April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Blast from my past 2 – Penang 1987

Upon returning to Penang in 1987, I worked for a while as a Security Personnel in Shangrila Inn, Penang.

It was a very memorable stint as I experienced many unforgettable incidents and events that are still embedded in my memories.

I recall an event when UMNO was undergoing the Team A-Team B crisis.

I was in the same elevator with Abdullah Badawi, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and lawyer Marina Yusof who were having a pow wow at the hotel when they were members of the Team B who were against the leadership of Dr.Mahathir back then.

Little did we all imagine that Abdullah Badawi who was out of the Cabinet would eventually return to be in the top leadership and become the Prime Minister after Dr. Mahathir.

Working as a Security Personnel back then when I was just in my late 20s was an eye opener to the many different traits and characteristics of human beings.

If I were to start writing a novel based on those experiences, it might turn into a best seller! Hehehehehe… Some of the events are funny, some outright outrageous and some scary too.

It made me wiser though that the world is made up of the rich and wealthy who do as they please and the downtrodden ones who serve those big shots at the expense of their self dignity!
That’s life.

I was living in Kampong Binjai, Bayan Lepas, Penang upon returning to Penang.

I remember an incident at a ‘fun fair’ there where there was this young beautiful singer by the name of Salwa Abdul Rahman who was being hassled by a group of the village youth at the backstage.

My natural instincts to protect and preserve took over and I kept those gropers away and just sort of became her impromptu bodyguard!

I didn’t know who she was at that time but I just could not stand by and watch those idiots molest that sweet young thing!!! I ended up being thanked by her and got to pose with her in the artiste’s enclosure.

Hehehehehe…now , when I look back at all that has taken place, I smile and contemplate that I did right. No regrets. Wonder if she’d remember me?

Life is a series of adjustments. As we learn more things, we get to know what to do and what not to. I have learned my lessons well but at times I still might slip up and commit a mistake.

The lessons learned do come in handy and they help me make my decisions better. Nothing beats experience.

The incident at the fun fair taught me that if it is to be , it is up to me.

I need to take charge and teach those wrongdoers a thing or two. My silat background helped and my stint in Singapore turned me into a man in the real sense.

I could now kick ass as I wanted to and was able to do just that a couple of times. Must have been the age and my raging hormones!

Call it being in my prime back then.

No matter whether it is in the city or in the rural areas, there will always be folks like those youths who like to go over the line and do not know how to behave when in public places.

The herd mentality takes over and they cease to be as decent beings. Hence, the need for us to be capable to handle such unforeseen events and circumstances. Be prepared … just like the Boy Scouts!

Rude, uncouth, outrageous behavior seems to be in the genes of such folks who do not know social courtesy.

Some people just don’t appreciate good civic manners and usually end up harassing those who are just earning a livelihood such as those involved in the entertainment field. Yes, it is a world full of sin and distractions but it is part and parcel of human nature.

As we grow older, we now know what’s right and what’s wrong. It is up to us to choose our ways.

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