April 13, 2024


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Uptrend E-Commerce – Making Money with Friends!

Each of us spend so much time online and yet not that many of us realise the fantastic tool we have right before us here.

This internet can be better utilized to be a platform for us to reach out and share the benefits of turning our casual contacts into business associates worldwide by registering ourselves as Uptrend Network Global Business Entrepreneurs.

Instead of just chit chatting our precious time online away, we can turn it into moneymaking business opportunities both for us and our precious friends.

Isn’t it much more better than to just talk about useless subjects like who scored this and that, what CT Nurhaliza has won and whether Mawi’s getting engaged with whoever? Doesn’t pay our bills, does it? I am sure that you can agree with me on that? We need money to pay our dues.

The need to have more money to help pay our bills has never been more greater than right this moment.

We all have bills to pay. Utilities, Home Loan Instalments, Car Loan Instalments, etcetera. You might forget the bills but the bills will turn up without fail in our mailboxes or at our doorsteps.

Whose going to help you out with such payments? No one will!

Those holier than thou ‘fatwa spewer’s’ ain’t gonna show up at your home to hand over to you a big fat cheque to solve your problems.

Those political bigwigs whom you support and shoulder their big fat ass ain’t gonna come and help you pay your bills.

Those soccer stars slamming in a goal whilst you sit and shout ‘GOALLLLLLLL!!!!’ at your local Mamak ‘Bistro’s don’t even know you yet there you are shouting till your throat goes dry and still, you are the one having to pay your bills at both the Mamak shop and the bills waiting for you at home! The only winner here is the Mamak happily counting his income for the day.

Ironic isn’t it?

We spend so much time arguing about this and that, lambasting the Jelly Belly Sweep it Clean leadership and envy the buggers for having the mega bucks to go set up home Down Under and elsewhere whilst at the end of the month, not one bozo is gonna come to our aid and help us out with our bills.

‘Wakey wakey Mister Alex!’ goes the dialogue of a cartoon movie shown recently!

We too, need to wake up and see what we can do to make more ‘dough’.

We too need to wake up to the reality that IF we don’t go grab the opportunities right here before us , no one else is gonna be bothered to add some extra cash our way, in our wallets both here and online.

You can check out this moneymaking opportunity right here, right now and tell me if you too want a piece of the action. Click on the link to see a dynamic Flash presentation about it!

If you want me to follow up with you and help show you the business, then please fill in your real names and contact details in the system when it shows up.

False names and dubious contact details tells me what kind of a visitor I had visiting me. Those who deny themselves of this fantastic opportunity!

So do yourselves a favor and be who you really are! A positive business builder and one who never says ‘No’ to opportunity when it is right here before you!

That’s if you want to make money with me, of course. You decide your future and whether you want to be with me in Uptrend!

If you have it in you to make the right decision today, I promise you that I will assist you in all ways that I can to make this Uptrend Business , our mutual win win business network!

You can start with a business package that suits your budget and from here work your way up to earning the big bucks in par with the amount of effort and activities you put into your business building! You call the shots! Be your own boss!

Check it out and Welcome to the best E-Commerce Business Opportunity that has and is turning ordinary folks like you and me into dynamic successful Global Business Entrepreneurs !

I am on my way to freeing myself from my financial situations. Come join me in Uptrend!

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