He is to us what the legendary Malaccan Malay warrior Hang Jebat was in championing the cause of the victims of the Malaccan Sultanate of old.

I am a supporter of this fearless King of Malaysian Bloggers! Long live Raja Petra Kamaruddin!

Raja Petra Kamarudin

I have been visited by Anwar Ibrahim’s people. These are those who harbour the fallacy that he is going to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. This fallacy is of course based on the belief that the opposition will be forming the next government. I for one do not believe this can happen and the only way Anwar can become Prime Minister would be if he took over the Presidency of Umno. Sure….Abdullah, Najib, Khairy, and the hundreds of other Umno leaders will just step aside to make way for Anwar. If you believe this then you believe pigs can fly.

I have been visited by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah’s people. Tengku Razaleigh’s people appear more realistic and pragmatic in what the future holds for this recently turned 70 leader. These people too of course feel that Ku Li can become the next Prime Minister but they express one frustration of mega proportions. “Why will Ku Li not make a bid for it?” they state exasperatedly. “Has he lost his fire and fighting spirit?” Well, not quite, it is just that Ku Li is not a bull in a china shop….if you know what I mean (and if you don’t then forget it — you need to brush up on your English).

I have been visited by those who claim to be Najib Tun Razak’s people. Who are Najib’s people anyway? Does he still have any? The last I heard most of his people have deserted him like rats deserting a sinking ship. I would not classify Najib as a sinking ship, far from it, but then I would certainly classify those deserters as rats and I hope Najib now knows who his friends are when he finally does become Prime Minister — and I do believe he will; it’s a matter of time if he plays his cards right.

And of course I have been visited by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s people. Mahathir’s people express concern that I may have pushed the envelope a bit too far this time with my latest article in The Corridors of Power. (See Mexican stand-off). They have warned me that there is talk amongst those who walk through the corridors of power that detention under the Internal Security Act may be hovering over my head.

In between all these visits are the phone calls and e-mails that advice me to watch my back. Some of these ‘advices’ can of course be interpreted as subtle warnings or veiled threats if you are one of those who delight in reading between the lines rather than taking things at face value.

How much of what I have received by way of ‘advice’ and expressions of anxiety deserve to be inserted in the genuine column and which instead should be taken as threats are not really of much concern to me. I know these people are merely grappling with their own anxieties and insecurities and they hope that by confronting me then they no longer need to confront the issues. Take this as a sort of security blanket that they are throwing over themselves. Once hidden under this blanket they are ‘safe’ because what they can’t see can’t hurt them. This is the small child syndrome.

A small child who is afraid of the dark or the shadows or things that go bump in the night would hide under the blanket for security. This is of course a fallacy and the action of one who lives in the world of make-belief because what you can’t see can certainly harm you. What all these people should actually focus on are the revelations and exposes that Malaysia Today has churned out these last 32 months or so since August 2004. That is the crux of the issue. Addressing the issues is the only way out rather than running away from them or trying to silence them and prevent them from emerging by throwing threats and warnings all over the place.

I challenge the powers-that-be to investigate Malaysia Today, but investigate Malaysia Today in total. Don’t just pick and choose one or two items as the basis of the investigation. Investigate all and let us see what we dredge to the surface.

Malaysia Today has revealed much. Malaysia Today has exposed a lot. Malaysia Today has laid bare too much for the powers-that-be to just ignore. Let all and not just some of the issues be investigated. Then and only then if what Malaysia Today alleges are proven false do you come for me.

1. Is it not true that some judges long due for promotion have been by-passed, yet again, in the promotion exercise recently carried out?

2. Is it not true that these judges who were by-passed have been known to have ruled in favour of parties non-complimentary to or non-supportive of the powers-that-be?

3. Is it not true that Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi allocated RM600 million to the 191 Umno Divisions?

4. Is it not true that RM3 million has been allocated to each and every of the 191 Umno Divisions?

5. Is it not true that in the pre-council meeting of the last Umno General Assembly Abdullah announced that the RM3 million is not for the Parliamentary constituencies but for the Umno divisions?

6. Is it not true that Abdullah asked the Umno division committee members to lobby their divisions chiefs if they want a share of this RM3 million?

7. Is it not true that the money was supposed to be spent within two months?

8. Is it not true that this entire session was minuted and Malaysia Today published the Minutes of the meeting which confirms all this?

9. Is it not true that only about half of the 219 Parliamentary constituencies are held by Umno while the balance are held by either the other 13 component members in the Barisan Nasional coalition or by some of the opposition parties and they have not been given any share of this RM600 million because the money is for the Umno divisions and not for the Parliamentary constituencies?

10. Is it not true that not a single of the 28 Parliamentary constituencies in Sarawak were given any allocation of RM3 million per division because Sarawak does not have an Umno presence?

11. Is it not true that the RM600 million was slotted under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (RMK9) under the ambit of ‘rural development’ without the approval of Parliament or the Cabinet whereas the RMK9 has already been approved by Parliament and any deviation to the plan must go back to Parliament for debate and approval?

12. Is it not true that Penerbangan Malaysia Berhad has already purchased the RM200 million Airbus A319 for use of the Prime Minister whereas Abdullah Badawi denied that the government had purchased the jetliner and instead said it is only being leased?

