September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Uptrender in Focus – Asiah, a UiTM Graduate

Assalamualaikum. Greetings to you.

In view of the recent media blitz on the aspects of some blinkered views on E-Commerce being halal or haram according to the dimwit’s ‘opinions, I decided to do my own series of interviews with my fellow Uptrenders.

I would like to feature one young dynamic committed Uptrend Business Builder today.

She is just one out of hundred over thousands of enterprising business leaders here.

She is Asiah binti Abdul Kadir. 26. Single. Graduate of UiTM. Lives in Serdang, Selangor. Her hometown is Temerloh, Pahang. She’s the 8th child out of a family of 15 children.

I interviewed her at the Uptrend HQ in PJ. This is her story.

MG58 – You say you graduated from UiTM in 2004. What did you do graduate in ?

AsiahI am a graduate holding a Bachelor of Information Systems Management.

MG58 – What job did you get after graduation?

AsiahI first got a job as a Sales Assistant at Vitacare Pharmacy in KL Sentral.

MG58 – How much was the pay?

AsiahI was paid just RM550.00 a month.

MG58 – What other jobs have you worked as?

AsiahI then worked as a Designer with SASA Digital Print earning RM700.00 a month.

MG58 – Did you find a better job after that?

AsiahI did. I got a job as an HR Assistant with Amazed Aim Sdn Bhd where I was paid RM40.00 per hour. No other benefits.

MG58 -What happened after that?

AsiahI was jobless for a few months and really felt miserable because I had no money. My debts were adding up and I was in deep financial trouble. I was praying for a way out.

MG58Can you tell me how you came to know and became an Uptrender?

AsiahI first came to learn about Uptrend last year in October. My friend Malik introduced me to this business by telling me about it. I didn’t like the MLM business and didn’t want to have anything to do with it at that time. I hated MLM. I don’t know why but just didn’t like the very idea.

MG58 What made you change your mind?

AsiahA housemate of mine working in Petronas brought home a flyer of this business. On that flyer was the phone number of this lady who turned out to be the wife of my present upline and leader, Malik.

My housemate seeing that I had no job and no income recommended me to call up that number and check out this business opportunity.

MG58 – What made you hate MLM? Did you get cheated by anyone from such a business?

AsiahI had heard that many people had been cheated in such businesses and so I had a deep fear of such businesses.

MG58 – So, what happened after you read the flyer?

AsiahWell, to cut the story short, I made an appointment with the lady whose number was on the flyer. I was taken by her to the Uptrend HQ here in PJ and I sat at the very front seats of the seminar hall.

The speaker was Tuan Haji Shahairy.

MG58 – How did you find the business presentation?

AsiahWell, what Hj Shahairy said made sense to me. I was in deep financial situations.

When he described all the hardships that he went through before making it in Uptrend, I could relate to all that. I understood exactly what he was saying. It was like he was telling my story.

I felt that it was time for me to get a hold of my future and solve my financial obligations, once and for all.

MG58 – So, when did you start your Uptrend business and with what package?

AsiahI started my business with a Bronze Internet Business Partner package costing me RM342.00 on the 10th of January, 2007.

I have now built up my Uptrend Network in just 3 months to now number 40 downlines and have made more than RM2000.00 with my business. My initial startup capital has already been returned and I am now making good money with my team members. Alhamdulillah.

MG58– What is your opinion about some people saying that E-Commerce is haram and some say that even Uptrend’s business is the same?

Asiah As far as I understand, this business is built on the sale of products and the setting up of business networking.

I do not see any area where our business is going against the principles of Islamic Laws?

As such, I do not see why such people have to resort to making such claims against this business which is clearly halal and a terrific way for people like me to make money and help others to do the same!

MG58 – What do you hope to achieve from this business?

Asiah I want to build up my business networks to be as big and as profitable as possible. I want to help provide for my family and help my parents financially.

I pray that this business will provide me a better future as even being a graduate like me have found it hard to get a decent paying job and not many other opportunities out there today.

Thank you Uptrend for giving me this platform to grow my own business! I too want to achieve financial freedom and be a success just like our Uptrend leaders! Insya Allah.

MG58- I wish you the best in your business and thank you for your time. Good luck!

Asiah Thank you too. Check out my


That concluded my interview with Asiah. There are hundreds of thousands of similar cases here in our nation. Many are driven to do things that they wouldn’t if they had the money to provide for their needs.

At times we read of college and university students moonlighting as callgirls and prostitute themselves because they lacked money to fund their studies.

We also hear of cases where such young people were taken advantage of by their lecturers and at times these cases pop up in the tabloids and magazines but nobody gives a damn about it.

Newspapers report these cases on and off but society at large has sort of gone accustomed to dismissing it off as seen this, heard that, so what? kind of indifference.

The reality of all evil taking place in this land is just that. Indifference. Couldn’t care less attitude.

So what? Not my problem kind of mindset. Apathy. Ahh…it’s none of my business sort of thoughts.

Well, the reality is that as long as we all live in a society, we do need to care. We do need to bother.

We do need to know about what’s going on? We can’t ‘close one eye’ as some idiots in authority do.

If we allow such injustices to grow out of control and we fail to take corrective actions and nip the problems in the bud, then just wait for it to run riot and soon we will have anarchy in our lands!

Don’t just condemn and pass judgments as you please. Help build up people’s life’s instead of destroying whatever little hope they may have in building a better future. Please.

Help support the poor and those who are suffering. Come help them start their own moneymaking business and stop being a right royal pain in the ass jackass with your unfounded decrees!

This is directed of course to those whom I lambasted in my earlier posts! Get a life !

Those who want to be better off financially, give me a call or sms your details to 016-3969881!

I am here to help. Insya Allah! Wabillahi taufeek walhidayah. Wassalamualaikum wr wb.

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