April 14, 2024


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Steven’s Corner Pandan Indah – Surfer’s Paradise

This is Manikam, one of the waiters of Steven’s Corner, Pandan Indah, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

I discovered this excellent cafe recently when I went to have our car’s tyre’s serviced at the Siong Hin Tyre’s Workshop just besides it.

Steven’s Corner is offering Free Wi-Fi Broadband Wireless Internet Connection 24/7 for it’s customers.

The restaurant is airy and equipped with stainless steel furnitures and offers Indian and Malaysian favorites cuisine.

Although it is owned by Indian Hindu owner’s , this restaurant is visited by all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion.

They serve Vegetarian foods and all the local delicacies . What differentiates this restaurant is it’s clean environment and breezy atmosphere value added by it’s Free Wi-Fi Broadband Internet connection!

As you can see, it’s customers are very happy to surf from morning till night and around the clock for free whilst enjoying their Teh Tarik, Tosai or Roti Canai at the usual prices whilst getting to surf for free in clean, amiable, excellent surroundings.

Parking is not a problem for the carpark lots are just all around the corner.

Steven’s Corner was in the news for the wrong reasons @ the Corruption case of the former MPAJ Yang Di Pertua Abdul Kudus and the expose by one of Malaysia’s outspoken politician’s the PPP President and Deputy Minister Kayveas, ensuing a battle royale between the two and Steven’s Corner owner who had to deal with the constant MPAJ ‘enforcement officers’ hassling the restaurant over the placement of their chairs around the place.

Things look calmer now as I can see for myself everytime I stop over for a Nescafe ‘O’ kurang gula @ since discovering I now have the condition labelled by one of my brother in laws as ‘Sweet Urine’! 😛

Another plus point is that I get to prospect for potential business associates here as many surf on their laptops. No more excuses of not having computers, eh?

One more thing and something that’s so very important. Steven’s Corner has the cleanest public toilets I have seen and been in as far as cafe’s and restaurants are concerned here in Malaysia!

Check it out for yourself. Their fixtures are of the best quality stainless steel taps and they are even equipped with air fresheners which spray out every so often giving us the best experience as far as visiting the loo here in Malaysia is concerned! Two thumbs up to it’s owner! Well done!

I recommend Steven’s Corner for those who are staying around Pandan Indah and in the Cheras areas. Who knows? You might just meet your ‘diamond’s in networking business here.

Steven’s Corner Pandan Indah – Surfer’s Paradise. No doubts about that!

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