September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Machap – The Political Circus is in town!

It’s classic circus time again and all the clowns are putting on a show at Machap, a place that the political big wigs might have never set their feet upon if not for this by election following the death of the BN parliamentarian there!

As usual, there’ll be lots of back slappings, hugs , cheek to cheek kissing and the run of the mill pose with baby photo ops for the ones masquerading as the people’s champions.

Year in, year out, same old story and modus operandi.

Watch out for the media’s character assassinations that have now been launched fullscale over the television and radio channels not forgetting the print media upon the hapless opposition scapegoat who will be slaughtered and decapitated by the powers that be.

The Opposition can forget about getting this one seat because since this is a by election where the ruling party has the clout and the power to dictate, the chances of the DAP candidate clinching this parliamentary seat is very slim.

The BN has it’s roots firmly entrenched in every nook and cranny of this by election for their having the propaganda machines well oiled and all the top guns of their coalition forces gathered there to either brainwash the electorate or just overwhelm the rural folks with whatever they wish for during this by election.

Now would be the best time to get whatever public facilities erected, roads resurfaced, drains and sewers well cleaned and maintained. Streetlights all functioning well, whatever public amenities that have been neglected all these while will be restored and schools repainted and the whole works get in groove!

Same old BN strategies. They work without fail. Malaysians are so bloody predictable. Well, that’s it. Enjoy the show while the clowns are in town! Go for gold! Get whatever you want! 😀

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