April 23, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Ijok, a By Election that will decide the BN’s future!

The tremendous pressure to retain and go all out to keep their hold on power in Ijok, manifests itself on the faces and gestures of the BN Youth Leaders as shown here in these pictures.

Here is the Malaysian Education Minister cum UMNO Youth Chief Dato Seri Hishamudin Tun Hussein Onn and his Deputy Khairy Jamaludin shouting and threatening the Opposition supporters!

Leadership through example? No wonder we have our students going crazy nowadays!

Hishamudin Tun Hussein Onn needs to realise that he is the bloody ‘EDUCATION MINISTER’ of this country!

An Education Minister doesn’t go around shouting until the veins are about to burst from his neck! This is a shameful episode in the history of Education Ministers in this country.

What a tragedy having roughnecks masquerading as being in charge of our nation’s academics?

Personally, I really wish that the post of Education Minister be given to those who are from the academics field.

We ought to know that a country’s future depends on it’s education ministry’s policies and leadership.

Hishamudin’s antics have brought disrepute and ridicule to the respectable Ministry of Education.

Is he trying to teach the youth and students of this nation that it’s okay to go behaving like a ruthless gangster later on in their adult life’s by following his example? Damn! What a waste?

I thought Khairy Jamaludin, being the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Son in Law and reported to be a billionaire should come across as a well groomed, tip top looking gentleman, worthy of his stature.

This picture however shows KJ to be so shabby looking with unkempt hair and looking very scrabby!

Can’t Khairy pay for a haircut and look smart? He surely can afford to pay the highest haircut fees in the world if he chooses to. Really terrible of him to look so !

Top it off with unruly behaviour and one wouldn’t be able to differentiate him with rabble rousers from some slum or ghetto, causing havoc at the Ijok Nomination Day!

Khairy Jamaludin ought to know that he is not an ordinary youth from some backward area anymore.

He is the Son in Law of the current Malaysian Premier.
Start behaving and looking as one young man!

No matter how corrupt the present government is or how notorious is the BN’s record of sweeping all sins of their ministers under the carpet, leaders such as KJ and Hishamuddin Tun Hussein Onn must always remember to behave as proper gentlemen when in the public areas.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the behaviour as shown here by this Briged Pemuda MIC because the guy is just acting as expected from the likes of him.

He is just expressing himself the way he is used to as taunting and making monkey faces is just run of the mill for youths everywhere in the world who are still kids grown up.

He will soon disappear from the public eye and be forgotten by all.

Can’t say the same about Khairy Jamaluddin can we?

His Father in Law is no ‘Estate Joe’ or ‘ Pakcik Kampong’.
As being Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s Son in Law, KJ needs to portray an image of proper behaviour befitting his position.

Sad to say, if this is what we the public are to expect from his likes if he ever gets to be the Premier of this nation, Malaysia can forget about an illustrious future.

Ruffians in office doesn’t spell good for this country.

It makes no difference if your father was the former Prime Minister of this multi ethnic, multi faithed nation of 26 million Malaysians, if one behaves like a common gangster, making wild gestures and shouting like madmen at your fellow citizens who just happen to be the Opposition party members and supporters.

People judge you by how you behave! Period.

Politics in a democracy does not have to be a show of who’s meaner, dirtier or more ruthless in behaviour.

The BN can’t expect Malaysians to just keep on kowtowing to them year in , year out!

Lots of corruption cases lie filed up untouched and ignored for far too long.

All we hear is rhetoric of ‘Cemerlang, Gemilang and Terbilang!’ In reality , it’s all pure ‘Temberang’. You agree?

People are simply pissed off by the BN’s lack of will to prosecute and punish all the lawbreakers since this country achieved Independence in 1957!

Every time we have an election, the BN sends out it’s ‘goon Squad’ to intimidate the Opposition and we see some poor sods get bashed up by these hired muscle!

What bloody hell kind of democracy is this? We Malaysians deserve better.
You can’t keep scaring people away!

I am expressing my support for the Opposition in this by election. It’s time we uphold our rights to have the country be run by the Opposition for a change.

Our life’s have been oppressed by draconian laws which are biased and unjust far too long!

People of Ijok, Kuala Selangor, “Vote for the Opposition !” It’s high time you regain your dignity!
Let the BN know that you can’t be bought by instant remedies to your place except by responsible governance and fair treatment to all Malaysians by the ruling government.

The BN won’t be toppled by this by election if you vote for the PKR candidate but they will wake up and take notice of you if you cross that PKR logo in your ballot paper. Do the right thing!

VOTE FOR THE OPPOSITION! You can do it! Vote for the people’s choice.

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