September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

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I was laughing as I scanned this ‘flyer’ from a ‘Tok Guru’ that was distributed at my apartment’s letter boxes!

I mean in these times of enterprising business opportunities, who would bother calling up a ‘shyster’ like the guy who claims to be able to predict the Magnum 4D sweepstakes and lay down all their hard earned cash on what a fella staying in the hinterlands of Grik, Perak?

Yet, I am sure that there will be hundreds if not thousands of gullible , get rich quick wannabes calling up this ‘Tok Guru’!

The Tok Guru if he is really a ‘know it all’ wouldn’t be wasting his time printing these cheap flyers and flooding the country, would he?

He could win big and score the 1st Prize everyday wouldn’t he if he was really able to predict the winning numbers in the lottery draw?

He could be the richest gambler in the world and do not have to waste his time trying to enrich all others?

Am I making sense here? You remember the story line in Back to the Future 2?

Where the Biff character gets hold of a Sports Almanac from 1950 upto the year 2000?

Yeah, in the movie, that character ends up scoring it big in each and every sporting event where he lays down bets and scores everytime!

That’s what anyone would do , wouldn’t they if they could predict the future?

Invest in the stock market and make a killing. Turn rich and wealthy overnight and remain so till the day he dies leaving a legacy for his heirs. Well, why doesn’t this ‘Tok Guru’ just do that?

It’s all pure hyperbole but don’t be surprised that he’ll get quite a number of dimwits falling for his scam.

I mean, he is staying there in Grik, Perak yet he has these flyers being distributed all around KL!

He sure has all the skills of being an enterprising business entrepreneur but he sure is in the wrong business!

His business here is pulling a fast one on those stupid enough to swallow his lure, hook, line and sinker!

I just hope that those who want to have an extra income in the real sense, please stay away from that ‘Tok Guru’!

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