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The Malays Dilemna- Whom Shall We Blame? Part2

Continued from previous post…

4. Corruption

  • Ever since Mankind came to taste the power of authority, Mankind has always been known to favor or to give some allowances to those who have served him or her and it shall remain to be the same till Doomsday.
  • Here in Malaysia, the ruling authorities and all the relevant departments and civil servants with the power to impose or close one eye to the transgressions against the Rule of Law have always practiced some sort of corrupt acts whilst holding office.
  • Corruption is rampant amongst the state governments and all local authorities and the majority of these corrupt officers are Malays ….a reason being that they are in the larger numbers holding such posts in the government and local authorities.
  • ‘Alah..Boleh kira lah bang,Encik, Tuan, Datuk, Tan Sri !’…is the usual icebreaker deployed and practiced by the criminals appointed to oversee the laws and enforcement…or lack of enforcement in this land. The Indonesian phrase is ‘Bisa di atur Pak!’
  • Even big sharks that were caught with their jaws on the ringgits and hauled up to the courts have been seen to be let go once again into the ocean of ‘tidak apathy’ in Malaysian Government due to the underlying roots of attachment going from one tree to another to all the way to the top! Aiyaaaa……too deeply rooted one might say to be solved by just one chopping of a rotten tree….the whole forest of governance stinks to high heaven!
  • Talk about connections and ‘very, very, important cables’….We all know it but we don’t speak about it…for fear of ‘retributions’….Sigh..Man fears other Men more than God!
  • Corruption is well and healthy in Malaysia Boleh!

5. Moral decay

  • Moral decay as I see it is brought about by the gradual indifference that we as members of a communal society start to not bother about what takes place around us.
  • The Malays are famous for their aping other cultures and not appreciating their heritage.
  • Go to any major city or towns here in Malaysia and you can see with your own eyes, youngsters amongst the Malay populations try and copy a fashion, a style, a form of dressing, hairstyle, mannerisms, etc all that is from the decadent lifestyles of the West.
  • Many Malay youths sport earrings, wear baggy jeans, torn jeans, revealing clothes, dyed hair, piercings, even tattoos on their bodies exposing their succumbing to peer pressure or just wanting to blend in with their ‘cliques’ and they hang out at the shopping malls, etc.
  • They don’t want to be seen as Malays and more and more of them get involved in free sex, gangs, deviant groups and cults, and eventually end up as drug addicts and social misfits.
  • Whom shall we blame for all these social problems that are getting worse by the day?
  • Shall we blame the pure rhetoric Islam Hadhari government of Abdullah Badawi?
  • Shall we blame the ineffective Religious Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM)?
  • Shall we blame the stupid, naive, couldn’t care less parents of the social misfits for not watching over their kids?
  • Shall we blame ourselves for not doing anything worthwhile like stopping evil when we see it or are we all now so bloody afraid of the consequences if we go and try to stop the rot?

6. Family Affairs

  • At the root of most families suffering from problems, there are a few major causes that I see being the destructive factors giving birth to the social problems we see before us in this nation.
  • A major problem is the lack of money. When families suffer due to the lack of money, the entire family starts looking for a way out of their predicament.
  • The father will turn cranky and temperamental because he is distressed at not being able to provide for the family as much as he wants to. He starts being hot tempered and scolds each and every one who pisses him off . The slightest error by anyone of his family triggers an emotional disturbance in him where the chances of him turning violent is very big and woe betide the one whom he scorns!
  • The wife and mother starts getting cranky too and she can turn into a raging shrew making life at home unbearable and totally miserable for the kids to stay. The situation varies from house to house but the general impact of living in debt and outstanding bills can drive anybody nuts and make the home a living hell.
  • The children try to look for salvation and some sort of peace and tranquility and thus go look for comfort in their friends or same age teen groups.
  • Naturally, teen groups will have some sort of hierarchy and they will then be taken advantage of by such teen group’s leaders.
  • It’s a vicious cycle of abuse and treachery that will when left to fester unchallenged will corrode and corrupt or even destroy such young, gullible life’s.

7.Religious Ignorance

  • Families suffer when the husband or wife are ignorant about the fundamentals of the faith and fail to practice the faith as they should.
  • Failure to perform the daily prayers give way to lost souls who then fall prey to their nafs or lusts.
  • A man who does not pray ends up not fearing to commit sin. Anything goes as far as he is concerned.
  • Drinking, socializing, taking advantage of another’s wife, sleeping around, is all run of the mill for the one who does not lay down his forehead on the prayer mat facing Makkah!
  • Life means nothing for one who knows nuts about religion. To him who fears nothing, sin is just a word that holds no water according to his mindset. He does not care whether it is his wife or daughter whom he has before him on his bed. Lust overtakes his self and the family that has such a father figure is doomed to go to the opposite of Heaven, right here on Earth.
  • This is the destructive result of any family that fails to adhere to the tenets of Islam and when parents do not give a damn anymore as to the principles of faith in Allah. I am referring to the rising number of incest cases where the root cause if the failure of fathers to fear God and fail to raise their families according to the Will of God.
  • I have had people write to me and bare their souls about the failure of their spouses to be true Muslims and the uphill challenges of them trying to keep their marriage alive and families together but after repeated attempts to salvage the marriage end up divorced because of another major factor affecting such families.
  • The EGO of the husband or father in not acknowledging their faults and not wanting to act or improve on it.

8. Hedonism

  • Being the ruling party and wanting to cater to the needs and wants of a hedonistically inclined community such as the Malays must be pretty tough for any party.
  • The BN Malaysian Government has failed to stem the rising tide of hedonism here in Malaysia because they fear repercussions from the Malays if they start to strictly vet and censor entertainment pursuits of the decadent society who love to waste away their life’s by engaging in such practices.
  • The Malays have always loved to sing, dance and flirt since time immemorial. To stop them doing so will see the ruling government bite the dust in the next GE. So, they allow the television and radio stations to do as they please and keep the ‘people’ occupied with talent shows, concerts, singing competitions, drams, films, etcetera and not to bring attention to themselves.
  • Such are the tendencies of the Malays to engage in hedonistic pursuits as they please.

There are many other issues that need to be addressed to stop the Malays of Malaysia from sliding over the edge of reason and plunge into the abyss of apathy. I surely hope they be saved!

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