13. Is it not true Abdullah Badawi declared in Parliament that negotiations for the Airbus A319 are still ongoing and no decision has been made yet whether to purchase the jetliner whereas delivery has already been made and it is now in Switzerland being fitted with VVIP specifications?

14. Is it not true that Abdullah Badawi made a visit to a Turkish boat-building company together with a prominent Malaysian tycoon and a Turkish newspaper reported that the Malaysian Prime Minister was visiting his USD8 million yatch which was under construction and the Turkish newspaper thus far has not retracted the news report or published an apology?

15. Is it not true that a few very wealthy and influential underworld bosses were released by the Deputy Minister of Internal Security after the police had detained them and the reason given for their release is that the police did not follow proper procedures in their detention whereas Malaysia has a detention without trial law that can be used against anyone and everyone that the government views as a threat to national security?

16. Is it not true that the United Nations released two reports that implicate Abdullah Badawi in the Iraqi Oil-for-Food scandal at the time when he was still just the Deputy Prime Minister?

17. Is it not true that Abdullah Badawi admitted issuing and signing letters of recommendation to a few Malaysian business people and companies to enable them to participate in the Iraqi Oil-for-Food program plus receive a sizeable oil quota?

18. Is it not true that Abdullah Badawi said it is normal practice for him to issue and sign letters of recommendation for Malaysian business people and companies seeking business opportunities but he cannot remember who they are?

19. Is it not true that one person who Abdullah Badawi supported with a letter of recommendation is none other than his sister-in-law and this sister-in-law was implicated in the United Nations report as also having indulged in corruption and kickbacks in the Oil-for-Food scandal?

20. Is it not true that previous Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir has revealed all this in a press conference in Alor Star and that he also urged that action be taken against Abdullah Badawi for his criminal act while holding the post of Deputy Prime Minister and which only surfaced after he took over as Prime Minister?

21. Is it not true that Abdullah Badawi chaired the Umno Supreme Council meeting that discussed sabotaging Mahathir during the last Kubang Pasu division election?

22. Is it not true that the matter of sabotaging Mahathir was again raised at the following Umno Supreme Council meeting of 28 September 2006 and that Rais Yatim pointed out that the matter discussed at the previous meeting is illegal and therefore should not be minuted in the Minutes of the meeting?

23. Is it not true that the Minutes of the meeting was then recalled and new Minutes was typed out with three pages that refer to the discussion and decision to sabotage Mahathir in the Kubang Pasu division election were expunged from the new and amended Minutes?

24. Is it not true that on the eve of the Kubang Pasu division election a meeting was held at the golf club where members of the Lembaga Disiplin Umno took turns to speak to urge the delegates to not vote for Mahathir?

25. Is it not true that the Kubang Pasu delegates were then given a bribe of RM200 each as an inducement to not vote for Mahathir?

26. Is it not true that four Kubang Pasu delegates later made police reports and lodged official complaints with the Umno headquarters with their full testimony in signed Affidavits attached to the official complaint alleging that they received bribes?

27. Is it not true that the Umno headquarters promised to investigate the complaints by the four Kubang Pasu delegates and did it not also promise to make an official announcement the soonest possible?

28. Is it not true that in spite of the police reports, official complaints, Affidavits, and the promise to take action, the Umno headquarters has in fact done nothing about the matter since last year?

29. Is it not true that one of the delegates who lodged a complaint, made a police report, plus signed an Affidavit alleging he was bribed RM200 to not vote for Mahathir, was later beaten up in his home in front of his family and that he has lodged a police report identifying those who beat him up but no action has been taken about this crime since last year?

30. Is it not true that in a prime-time television interview Abdullah Ahmad Badawi denied that his son or his son’s company has ever been a beneficiary to Malaysian government contracts?

31. Is it not true that in response to this denial, websites and Blogs revealed that more than RM1.5 billion worth of government contracts had in fact been awarded to Abdullah’s son’s company?

32. Is it not true that in response to this expose Abdullah declared that his son’s company was awarded the RM1.5 billion government contracts because his son’s company is a Bumiputera company whereas it is actually a public listed company and therefore not Bumiputera?

33. Is it not true that in response to this expose Abdullah further declared that his son’s company was awarded the RM1.5 billion government contracts because his son’s company is only one of two companies in the world involved in that particular line of business?

34. Is it not true that in response to Abdullah’s declaration, websites and Blogs revealed that there are in fact hundreds of companies all over the world involved in the same line of business as his son’s company?

35. Is it not true that Abdullah’s family owns a home in Perth, Australia, at the following address: 34, Bay View Terrace, Mosman Park?

36. Is it not true that Abdullah’s son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, made a public declaration that was carried by Agenda Daily and Malaysiakini that the Abdullah family home in Perth is in fact not Abdullah’s but is owned by his son, Kamal?

37. Is it not true that a search revealed that the title of the house is in fact in the name of the wife of Patrick Lim, Abdullah’s family’s business partner, and not in the name of Kamal as Khairy had declared?

I will stop here for the meantime and allow all the above to be answered. There are of course more but suffice that the powers-that-be satisfy me with a reply to the above first before they start accusing websites and Blogs, in particular Malaysia Today, of indulging in lies, half-truths and innuendoes. If they can rebut all the above and prove that all the above are totally false then I suggest they come for me and charge me with spreading lies, half-truths and innuendoes. Until then, allow me to give them the middle finger and at the same time suggest that they shove it up the part of the body where the sun does not shine.