April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

The Malays Dilemna-Whom shall we blame?

Assalamualaikum dear Muslims and May Peace be unto the rest!

The topic I am writing today is the dilemma that Malays here in Malaysia are facing in these challenging times.

On one hand, the Malays in Malaysia are seen by the rest of the Muslim world to be the champions of Islam and Malaysia, being the current Organization of Islamic Countries leader adds to the pressure of trying to live up to the ideals of being a model Islamic nation.

The reality is that a growing number of the Malays of this land are embroiled in all kinds of khurafat and misdeeds that run contrary to the tenets of Islam, Ad Deen ul Haqq and the ones who try to uphold or instill the true teachings of Islam get branded as extremists, fanatics and trouble makers.

There are so many factions and groups today in my nation who squabble against each other, against the scholars, against the religious departments, think tanks, this and that , bringing grief and sadness to weigh down upon my heart and those similar in thoughts as mine.

How are we going to solve this raging unrest and turmoil in our hearts and minds?

Why has it come to this sorry state of endless dispute and confusion whereas the teachings of Islam revealed to all of Allah’s Prophets and Messengers through Time culminated in the final Testament of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala being the Kitabul Kareem, Al Qur’anul Majeed being entrusted to the Seal of the Prophets and the Greatest of Allah’s Prophets, the Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, Muhammad ibni Abdullah?

The Malays of today, being the majority Muslim population of this nation are sadly being left to their own in terms of government apathy and lip service only by the so called ‘Islam Hadhari’ administration of Abdullah Badawi, it’s ‘inventor’ and proponent!

Whether we like it or not, we have to face the realities plaguing this nation and especially which seems to infect the Muslim Malays of Malaysia.

I can keep on going by the list of maladies facing the Malays here but let me start by stating the root causes of what I see needs immediate attention and correction by the ruling authorities by order of severity:

  1. Politically enmity
  2. Deviant practices
  3. Sex crimes
  4. Corruption
  5. Moral decay
  6. Family affairs
  7. Hedonism

The list is endless but let’s tackle the above major problems first.

Political Enmity

  • The Malays are now divided into so many factions and groups. Most obvious is the ongoing political enmity between members of the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) and those belonging to the Parti Islam se Malaysia (PAS).
  • These are two of the largest Malay majority parties whose 5 decade long enmity drives a wedge deep into the Malay Muslim population of Malaysia, resulting in endless strife between these opposing party members since Malaya’s Independence from the British Colonialists.
  • Until these two opposing groups of Malays close ranks and make peace, the nation will continue to suffer, an undercurrent of political strife and division of the Ummah till the Last Day.
  • The underlying distrust and hatred fermenting in the hearts of the egoistic members of both parties continues to simmer and spew forth every now and then as a result of the recalcitrant leadership of both parties in not wanting to be the first to extend the hand of forgiveness and friendship and to put aside their differences for the sake of the Ummah, here in Malaysia.
  • UMNO on one hand tries to out Islam the PAS party by coming up with it’s ‘Islam Hadhari’ campaign meant to portray that they are the ones championing Islam whilst PAS refuses to have anything to do with this ‘innovative’ rebranding of Islam.
  • I agree with PAS on this. Islam is already perfect and complete and there is no need to add a term to Islam, the true Faith from Allah the Almighty. Does the present government want to imply that their forefathers weren’t practicing Islam proper? Why the hell do they have to further scapegoat the pure faith with an added side label? Speak of their Ego!

