April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Stoking the fires of Religious Conflict in Malaysia!

It seems like some people will never be happy to see this nation remain a place where all can live in relative peace and harmony.

Lately we see, the instigators stoking the fires of religious discord by trumpeting up minor issues into raging ones and the culprits do so under a cloak of seeking justice and upholding human rights whilst in reality they are itching for a fight!

Cases like Azlina Jailani @’Lina Joy’s Application to Apostate’, the late mountaineer Muhamad bin Abdullah or Moorthy, and now a Hindu divorcee seeking her parental rights over her son, who’s being asked to seek legal redress in the ‘Syariah Courts’.
Do the parties concerned fail to realise that these are isolated cases and do not reflect the status of religious ‘freedom’ in the nation wholescale?

Do we not have countless churches, temples, gurdwara’s, and whatever other faith’s being allowed to operate and be practiced freely in Malaysia?

The last I heard from MENJ is about a grand Christian Convention Centre now erected and established in Bukit Jalil! How about the largest free standing Hindu statue of their deity at the Batu Caves? Surely, you can’t miss the towering Kuan Yin Statue and the Kek Lok Si temples atop the hills of Ayer Itam, Penang?

There are so many of these Non Muslim faith’s houses of worship and religious freedom being allowed to be practiced within the confines of our nation’s Rukunegara ; yet we are hearing these mumblings and grumblings festering in this land, being stoked by certain quarters who fail to cherish and appreciate what we have and are enjoying at the present in Malaysia.

These elements are playing with fire. Religious strife when left to fester like these will one day spark off a firestorm that will burn all within this fragile cohesion of multi ethnic and multi faith’d nation that is the envy of so many out there in the world.

Do we need to see this nation be rendered asunder by communal strife and mayhem? Don’t we all realise that there are out there so many idiots and numbskulls who’d love nothing better than to run amok and rampage in the name of race or religion?

These strifemongers who are raring for a fight do so under cloak of religious freedom which they fail to realise are already being enjoyed by them for if the powers that be really are being biased and overwhelmingly trying to go overboard with their Islamic governance, all the other religious establishments won’t be allowed to be raised up here and there all over the nation.

Even in PAS run State of Kelantan, exists the longest and largest reclining statue of Buddha! What more can I say ?

To those in the MCCBCHS who are fanning the flames of religious discord, I’d say, ‘watch out for the sparks’. You do not want to be the cause of mayhem in this land, do you?

When you play with fire, chances are everyone will get burnt or at least suffer from the smoke.

Let’s all exercise a bit of discretion and go about these matters with a sense of wisdom. Ameen.

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