April 13, 2024


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Uptrend Network – ‘Breaking Your Personal Best’ Part 1.

Uptrend Network Sdn.Bhd is a Multi Level Marketing Direct Selling company that has been incorporated in Malaysia and is licensed by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs of Malaysia on the 23rd of March, 2004 for a period of 5 years (till 2009).

As an MLM company, naturally Uptrend offers business opportunities and a way to make additional income to it’s members.

Uptrend foresees that the MLM industry is going to be the Industry of the Future that has a huge potential to produce successful entrepreneurs.

The MLM industry has proven that acquiring the title of being a MILLIONAIRE is not a dream anymore if the business entrepreneur carries out their business building activities properly and follows the set rules and guidelines of the industry.

Looking at the potential of the MLM business, we ought to thank those who have given so much for the growth of this industry for it has contributed tremendously to the National Economy.

In 2006, the Direct Selling Industry contributed more than RM6 billion to the nation and this figure is sure to rise higher looking at the state and growth of our National Economy and also that of the world today.

Uptrend is serious about it’s business for it is not a short term visioned company.

UPTREND GO GLOBAL‘ is one of it’s visions and objectives of the business.

BREAKING YOUR PERSONAL BEST‘ is the official slogan of Uptrend. It has branches in 8 other countries to date.

Apart from it’s home base here in Malaysia, Uptrend also operates in Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, India, Hong Kong (China) and in Nevada, the USA.

Uptrenders have made it to become millionaires in less than 3 years after joining the business and building their business networks consistently.

Uptrend now has more than 150,000 members in just 3 years and the numbers are growing by the day!

As you are reading this posting, someone somewhere throughout the member countries is signing up as a member and on his or her way to make big bucks! Believe it!

Uptrend offers for sale quality products that comprise of physical products and virtual business systems online for it’s members.

Apart from that, Uptrend also introduced a Marketing Plan that combines the traditional MLM system with E-Commerce and Networking that is known as the ‘HYBRID PLAN‘.

A terrific combination of great quality products, a dynamic Marketing Plan that is top of it’s range and proven to be effective and successful, active Management Participation and a Caring Business Principle, Uptrend Network ‘Delivers’!

We have lots of effective Training Programs that will change you to be better business superstars provided you do your part and take part in them. You decide your future!

It’s up to you to evaluate and decide whether you too would like to make a fantastic extra income with the best future changing business opportunity made available to all today in Uptrend Network Sdn.Bhd.

You can call / sms me at 6-016-3969881 to make an appointment to meet up with me in person if you are here in the Klang Valley.

Those of you living elsewhere can communicate with me through Yahoo Chat. You can pm me at mahaguru58 using YM.

You can also email me at zainolabideen@gmail.com. or mahaguru58@gmail.com

Gmail has an inbuilt chat system in it’s email itself so for those who can’t use Yahoo Chat using your company facilities, might find Gmail useful to do just that.

Those who want a better income , best do what’s right and come join me in my Team Zainking.

You can visit my blog in Malay and also Uptrend’s official website to learn about us better.

I look forward to doing business with you! The key to success is to go for it! Do you want it?

Come join me to make money!

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