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N11 Ijok -Will Malaysians Vote in the Opposition?

This 28th of April, 2007 will be the most hotly contested By Election that the nation has seen since the bloody Lunas By Election in Kulim, Kedah which was won by the ruling BN Superpowers against the fledgling Parti Keadilan Rakyat .

Why do I say so? Well, just wait and see what’s gonna transpire in the next week pending the polling day on April the 28th.

History has seen Goliath brought down by a puny David many a times and even the example of the War of Badr during the early days of the Prophet Muhammad’s struggle against all odds with his tiny army of 313 committed Muslims against the mammoth 10,000 over strong Makkan Qureisyh Pagan Army saw how through sheer willpower, victory can be achieved by the underdogs of any nation in whatever circumstances.

The thing is, are the Malaysians in Ijok capable of creating a turning point in the history of this nation which is about to turn 50 in age this year in the N11 Ijok April 2007 By Election?

Ijok residents ought not fear that development will not come to their place.

Already the BN machinery are not gonna sleep for they are under orders to tar every road, sweep clean and repair every drain and sewer, clear every brush, light up every street and roads leading to and out of this State Assembly constituency.

Side benefits of having the local State Assemblyman or Member of Parliament returning to Almighty Allah? These By Elections are a blessing in disguise for many.

The grass will be cut, roads swept, civic halls refurbished and RM36,000,000.00 worth of hastily approved projects carried out as this By Election’s bribe of the year!

Yes, as we all know , this has been and always will be the modus operandi of the BN, Malaysia’s ruling coalition party which never fails to bulldoze the Opposition aside except in the East Coast States of Kelantan and Terengganu.

Terengganu has been won back by the BN in the last General Elections by their usual greasing of the palms and winning over of some key players and kingmakers in the state.

Ijok now poses a challenge for the BN to retain their stranglehold over the rural areas with their immense financial clout and political power that can make or break any current or future development projects planned for the areas.

It’s not an easy task for the Opposition to face up to the billions of ringgits available through the ruling governments arsenal of lubricating away any hiccups that might arise from this By Election.

Money is always a powerful element in winning over the hearts and minds of the fence sitters and it has been proven again and again in the history of political manipulations in the elections that have been held in Malaysia.

The PKR have a lot of issues that they can use to fight their cause in this Ijok By Election. Many events have taken place after Abdullah Badawi took over power from Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad in 2003.

The petrol price hikes by Abdullah Badawi’s government still burns a hole in many Malaysians pockets and we still seethe in our hearts everytime the petrol gauge nears empty and the red fuel pump icon lights up!

The way ordinary kampong folks were treated shabbily and bashed up when their homes were bulldozed by the local authorities still makes our hearts bleed and weep for them. Khir Toyo’s lackadaisical way of handling such folks still smarts some of us in our hearts to this day.

The way our environment is being raped and bulldozed to make way for ‘development’s whilst filling up the bank accounts of all those parasites in power infuriates those of us who love this nation and are angry at the dismissive manners by which these hypocrites pooh pooh away our complaints.

They zoom in on all that happens in Kelantan whilst conveniently overlook similar transgressions that take place right under their watch in all other states in the Peninsular , Sabah and Sarawak.

Every main news has a special slot to lambast the only state ruled by the Opposition Islamic Party of Malaysia @ PAS.

Ijok will be the litmus test of whether the voters there have enough mettle to exercise their rights to have a fair and just representative in the State Assembly or just vote in another ‘rubberstamp’ ADUN who will just while away his time during his tenure or champion their cause effectively as they expect him to be?

This coming week will see all the top guns of the BN and the Opposition camp out in the constituency and promise the skies and the heavens to all registered voters in Ijok.

I hope for change and justice to prevail in this beloved nation of mine. The way things are going in this nation just scares the hell out of us who are mere citizens of Malaysia.

The major difference now is that we have the internet to express our views about what we see take place here in this nation unlike before.

Will, the people in Ijok do a ‘Badr’ against the mighty BN? Let’s just see what unravels there?

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