek it.

The one’s who clamor for public office should not be voted into such positions for they will surely turn corrupt and abuse their position’s for the sheer reason of their lack of sincerity towards being just to the general public.

Sadly, we see this reality here in our nation. Even though one is already past the expiry date’s, both the BN and the BA politicians holding office today seem to be so fixated to hold on to their power no matter what and want to die in office. You know whom I am referring to ; no need for me to spell out their names.

Political parties in our nation seem to be dynasties now with former leaders grooming their offsprings to replace them in power. Same situation down south of our peninsular. Albeit, the small island republic is much more prosperous compared to us, the understanding of ‘Freedom and Justice for All’ again seems to be as I stated earlier.

Through the eyes and views of the dictators. The opposition are just alike cucumbers trying to roll over the durians. They’ll get punctured if they go against the thorny ones or when the thorny one’s roll over them.

So, fellow Malaysians, whom are you going to vote for in the next GE? Do so wisely!

May Peace and the Guidance of Allah be upon you ! Ameen.