September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysia’s Mufti’s need to be more proactive!

I refer to the current situation in our nation where a certain ‘diarrhea of the lips’ and ‘constipation of the mind’ afflicted dinosaur member of the ruling coalition called for the dismissal of the Mufti of Perak recently!

Such utter idiocy of an idiot who is infamous for being rude and uncouth without an iota of leadership that anyone can follow clearly is too ‘kurang ajar’ to be left unadmonished by the ‘Islam Hadhari’ leadership of Abdullah Badawi!

Does he condone such blatant disrespect shown by the Gerakan party towards Sahibul Samahah Dato Seri Harussani Zakaria, the Mufti of Perak Darul Ridzuan?

The politicians in Gerakan must be made to understand that such a call is uncalled for and out of their jurisdiction.

A Mufti is appointed by the Sultan of the particular state and therefore is under the Sultan’s authority to govern matters relating to Islamic affairs of that state.

If you are not happy with the Mufti’s decrees or Fatwa’s, take it up with the Prime Minister’s Department which oversees Islamic matters of the whole nation.

Shooting off their mouth like that just shows the true nature of that party! Religious intolerance!

So much for their propaganda’s of religious harmony and racial integration. All mere rhetoric.
On the other hand, I call for the Mufti’s of this land to be more proactive and come down from their air conditioned offices and be in the midst of the people.

Too much maksiat is taking place in the land without any direct reprimanding and pro active participation of the Mufti’s in tackling the severe social and moral problems plaguing the left to their own Ummah.

All kinds of sins are taking a severe toll upon the young and old of the Malaysian society that it is useless to have all these learned scholars holed up in their offices, issuing decrees and fatwas without really being there , down amongst the grassroots and taking preventive steps to heal the disease festering amongst the people.

What’s the point of having impressive sounding titles and certificates after certificates lining up the walls of their offices when they do nothing to help the people directly?

The Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam and his Companions didn’t wait for people to come to them to teach and guide them about how to live?

Are our Mufti’s too holy moly to soil their feet by going out to the people? Can’t they devote some time to go speak to the masses? What’s so difficult about appearing in public places and help advice the youths and the adults and mingling with the public after the Friday prayers, etcetera?

After prayers, the trend to quickly usher away the scholars and the ulamaks into the mosque admin office and separate them from the jamaah seems to be the order of the day all over this nation!

When are we ever gonna see the scholars get to do what they must to stop the rot in this land?

Ulamaks and Alims will be asked by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala as to what they did with their ‘ilm in the hereafter?

They will be the ones to first taste the Hellfire for failing to carry out their duties towards the Ummah!

Those who separate the scholars from the people will also be subjected to the punishments in the Akhirat for being the barriers between the masses and these leaders.

I hope that the Mufti’s of this nation will come to realise the need for them to be pro active and start nipping the social and moral problems plaguing the Muslims of this land before it is too late!

Even now, the Malaysian society is reeling from the effects of social apathy and indifference shown by the government towards the decline of the Malaysian Muslims especially the Malays.

Social problems are running riot amongst the Malays to the extent that not a day goes by without we reading about adultery, rapes, incest, religious deviants, occult practices, gambling and all other serious crimes being carried out by those who sport a religious outlook but in fact are worse off than others.

The ‘Alim’s are in fact more ‘Zalim’s. This is a fact and we all know it.

Mufti’s ought to get their priorities right and start solving the nation’s problems and not add to it by being mere rubberstamps to whatever the powers that be come up with!

Fear Allah and not the current paymaster. We are all answerable to Him and to Him will we return and face and not the one’s who issues the pay cheques. Help the Ummah be righteous.


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