August 9, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Ijok Voters Need to Vote Wisely – Tun Dr.Mahathir

Well, looking at the way the BN is going all out to discredit the Opposition’s Candidate for the N11 Ijok By Election, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, Tun Dr.Mahathir has come out with a call to the Ijok voters to exercise their rights wisely!

What does Tun mean by ‘wisely’? Is Tun asking the Ijok voters to bring about a change in the Malaysian political scene by effecting a turning point in this nation’s political future?

We all know that the Barisan Nasional has not really practiced what they preach!

For all the sloganeering, spewing rhetoric, chasing after ego inflating insignificant record breaking achievements infatuation, hedonistic extravaganza’s entertainment programs meant to keep the gullible ones in the general Malaysian public occupied, the BN Government has achieved an almost infallible approach to beguile the average voter to keep crossing the ballot paper carrying their logo by scaring the population every now and then with the May 13th racial riots threat!

The main media organization @ RTM is used extensively day in and day out to churn out made to terrify documentaries highlighting edited clips of the Memali incident, Reformasi riots, and other civil disturbances superimposing cleverly edited audio clips of firebrand PAS leaders castigating the BN Government, etcetera.

Such manipulative broadcasts over live national TV tends to leave an impression on the hearts and minds of the voters. When repeated screenings of such propaganda material is broadcasted direct to the Malaysian general populace day in day out, the intended affect is achieved.

Fearing uncertainties and preferring to ‘play safe’, the unsuspecting Malaysian voter thus returns the BN into power in each by election and for the past 5 decades, the BN leaders have successfully kept their monopoly of power in Malaysia.

Personally, the only thing that pisses me off is the increased expenses that the BN has burdened us with!

What the hell do I care if they live in palaces or splurge on the luxuries of this life if they merit such benefits of political power?

I just wish that this nation will be run by a government that stands on it’s own merits of justice and fair play especially during the elections like the current one in Ijok or later in the GE’s.

The reality is that the BN has since day 1 obtained power through unfair usage of the government machinery and by playing money politics!

What can the Opposition do to overcome such a situation? What can any party anywhere in the world do against such a situation?

Justice takes a back seat when Money, Power and Position occupies the ‘Driver’s Seat! This is what is taking place here in my nation.

For a mere RM50.00 or any other gift, people are willing to prostitute their rights by selling off their votes for 5 years and then repeat such a vile trade again and again.

I just don’t know dear readers. Maybe my nation is fated to have such spineless citizens.

Maybe Malaysians do not have it in them to stand up for justice unlike many other people here on Earth.

As long as the people themselves do not come forward and claim their rights to vote wisely based upon the track record of the Barisan Nasional as called for even by this nation’s longest serving former Premier, Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad, the Opposition stands alone against the mammoth corrupt BN Goliath that uses every dirty rotten trick in the book to clamp down upon the megabucks producing political power seats in both the State Assemblies and Parliament!

I hope no one in Ijok will complain later on after they have sold off their rights for fair governance there until the next GE for a pittance as some did in Machap!

RM200 as stated by the DAP where they took photos of such vote buying by agents of the BN and published the evidence in their websites and other blogs.

When even the former President of UMNO and Chairman of the BN for the 22 record breaking years of Premiership of Malaysia comes forth and asks the people of Ijok not to screw up their future, what can anyone else say to them?

People of Ijok and the rest of Malaysia, decide wisely and chart this nation’s future or just shut the hell up and suffer in silence.

Change can be affected but it takes courage and strength of purpose to achieve it.

Nothing can change in our life’s if we quiver in fear and leave it to Fate!

Are Malaysians able to do what’s right? Let’s all see what the voters in Ijok gonna do?