April 23, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

BN ‘s ‘SEDIA GEMPUR’ menacing threat in Ijok!

‘SEDIA GEMPUR’ is an intimidating slogan threatening violence!

‘READY to BUST’ is the meaning in English.

To do that you need to use ‘FORCE’.

So, who’s threatening to use force here? The BN or Opposition?

‘SEDIA GEMPUR’ has a menacing tone to those who understand the implications of carrying out the scare tactics of the BN ‘hired muscle’ who have actually assaulted members of the Opposition and have shed blood in the Machap By Election recently and now in Ijok!

It is a bloody shame for the BN to descend to such primitive measures of showing might and carry out such criminal intimidation and physical attacks so aggressively against citizens of this country who have all the rights to stand in opposition against the BN in a supposed to be free and democratic election!

If such is the way the Barisan Nasional Malaysian Government run this country and suppress dissent against their corrupt to the core rule over this nation since it gained Independence from the British Colonials, then the people of Malaysia are yet to be free from oppression!

Yes! We are not free yet in the truest sense. What difference is there between the present Oppressors in the BN camouflage from our past dictators and colonialists?

The only glaring difference might be the skin color and ethnicity of the Portuguese, British, Dutch, British again, Japanese, British one last time and now our own brand of Occupiers in native Malaysian colors!

We are not free to vote in those whom we feel can do a better job in running this country. We are not being allowed to vote without fear or favor.

We are facing intimidating tactics and gutter level aggressive oppressive BN manipulations to scare the Malaysian voters to return them to power by beating the crap out of the supporters and candidates of the Opposition!

Is this the kind of democracy that the BN ruling Government of Malaysia advocates? If they can’t scare away the Opposition, they’ll buy votes as shown by these photos taken by the DAP in the recent Machap by election.

Is gangsterism the fruit of spending billions of ringgits to sponsor and hire goon squads to bash up ‘free citizens’ of this blessed nation now going to the dogs because some corrupted minds are sucking the life out of this nation under pretext of ‘Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang’ slogan crap?

Human beings have a tendency to defend themselves when pushed into a corner and the BN coalition know this only too well.

If they keep up these pressure and scare tactics, they know that some Opposition supporters are bound to snap and lose their cool and RETALIATE!

Now, that’s what I think the BN is goading the Opposition towards.

Once the Opposition retaliate and smash back the roughnecks from the UMNO ‘hardcore’ goon squads, Briged Pemuda MIC and other lowlifes roped in to spark off an incident, then the ‘official’ FRU’s will get their green light to go crack open some Opposition skulls and create the impression to those who are in the dark that it is the Opposition parties who are responsible for whatever fracas that takes place there in Ijok!

‘SEDIA GEMPUR’ marks the arrogance and the menacing approach of the BN leadership who will waste no efforts to break some bones and cause bloodshed in their desperate attempts to continue robbing this country blind and beat down the Opposition viciously whilst crying ‘wolf’!

In this case, we all know who’s the ‘wolf’ and who are the shepherded sheep ready to be slaughtered again and again in the name of ‘democrazy‘ @ democracy gone crazy!

The internet here gives us a platform to reach out to the thinking citizens of this nation who now have access to information free from manipulation of the spinmasters of the BN controlled mass media.

This time around, the GE will no longer be a walk in the park for the BN goon squad.

This next GE will see the people of Malaysia get information straight from those of us who are Bloggers who have no vested interests or political aspirations but just want a fair and just alternative government and true independence from any corrupt coalition who have been oppressing Malaysians for so long.

‘SEDIA GEMPUR’ is so bloody revolting in it’s menacing message to the people of Malaysia.

The question is ‘Are Malaysians going to quiver in fear and stay indoors whilst criminals rampage through our rights and deny us a free government in the real sense or continue to be apathetic as to what is taking place before us?’

Remember Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala tells us that Allah will not change the Fate of us Mankind until we change it ourselves?

Those of you who are registered voters in Ijok, do the right thing. VOTE PKR!

That is if you have any sense of honor or dignity in you still after complaining all these while of the BN this , the BN that but still fail to exercise your right as a citizen of Malaysia.

You decide your future. You have the choice before you. Failing which, you should just forget about grumbling in your hearts and speak up against the ‘SEDIA GEMPUR’ goon squads.

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