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Leadership Values Part 2

Leadership Values -Part 2.

Assalamualaikum and Greetings to those of you who are building your business networks in Uptrend Networks.

I hope that my writings here are helping you to focus and improve your business building activities and bringing you to a better stage of handling your business activities. Insya Allah.

To be a successful leader in this E-Commerce & Networking Business, you must have or develop:


  • If you do not have this keen interest to be successful and to be rich and free from debts, do us a favor- stay out of this business.
  • If you would love to live a better quality of life , enjoy a higher standard of lifestyle, appreciate the finer things of life and want to taste all the fantastic things that only money can buy, then you must have this keen interest to build your business network well and with a burning desire to see your handsome or beautiful face featured in the company’s magazine listed amongst the high achievers and recognized as the latest superstar in Uptrend.
  • You must mix with the top leaders of Uptrend to develop this sense of wanting to be like them. You have to. You go and mix with the half past six losers crowd, no way in hell can you be the top gun you want to be by wallowing in self pity and in the bad news circle.


  • You must have the need to earn more. You must have that desperate need to see more cash in your wallet and have that urgency in going about this business. If your father is Tan Sri Mokhtar Al Bukhari, money will not be a problem for you so go do as you please.
  • This business will work best for those of you who have outstanding bills and creditors breathing down your neck, threatening to cut off your utility supplies and disconnect everything from you …hehehehe. Now, you know why the jungle people can sleep so peacefully without a care in the world, smoking that rokok daun, swatting off a fly or mosquito as they lie in their hammock , without worrying about this and that as we do.
  • You must be financially stressed to have that need to do this business better full swing!


  • This business is for those of us who like to lead. You must have a healthy ego to boot. You must have a bit of the peacock type personality to love to strut your tail feathers all around and crow every now and then! 😛
  • Those who are shy and ‘malu malu ‘ type, go take a hike! You can’t be somebody in this business if you are afraid to stand in front of people and talk!
  • You must be able to talk, talk, talk and talk as if your life depends on it. Come to think of it, yes , your livelihood depends on how well you talk.
  • This business is for all those who love to hear their own voice, whether amplified through the PA system or just from the strength of your vocal chords!
  • You must develop this most important ability to yak yakkety yak yak in front of total strangers…but do it with style and full of confidence. You must know your stuff. No BS!


  • This business is for those who can go the distance! You cannot see results if after joining the business for a few months, you are ready to throw in the towel and call it quits!
  • As I have always been telling my downlines and networking associates, you can liken this situation to climbing a coconut tree. You have to keep climbing the tree trunk until you finally reach the very top or where the fruit stalks are a plenty. You give up halfway up the coconut palm, all you get is a tired depleted soul, aching all over. You need to keep going at it till you reach the nuts. 😀
  • Don’t stop till you reach the top!


  • This business is all about enthusiasm and passion! You must keep the fire burning hot within you! You must go wholeheartedly into this business and never allow your spirits to go low and limp! You must be fully fired up and be able to last all day and night long!
  • Like a mental Viagra- you must be able to fire up the prospect’s minds and take them on a full blast of spirit and energy to last you till you reach your goals and targets.
  • When you present the business, do it with a gusto that will wake up even the ones whose spirits are in a coma!

You won’t go wrong if you develop and practice all these things. Lots more to share with you.
Wishing you all the best in your Uptrend business building.

This is Zainol Abideen and I am the Leader of Team ZAINKING! Come join me in Uptrend!
There’s money to be made in this business! Call /sms me at 6-016-3969881!
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By the way, those of you staying at Bukit Rahman Putra, Sg Buloh, are invited to the launching of my downline ‘s soft launch of his centre tomorrow night.

  • ZAINALKAYA’s Uptrend Centre ,
  • Friday 16th March 2007
  • Time : 8.30 pm.
  • Free admission.
  • Contact Zainal Kasim : 012-302 2897

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