April 23, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Uptrend Network – Working from Home or anywhere

Now that the whole world knows that Uptrend Network is not in any way connected with all those illegal deposit taking ‘Get Rich Quick’ internet based schemes and scams, I sincerely hope that the public will not be misled by those who know nuts about it but try to besmear this business opportunity.

I mean, the repercussions from the unfounded gossips lumping Uptrend together with all those schemes did hurt those of us who are Uptrenders in our business building.

Malaysians are very easily influenced by gossips and rumors spread by those who come across as religious ‘know it alls’. The result is often unwarranted speculations, libelous behavior and unfounded accusations and misunderstanding clouding the judgments and business decisions of the public.

I am relieved that people finally get to see that Uptrend Network is not a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scam or what they call a ‘pyramid’ scheme.

In this business, we need to do our bit to build our network. If anyone comes and joins Uptrend with whatever business package and then sit on their laurels, expecting money to flood their business accounts, then that person is just a dreamer. He or she needs to wake up from that mindset. Nothing doing.

This Uptrend Networking business is activity based. No activity in business building ; no money comes in. This is the reality of this business which can be carried out from your home or anywhere else.

Not everyone will understand this business. Many out there claim to be in the know about such business networking but in reality they are just those who failed in all their earlier business attempts and didn’t really understand whatever business they were in or joined out of their need to make additional income and lead a better lifestyle.

Life is such that sometimes we fool ourselves by imagining that those mirages that we ‘saw’ before us evaporates into thin air and we find out that whatever business enterprise we rushed into was nothing but a figment of our imaginations.

You need to do your business fact finding before you jump in and get yourselves entangled in any ‘fly by night’ business opportunity.

If things sound ‘too good to be true’ then you must really watch out and not get ‘stung’ by those who come and promise you the skies and the heavens.

Do not be fooled by all those fliers being distributed by those who have vested interests. Those vested interests being nothing else but to coax you into joining them in their businesses but after you register yourselves into their ‘team’ ; leave you high and dry without the proper follow through.

Anyone can join whatever business they find interesting but the reality is that just rushing in and joining someone in the business does not guarantee you ‘overnight success’.

There is work to be done. Business know how to be learned. Activities that need to be carried out. People that you need to go and see about this business. Money that needs to be forked out to pay for all those courses and business training. Investments to be made and skills to be acquired.

This is the reality that each and every business entrepreneur needs to know. Sometimes I hear some of my fellow business builders tell people ‘Just wing it!’ I beg to disagree.

Just joining someone and then finding that there are things you need to do and leadership skills that you need to have sorts of pushes them into a situation that they do not know what next they need to do?

I am building this business network the way I know best. Slowly but surely, inching forward to my goals by the day.

The recent ‘halal haram’ fatwa spewing syndrome by some smart alecs did serious damage to our business momentum but we persevered and we have come through the storm of doubts created by those attention seekers.

It’s alright. I for one have always known that Uptrend is ‘innocent of association’ with all those scams. Ignorant ones will always be there , trying to ill speak about matters that they know not or only superficially.

Check us out at our official website. Our international website in English is here. My personal Uptrend official website is here. Those who want to read up about Uptrend in Malay can visit my blog about it here. What else do you need?

To know the truth and to build your business network with Uptrend proper, you are welcome to contact me by phone or sms your name and details to 6-016-3969881. Email me at zainolabideen@gmail.com.

I will answer your queries and help you too to make additional halal 100% legal income through Uptrend Network.

People can say all that they want about this and that but you know that at the end of every month, it is you who has to pay all those bills that come your way…unless of course those ‘smart alecs’ are ready to pay those bills for you?

I would have no objections to that ever happening. Serious. You have my number, you now have my email address. If you can understand the truth of what I am saying, you know what you have to do.

Things won’t change for us overnight but with a clear mind and a strong will or ambition, we can make it to the top with sheer determination and positive business build up to reach the summit!

Come join me in Team ZAINKING! We can do this ! It’s all up to you and me. I am here for you.

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