May 2, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Apostasy, Hypocrisy, and ‘Tidak Apa’thy.

Recently, the issue of Apostasy of ‘Muslims’ keeps cropping up in our nation and certainly draws the attention and discussion amongst the multi-ethnic, multi faithed citizens of this country.

Malaysian Muslims in general here are not as ‘hyper-charged’ and passionate about our Faith of Islam as our brethren in other Muslim majority nations.

Reason being is that the Malaysian Muslims consist of mainly the Malays who are very well known for their tolerance, gentle nature, easygoing and also a growing number with a ‘couldn’t care less attitude’ except for a small minority who are all for a return to the basic fundamental observations and practice of the Religion revealed by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala for all mankind.

The smaller number of Muslims constituting the Indian Muslims of Malaysia are prone to be silent about such matters or simply do not have it in them to make any clear demonstrations about such a sensitive matter except when agitated or spurred into action by anyone in their midst who has the guts or backbone to raise the issue for public attention!

Chinese Muslims of Malaysia usually integrate into the Malay community and are the least attention seekers or ‘rabble rouser’s’.

The Malaysian Malay Muslims generally are being assailed by a wave of hedonistic culture of hero worshiping singers and artistes by the nation’s mass media successfully distracting them from paying too much attention to matters concerning the political climate and governance of this nation by the ruling Barisan Nasional led by UMNO and it’s coalition parties.

The majority of such Malays couldn’t be bothered to waste their time and effort to help guide and save any of their brethren who fall into apostasy as a result of neglect and ‘tidak apa’thy.

There are simply many folks out there today who wouldn’t bat an eyelid if some teenager or adult go and do something that’s clearly against the teachings of Islam and the general attitude would be to look the other way and mind their own business.

Gone are the days when people used to correct and tell off anyone who does something wrong no matter that the person is not their kith or kin.

Neighbors who live in apartments and condominiums in multi tiered housing estates seldom fraternize and exchange friendly greetings and get to know each other. The result is a society that doesn’t give a damn anymore as to what happens or takes place in their neighborhood.

This gives birth to a growing sense of social apathy and also in turn gives way to corrosion of religious values and neglect which results in many of such neglected and left to their own individuals becoming apostates from the faith.

In this nation which hails itself as the role model for Islamic resurgence, the real deal is that there are many Muslims in this nation who are Muslims in name only. My saying so may infuriate some folks but let’s face the facts. You know it and I know it.

We see such people with our own eyes just wasting away their life’s pursuing hedonistic pleasures and worldly attractions with a ferocity that bewilders even Non Muslims. I see more focus and commitment from certain Non Muslims to their creed than I see certain Muslims bothering to safeguard and preserve their Aqeedah in Islam!

You can say that there is a certain number of Muslims who are sadly more concerned about how they look on the outside than what they really believe and uphold to their Iman in the inside!

Yet we also remember what the Holy Prophet Muhammad ibni Abdullah, Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam warned us about in his authentic hadith :

Whomsoever amongst you resembles a certain people in his attire and mannerisms, then you are amongst them’ meaning that if we follow a certain form of dressing, behaviour and attitudes of certain people, then truly we are associated with them.

There is a growing number of Muslims in this land today who ape certain destructive behaviors of unIslamic cultures without shame or regard to the extent that sometimes we are confused as to whether such people are Muslims or not based upon their uncouth behaviors and mannerisms.

Dying the hair is haram in Islam yet there are many Malays whom we know profess to be Muslims but dye their black or gone gray hairs blonde and try to look as Caucasians whereas they truly are as Oriental as God created them to be!

So many socalled ‘dignitaries’ and members of the Malaysian ruling ‘elite’ do this haram acts blatantly and they do so without any sense of regret right up to the Royal institutions of the Malay Sultanate and in the ruling Malaysian Cabinet!

Female Malay Ministers do not cover their aurat properly as Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, Our Supreme God Almighty commands them in the Al-Qur’an Al Kareem in Surah An Noor Verse 31.

Even Sultans, Prime Ministers past and present, Cabinet Ministers, so called ‘Ulil Amri’ fail to tell their wives to cover up properly when in public!

Mufti’s are silent, deaf and dumb mutes when it concerns such VVIP’s! They would rather make a brouhaha about petty things and issue decrees after decrees which doesn’t touch on the sensitivities of the ‘creme de la creme’ of Malaysian ‘high society’ but would be ‘trigger happy’ to blast down people who try to make a living online as what recently transpired!

