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I refer to the following report about the ‘Get Rich Quick Schemes’ that are deemed to be ‘HARAM‘ by the authorities and reported in the Muslim Consumers Association’s website :

This is my translation of the original report from Malay to English.


Headlines in Utusan Malaysia in it’s 14th April Edition reported by Ramli Abdul Karim and Hasani Hassan.

KUALA LUMPUR 13th April 2007 – The ‘Get Rich Quick’ Internet based schemes that have been decreed to be HARAM by the National Fatwa Council are not based in foreign countries as reported before but are instead being run by Malaysians themselves.

Investigations by Utusan Malaysia found that the schemes that were reported to be recognized globally were in fact just operating from within this country.

To make matters worse, the information found in those websites including data that the schemes were based upon foreign exchange dealings, futures trading in commodities, offshore trading and in the share markets were discovered to be baseless.

Utusan Malaysia’s investigations that were carried out by it’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) experts confirm that almost all of the websites probed that claim to give huge returns from low investments were actually a form of illegal deposits taking that run contrary to the Malaysian laws.

Important facts obtained from the investigations through a referred website is that most of these web based get rich quick investment schemes were registered with web hosting operators based in the United States of America whilst the owners were addressed here in Malaysia in major cities such as in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Seri Kembangan.

Nevertheless, a few of the popular websites amongst the Malaysian investors were found to be registered under the names of proxies addressed in the USA.

Investigations through a referral website disclosed that all 16 of the ‘Get Rich Quick’ websites that were probed were dominated by visitors from Malaysia with a rate as high as 98.5%.

The websites in concern are :

  1. winlifund.com,
  2. iluf.biz,
  3. buyebarrel.us,
  4. buyebarrel.com,
  5. eaindex.com,
  6. swisscash.net,
  7. e-investpro.com,
  8. ugifund.com,
  9. eukgold.com,
  10. a3union.com,
  11. smartindex.us,
  12. abfund.us,
  13. fical.us,
  14. globalforex.biz,
  15. swedenfund.com,
  16. al-arabic.com.

The Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association Project Co-ordinator (PPIM), Noor Nirwandy Mat Noordin told Utusan Malaysia that the association received the same information that most of the abovenamed websites purported to be based in the USA are actually operated and managed by Malaysians themselves.

Thus, he says that this proves the existence of fraud being committed by the operators of such websites that are run by those who are ICT professionals and web designers.

“It saddens us (PPIM) to learn from ICT experts that most of the ‘get rich quick scheme’ websites are hosted by those who are Non Muslims whereas most of the victims are Muslims”.

“Following this disclosure, PPIM wishes to ask Muslims to stay away from such schemes which are clearly forbidden in Islam and have even been decreed to be HARAM by the National Fatwa Council yesterday,” expressed Noor Nirwandy when contacted today.

Yesterday, the National Fatwa Council of Malaysia in it’s 77th Meeting in Kuala Terengganu decreed that Investment Schemes through the Internet that promised high yield returns on a fixed basis as HARAM because it is based on (riba) interests.

Based upon investigations by the IT experts revealed that the Website operators misled their investors by placing various logos of banks and Telegraphic Transfer Services (TT) in their websites to induce them into believing that their operations were legitimate.

The highest numbers of visitors to such websites were found to be from Malaysia and only a small number consisted from other nations such as Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Thailand.

The participation of web visitors from our neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Indonesia are believed to be the result of referrals by our Malaysian citizens either by word of mouth or through email.

Some of those websites were found to be listed amongst the Top 100 Web Sites ( based upon referral from www.alexa.com) that are visited by Malaysians.

Lecturer in the Faculty of Information Technology and Quantitative Science from the Mara University of Technology, Associate Professor Dianne Cheong Lee Mei, affirmed the situation and ascribed it to be a cyber crime that needs serious action by the government.

According to her, the operators of the Internet based Investment Schemes put up a false front of being based overseas and run by established and qualified business professionals.

“Usually the internet users in Malaysia never bothered to know ; what more investigate and check as to who are the real owners of any of those websites and they just believed and trusted whatever information that were found in the websites? “.

“The problem in this country is that , whenever anyone falls prey to such fraudulent Internet schemes, not many of them come forward to lodge any police reports against them”.

Meanwhile, investigations show that there is a server hosting one of those websites operating the get rich schemes in the Internet that has now come to won a few more new websites hosted in the same server that are believed to be about to be launched very soon.

Among the internet investment websites expected to be launched anytime soon are the emxfund.com and dnfund.net.
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