April 23, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Success – Law of Consequences Applied!

There are many people out there today who suffer from a serious lack of Self Confidence and do not know what to do with their life?

This is a result of what they have been feeding their mind and also a consequence of they failing to get out of whatever rut they had allowed themselves to be and remain.

Success is a direct result of anyone who persists and remains committed to their journey towards achievement and excellence of application.

We all know that this is the reality in our life’s.

We decide who we want to be and what our life is to be.

Certain things that we tell ourselves or believe in will decide where we end up at the summit of our life.

Some of us go from bad to worse but some get lucky as a result of their sticking to their chosen field of efforts.

Take this Uptrend E-Commerce business that I am doing.

From zero at start up, I am now having 50 downlines and 155 business centres in my network.

Click the picture here to see my current network business growth status.

If I had been a quitter, do you think that all these people will have come to join me?

Never! A quitter never succeeds!

Last night, I took my wife out for dinner and drove all the way to Hulu Langat to experience how things were over there at night?

Pretty quiet I must say. Shops were mostly closed save for a few eateries here and there.

We spotted a restaurant that seemed to be a good place to stop over.

There was a couple selling ‘Tauhu Bakar’ and ‘Otak Otak ‘ at the side of the entrance to the restaurant.

We ordered two bowls of ‘Sup Ekor’ from the restaurant and 2 sets of ‘Tauhu Bakar’ from the couple selling them.

Not bad , I must say though I have tasted better at Uptown Damansara. Still, it’s edible. 🙂

Upon chatting with the stall owner, I found out that he was also an Uptrender but sort of given up after being in the business since 2004. He owns an IBP business – the smallest start up lot.

I asked him why he had given up on his business? His reply : ‘ No support from his upline!’.

Now, isn’t that a shame? Uplines aren’t all as we expect them to be. Mine does nothing for me .

I have recharged him back about doing his business and I hope he just does his task well from now! The world does not come and hand us what we need. We need to do our business well.

Do I give up? Hell no! This is my business and I need to build it up to be my moneymaking machine!

If I don’t do this business well, none are gonna come and hand me a big fat cheque at the end of the month! No way jose!

I have a million dollar goal and target to reach and I know for sure that if I sit on my butt and just wish for those dollars to drop down from the sky, I’d be nothing but a dreaming fool, wasting away my time!

Success has come to those who persevered and kept going against all odds to be where they are now in their business and life!

Just look at all the millionaires in Uptrend. Each one of them have gone through hell and high water to build this business.

Imagine the number of rejections they must have gone through before getting their success oriented and active downlines?

Will they have become millionaires today if they had given up after a few months in the business?

No chance , right?

A dull blade gets to be sharp if it is kept sharpened and held against the sharpening stone in the right angle and applied to the stone over and over again till it’s razor sharp!

You need to focus and keep going if you want to do this business well and become rich! Go for it!

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