April 14, 2024


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Leadership Values – Part 1

Assalamualaikum dear Muslims and May Peace be upon you Non Muslims too.

I would like to share with you some tips and pointers about being a leader in business especially in E-Commerce and Networking which involves intense interactions with other human beings and dealing with so much emotions and passions that you will have to deal with in your day to day business buildings.

Many who want to be leaders in business and aim to succeed in our kind of people based dealings ought to take note of certain values that when put to practice will definitely give them the edge in being top notch dynamic leaders.

If you want to be kings and queens in Uptrend Networks, then polish your skills and practice the values being shared with you in this article.

Choose Your Leadership Values

The following are examples of such Leadership values.

You might use these as the starting point for discussing values within your business teams :

Ambition :

  • Ambition is the driving force within every person who desires to go achieve a target or objective that he or she has set in his or her heart.
  • Without having ambition, one might as well do not attempt to do anything in the first place.
  • To be successful in anything, one must inculcate the need and desire to reach one’s goal in one’s chosen field of activity.
  • Thus, ambition is the core of each and every winner throughout the history of mankind.


  • Being competent assures one of being able to complete what one starts.
  • There is no point of doing anything if one is ill equipped to do the task.
  • You must not go and start a business or apply for a job when you do not have the skills or the know how of doing it proper.
  • What more when you are going to lead a team of people who sign up under you, expecting you to lead them to success and glory? S
  • So, do the right thing and go study the business well before starting anything.

Individuality :

  • To be a winner in a business like E-Commerce, you must develop your own style of leadership and Individuality.
  • Following the example of a successful business leader is one thing but trying to be an exact copy or clone of a millionaire such as Cikgu Ahmad Amiruddin will just be a waste of your time and effort.
  • Cikgu Amir is a fine example of a winner but we do not need to see clones of him running around Uptrend.
  • Let him be himself and you start being your own winning personality. Be yourself. Be the best that you can be.
  • God created us all unique in our own ways. We should be proud of our own identity.
  • Break away from the copycat mindset. Realize your own true potential.

Integrity :

  • To be somebody in this dynamic and challenging field of E-Commerce requires us to maintain and preserve our integrity.
  • We can’t afford to screw up our future successes by succumbing to our greed to be rich and wealthy at the expense of others who have placed their trusts in us.
  • Wealth obtained fraudulently and by deceit is not going to raise anyone’s name and reputation.
  • We live in a society where we will always be in the public scrutiny and observations.
  • Do not let the craving of power and financial accumulations cloud your judgments of being just and honest in your business dealings.
  • It is very important for you to preserve your integrity all along the way to achieving your goals and targets of becoming the next multi millionaires in Uptrend!
  • The second you screw up and misappropriate someone else’s membership fees or bonuses and eat of what is not rightfully yours, you will have destroyed your name and reputation which will be sullied forever no matter that you return every sen you took or even repaid the victim double or triple the amount you swindled him or her of. Don’t mess up!

Service :

  • If there is one thing that separates the winners and the losers here in Uptrend Networks is the way, the winning Leaders do their business build ups and the way some of the persons who have joined this business find themselves in a quagmire of their own choosing.
  • Servicing your downlines means that you care for them and sincerely want to see them grow PROVIDED that those downlines themselves have the interest and the passion to improve their business building skills and knowhow.
  • If your downlines need you to present to their prospects and they ask you to help them out, then it is your responsibility to help them out. You must try your best to be there for them. Failure to do so will only estrange you from your downlines thus weakening your team and slowly but surely destroy your chances of making it in this business. This is a people based business. If you fail to click with your team; you will fail in this business!


  • Be responsible to yourself by putting in your part of the work and effort in building your team. Your uplines can only do so much for you. Do not act as parasites and suck the life out of him or her with your constant demands and whinings. There’s no point in wringing the life out of your uplines and snuff them out with unnecessary requests.
  • This business is YOUR OWN BUSINESS! You must build this business on your own. Your uplines can help you out if you go about it in a proper manner.
  • They ARE NOT OBLIGATED to you but if they wish to, they can sort of smoothen the way for you. It all depends how your relationship with your upline is. If your relationship with him or her is good, they’d naturally want to help you out but if you fail to keep in contact with them, how do you expect to get help from them in the first place?

I will be following up this series on Leadership Values with more important aspects of Leadership Values that a winning Business Team Leader in Uptrend must possess or develop.

You can be the best leader that you can be by practicing all these values daily and keep improving on them. There are lots of good values that can boost you to be the superstar you can be by teaching them in turn to your downlines. And so on…

As a leader, choose the values and the ethics that are most important to you, the values and ethics you believe in and that define your character.

Then live them visibly every day at work. Living your values is one of the most powerful tools available to you to help you lead and influence others.

Don’t waste your best opportunity.

I am Zainol Abideen and I am Team ZAINKING’s Business Group Leader! Call / sms me at 6-016-3969881 if you want to join me in making more money and pay off your bills in a year plus by working together with me in building your own Uptrend Business Networks!

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