April 23, 2024


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Leadership qualities that an Uptrender must have!

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I would like to share with you some important characteristics that a Leader in Uptrend Network or any other business entrepreneur must have in order to succeed in this chosen field!

It is of paramount importance that whoever wants to lead a team of success oriented individuals to outshine them and take the lead in order to reach the glittering top of the mega bucks and heights of achievement that we all set out to reach.

You can’t afford to fumble your way to the top. No sirree. Fumblers and mumblers will always end up stumbling down to the bottom of the heap!

I have seen many who started out in this business with bursts of energy, bright sparks who lit up the skies with their enthusiasm but fizzled out after a brief moment of glory and being in the limelight!

All spark …but no fire! What a bloody shame.. Tch tch tch tch…but that is the reality in life.

Many come into this challenging world of E-Commerce with a raging thirst for money and glory but end up depleted and wasted because they failed!

They failed to equip themselves with the basics of good business leadership. They failed to empower themselves with the qualities and skills of going through the gauntlet of rejections.

They forgot the cardinal rule of business management that is to learn and put to practice all the following principles of becoming a top notch super duper kick ass business builder!

If you want to be a top team leader in Uptrend Networks and be with my Team ZAINKING, then you need to uncover the following characteristics in yourself :

1. Have a white-hot desire to make money

  • You need to be one who is financially stressed enough to want to go all out in closing more sales of product packages and have the thirst to see all those extra dollars and ringgits swelling up your E-Wallets!
  • If you are flushed with cash and don’t have creditors snapping at your heels and biting your butt, you can just watch from the sidelines. Really! Why waste your time by registering with us and then not doing what you need to do as a business builder?
  • There’s no point in you signing up as a Double Platinum business owner and then take your own sweet time whiling away your time but being there in the business network!
  • You need to have that wanting to make money and by being so, do what is necessary in effecting change and activity with your team. You need to initiate action so that your team follows. There has to be a sense of urgency on your part as a business builder in this team.

2. You must be a person who likes people and are genuinely interested in them.

  • You can’t be a top leader in this business if you do not like to mix with others.
  • You can’t be a team leader if you do not give a damn about the people who signed up under you!
  • You can never be effective as a team leader if you do not care about your team members.
  • If you want to succeed and be someone whom others look up to as their leader, there’s no two ways about it but you must genuinely be concerned about the welfare and problems affecting your team members.
  • You can however just move on forward and attend to the team members who reciprocate your attention and they in turn do give you feedback about their situations.
  • You can’t afford to babysit anyone in this business for that will only slow you down and eventually get you all mired up in unnecessary personal self made and self imposed problems they load up upon themselves!

3.You must be someone who can emphatize with and understand your downlines.

  • Let’s face the facts. Not everyone will be a superstar in this business.
  • There will be many who come in unsure of themselves and feel very self conscious of not being on par or up to the standards of being a dynamic business builder but who eventually will turn out to be a very good capable business leader.
  • There will also be those who come in like Mike Tyson, all powered up and look so vicious and gung ho but after a few weeks in the business be all washed out and ready to throw in the towel after the first few ‘no’s’ they face in their business presentations.
  • So, as a leader who is in for the long run, you must have it in you to try and emphatize with such folks and do your best to boost their flagging spirits with some pep talk and reassurances about building up their stamina to outlast their rejectors and grab the gold!
  • In short, brush up on your people handling skills. Be a motivator. It helps.

4. You must be willing to help others achieve their goals.

  • Unlike those damned pyramid schemes where the uplines get all the rewards at the expense of their downlines, this Uptrend Network business depends on a solid foundation of trust and goodwill built by a strong sense of teamwork.
  • You will never be a successful leader in this business if your team is comprised of slow coaches and dead tortoises.
  • Whether we like it or not, we have to build up our team members and help them achieve their targets as well.
  • None in this business have achieved their stardom on their own. It takes more than two to tango in Uptrend!
  • We need to have a growing , growing empire of networkers all helping each other to close deals and develop a win, win situation for every Ahmad, Ah Seng or Samy in this business!
  • This is a universal business. You need to pay equal attention to each and every downline you have in your network. Sadly though, there are some who just don’t realize that they too need to do their part to build up and grow this business! What can we do?

5. You must be entrepreneurial minded.

  • Being an Uptrender means that we have to rely on our own selfs to set the motion in our business build up.
  • Many come in expecting a free ride to prosperity and great wealth!!! Humbug!
  • Helllllloooooo!!! Wakey wakey dear Uptrender!!! This is not a latch on exercise !
  • You want the money? Then my friend , you have got to do work just like the bee who collects the nectar from flower to flower , buzzing here, buzzing there to collect it all and turn it into the honey!!!
  • No honey, no money! Get it?
  • You need to do something to get that extra something! Agree?
  • So, you as a business leader need to be entrepreneurial in your approach.
  • Use your commonsense to come up with new ideas, new approaches to build your network.
  • Stay within the guidelines and framework of the business set by the company and the government authorities. Preserve your integrity. Please.

6. Have a high energy level and love to do things.

  • You need to be highly charged up and be energized if you want to succeed in this business.
  • If you are standing there before a group of people and presenting this business to them, make sure that you speak like a full powered hyper charged dynamo!!!
  • If you speak as if you are a half dead has been, who the hell would ever be excited enough to join you in the first place?
  • You need to speak with power! You need to be an exciting person to watch! You need to put on a great fantastic presentation and be able to hold your audience’s attention!
  • You wouldn’t want to have an attendee dozing off at the back with his or her mouth wide open and snoring because you are boring, would you? Get the connection? Boring-Snoring!
  • I wouldn’t want that in my presentations. That’s why when I present, I always do so fully charged! Give them the works! Draw their attention with terrific one liners! Be fun!

There are many more things I want to share with you. Check with me later. Be the best!

Those of you who are ready to join me in this journey to make millions , call/sms 016-3969881

The future is ours to decide. God gives us this chance to go get ourselves rich! What are you waiting for?

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