These are the ‘hypocrites’ in government who fail to take care, nurture and guide the Ummah as a whole and instead are more likened to be ‘Ulamaks for Hire’!

As long as they get paid and are given all the trappings of office, they’d gladly plaster their eyes shut, plug in their earholes and stuff their mouths shut for fear of losing their positions as the Mufti’s and ‘Pegawai’s’ of the numerous Jabatan Agama Islam’s sprouted up in every nook and corner of this nation!

Dakwah @ Islamic Information activities are delegated to just sporadic ‘Forum Perdana’s’ which at times turn into a comedic affair with some trying to be funny ‘Ustaz and Ustazah’s cracking ‘oneliners’ to spark off waves of laughter from amongst the attending crowds of ‘Makciks’ and ‘Pakciks’ already in their ‘golden years’ awaiting the arrival of Malaikatul Maut @ The Angel of Death to fetch them.

I have yet to see any of the renowned Ulamaks of this nation from both the Government and the Opposition to carry out actual ‘Dakwah Walkabout’s’ to go preach to the masses and help stop the rot that is taking place in this ‘Islam Hadhari’ nation.

Islam in Malaysia is not as it is depicted to be in all the OIC documentaries and mass media reports! Islam in Malaysia is only in name and the masses are being left to rot and neglected by those who swore to protect the Faith of Islam and uphold it’s values and principles.

Too much hypocritical shows of bureaucracy and ‘red tape’ mar the actual implementations of the Quranic rules and regulations of this most complete and perfect faith from Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.

Just take for example the recent cases where a Hindu man was able to marry an Indian Muslim woman according to the Hindu rites and consequently had half a dozen children with her!

The reports say that the marriage wasn’t registered with the authorities. Okay, I can buy that.
But what about the births and registrations of all those children?

How could those children have been registered when clearly the parents are clearly a Hindu and a Muslim respectively?

Which idiot at the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara registered and approved such issuing of identities without realizing the gross error of the circumstances?

This official negligence repeated itself all these years without anyone taking steps to correct the mistakes!

Only now, do the fellows at the Jabatan Agama Islam come to take the woman away from her children and her husband no matter that the fellow is a Hindu and the woman just Muslim in name only!!!!

Governments are supposed to be responsible over their citizens and act as guardians over them. The recent spate of ‘apostasy cases’ highlight this Malaysian Government’s gross failure to carry out their duties as have been trusted upon them!

The Jabatan Agama Islam of this nation has failed repeatedly to carry out their important duties.

The result is cases like these where everyone suffers. Too many Indian Muslims are living a life devoid of practice of the faith and they are not visited upon by the officers of the respective Islamic Religious Departments of all the States in Malaysia.

Many such ‘Mamak’s are Muslims in name only and thus are easily influenced and married by the Hindus. I don’t blame the Hindus. I blame the Indian Muslim community and the Religious Departments for failing to take care of them.

Many of the Mamaks whom I meet and have dialogues with them in my capacity as a Da’ee always expose their naivety about the basic facts of Islam. Many do not pray their ‘solat’ and even if they do are clueless about the meanings of what they profess and the reasons why we need to pray?

The various Indian Muslims organizations do not carry out a systematic and continuous effort in teaching the Indian Muslims community as to what is Haqq and what is Batil?

They are prone to integrate themselves into the Malay political scene and some Mamak’s also refuse to speak in Tamil nowadays as a reason of wanting to seem more Malay than the Malays!

Anyway, to me, race isn’t that important although living here in Malaysia makes it impossible to deny the present racial divide and special preference to the Malays as the superior ethnicity in this land.

What I am lamenting here is the fact that each day, we keep hearing of such apostasy cases cropping up their ugly heads as a result of Hypocrisy and Tidak Apa’thy in Bolehland?

Who amongst the rulers of this land has the balls to do what’s right and put a stop to all the rot taking place?

Does His Majesty, Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di Pertuan Agong, Supreme King of Malaysia have the ‘real’ authority to do something about the situation or are we left to rely on the Chief Executive Officer of the Government of Malaysia to correct the wrongs being done to our fellow Ummah of this land?

I, as a citizen of this land really hope either of them do something before it’s too late for the Aqeedah of the Malaysian Muslims, Malays, Indians, Chinese, etcetera!

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala give His Guidance and Strength to our leaders to save us all!