April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Yet we grumble about our state of affairs!

That’s their fate! Takdir! They are destined to suffer like that! Serves them right!..so on and so forth!

Well, dear folks. Life can be heaven for some and yet be a living hell for the others as depicted here in the video clip.

We have our leaders building mansions way down under and also here in Bolehland.

We have those who are driven away from their homes and witness their abodes be bulldozed and flattened to the grounds and resistors truncheoned into submission by the FRU’s and Enforcement Squads from the local authorities.

We have Fatwa spewing know it alls and ‘holier than thou’s ‘ destroy any chances of earning an honest living for E-commerce business entrepreneurs and we have a society that is fast losing all sense of religious and moral values as they live a hedonistic life that leads many to a frustrated future.

We have political parties hurling insults and getting into fights over a by election parliament seat of power that will again be a platform for the winning YB to make his millions and not enrich his voters or constituents.

We have a choice as to give a damn about all these or just mind our own business and get on with our life’s.

This temporary existence as a humanbeing here on this mortal Earth can be so bloody challenging for so many and yet be a Heaven on Earth to those who are reigning over us.

Decide where we go and with whom we keep company. As I live this life, I come across so many souls who are clamouring for some sense of peace and tranquility in their hearts.

A hungry stomach growls with want and yet there are so many out there overloading their gullets with rich luxurious expensive eats and puke all over the place.

What a topsy turvy world we are living in…..

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