Deviant Practices

  • Malays in Malaysia have always been subject to be influenced by either religious extremists or deviants who come up with their own lopsided beliefs or misleading form of Islamic teachings mixed with pagan practices, occult or self delusions of grandeur.
  • A large number of Malays continue to be the top believers in the ‘Bomoh’ @ Shamans or Witch Doctors. You can’t deny that the world has both good and bad spirits roaming around with the Will of Allah , God Almighty. God gives us free choice to live our life’s but He doesn’t leave us without Guidance.
  • The Guidance from God is the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah @ Example of the Holy Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.
  • Even the Qur’an has a whole Surah dedicated to the Djinns @ Spiritual Beings. We ourselves have a living spirit @ our soul within our bodies. Thus we are also vulnerable to disturbances by evil spirits IF we do not practice our faith and thus inevitably be exposed to possession or get affected by the black magic, occult, etc.
  • To broach on this subject will take endless hours and lengthy discourses to which I simply do not have the luxury of time to expound on it full scale. Maybe in the near future, I will.

Sex Crimes

  • As much as we want to deny it or beat around the bush about this most sensitive issue, it is a growing problem much affecting the Malays of today.
  • The newspapers are full of cases involving sex related crimes amongst the Malays. I have written about the fact that the Malays constitute the highest number of out of wedlock births of illegitimate children and the highest cases of incest amongst the entire population of Malaysia. The statistics are there provided by the Royal Malaysian Police and the many NGO’s fighting for women’s rights etcetera.
  • The problem however dwells within the young Malay adults themselves who go fornicate out of their own desires and as a result of the current trend amongst the Malays to mind their own business. Malays of before mostly lived in villages and as villagers are known to be the same the whole world over, each and everything that takes place in the village is common knowledge and one can’t do any hanky panky as one feels like without being reprimanded by the village elders, etc.
  • Living in the big cities and in high rise condominums or apartments where neighbours do not interact or mingle amongst themselves gives rise to this spread of sexual offenders getting away with incest, adultery, molestations, rapes and even murders.
  • When one does nothing to stop a sin taking place before oneself, that one becomes an accomplice to the sin for not doing anything to stop it.
  • Malays are therefore being left on their own to fall into such sinful activities despite the relevant authorities or the Government of ‘Islam Hadhari’ Malaysia trumpeting aloud that their’s is an Islamic administration and Champion of Islam amongst the Muslim nations of this world!
  • Rhetoric and lies spread over time come to be accepted as the truth by gullible naive ones amongst the population of this nation. I for one condemn the current apathy being shown by the so called ‘ulamak’ of this screwed up nation.
  • From the outside, Malaysia might seem to be a nation, so peaceful, so pure, so ‘Truly Asian’ etc as the Tourism Ministry and Ministry of Culture would want the world to accept and believe. The reality however is as grimy and as corrupted as any other nation on Earth. It’s all a matter of perception.
  • People believe what they CHOOSE TO BELIEVE. You believe that you are sinfree? Damn. In your heart and mind, you are as pure as the mountain snow. As crystal clear as the spring water emanating from the unpolluted jungle in some faraway nature reserve. The reality is that each of us commit sin knowingly or unknowingly. It’s not easy to remain sinfree in today’s world. That however does not mean that we can do as we damn well please.
  • You try to keep yourself sin free for one day! Go ahead! I challenge you. It’s virtually impossible nowadays.
  • What with the way people go about in public? You go to KLCC and what do you see? Women wearing low hip jeans with their navels exposed, butt half exposed showing flesh here, flesh there, it’s sickening to go out in public these days.
  • Guess who wears such forms of half exposing clothes? Yes, you guessed right. The Malay girls and young adults.
  • On one hand, we have the all covered University students with their holy moly ‘tudung labuh’ clad selfs and demure looks complete with the personalities to boot and then we have the all exposing hordes of young, nubile, recklessly wild kids and young teens each trying to out expose their bodies and doing all kinds of stuff that at times makes us so pissed off that we are tempted to go give them a tight slap or a royal kick in their butts!
  • The JAKIM, JAWI and all the other ‘JA’s of this nation are bloody useless idiots best suited to spew out ‘fatwa’s and other ‘holier than thou’ edicts that are just like passing wind in the air. Stinks for a while and then is gone, swept away into the realm of ‘tidak apathy’ of ‘Malaysia Boleh’ land!

To be continued…

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