September 22, 2023


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Crime Alert for Subang / USJ / Sunway / Bandar Utama Residents

I received an email about a gang of robbers and kidnappers who have been reported to have stalked and robbed residents in the above mentioned areas.

The report is yet to be verified but it doesn’t hurt those of you staying in KL to be on the alert as well.

I reproduce the contents of the email below and am also attaching two mugshots of the suspects purportedly from the PDRM for your attention.

Who knows? The report might be true and if you do come across such felons, you might be able to alert the police and take precautions.

It pays to be safe rather than be sorry. Feel free to pass this message around.


—– Original Message —–

Dear friends,

Especially for those living in these areas, please be extra alert.

There has been a lot of robbery/kidnap cases in the Subang/USJ/Sunway and Bandar Utama areas.
Suspected gang operating: Camry Gang – up to 8 members in different cars at different times.

Modus Operandi – at anytime but mostly during the day. They would stalk you and as you drive to your gate, “kidnap” you, take you to the ATM – sometimes several and withdraw money.

So, if you do have several ATMs (cards), just keep one on you or none at all.

These cars have been used:

Silver Toyota CamryWMW 6638
Golden Toyota Camry WNU 9232*
Beige **Mercedes** **Benz**PFY 1221*
Orange Gen 2 – XXX 6610
Proton Wira –
Silver Perdana – WJP 3738

Description: *2 Malay guys ( 20 -30 yrs old) One thin and the other stout*
Could be up to 4 guys at times.

These are the 2 suspects pictured above :


Email from : Mohd Yusley Mohd Yusman

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