September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Bloggers Cutting Through Media Censorship!

I refer to the recent comments by the Malaysian Prime Minister and his cabinet ministers who have been saying negative things about Bloggers being liars, etcetera!

The audacity of our leaders to go and speak like country bumpkins without realizing that they are there in office because of the Malaysian voting citizens who put them there in the first place!

Being civil servants who are ‘enjoying’ the privileges of their government high office as a result of the voters ‘trust and high expectations’ of the chaps who begged for the votes of the people during the General Elections but become ‘foul mouthed’ arrogant persons when their mistakes and errors are highlighted by the public!

Being bloody sensitive for what? You have to be accountable for all that you do when we have voted you into place. I mean the ones in office.

The ones who have been appointed by the PM, well, what can we expect but total subservience of the appointed ones to the PM, like this Tourism Minister?

When one who is already past his prime gets appointed into office and starts to enjoy the perks that come with high office, it is just natural for anyone in his position to go curry favors with his boss, but he must never forget that it is the people who will decide where they will be in the next General Elections!

To go around saying that 80% of the people who have become Bloggers are ‘unemployed liars’ is a bit too much for an ‘apple polisher’! Click here to read about the idiotic statement by the chap!

It is a bit stupid for them who are now in their government top positions to go around speaking so against the Bloggers as if they are faultless and ‘untouchable’.

Talk about ungrateful civil servants who fail to realize that it is the duty of the public to point out to them whatever mistakes they are doing or have done!

A Prime Minister or Cabinet Minister who acts as if he is afflicted with the ‘touch me not’ syndrome is only asking to be voted out in the next General Elections. Why do I say so?

When you insult the very people who stood in the blazing suns and lined up all over the nation to cast a bloody vote for you, you will surely not get our votes the next time around!

Those who still go and vote for these chaps are either thick skinned or just plain stupid and deserve to be insulted by them.

Go on and spew forth your verbal diarrhea and further alienate yourself from the masses. Too many screw ups and foul plays have taken place in the nation since the new government has come into power. This is only the first phase of the current administration’s running of Malaysia.

To insult the Bloggers is an act of plain ignorance of the great service we are doing for the world.

Bloggers are doing the world a great service in the dissemination of information about anything and everything that is happening before us in the world.

By being able to post straight to the internet, Bloggers cut through Media Censorship and are able to share their writings with the world free from bias and censorship. There is no editor telling us what to print, how to print or what to post. NO CENSORSHIP!

I am not saying that Bloggers are all a 100% correct in their postings. There are those who post unfounded stuff and at times post things unfit for publishing. We know who they are.

If they post seditious articles that endanger the nation or create a situation that will cause public unrest or uproar , then by all means, take them to task. The law is there to punish those who go over the line. If it is proven that there is malicious intent, skewer the fella!

These type of bloggers will naturally fade away from the scene when their blogs do not get the support from readers and they will stop writing on their own.

We as Bloggers must take responsibility over what we say or share in our blogs. That does not mean that we must just write what pleases the ones in power!

It defeats the purpose of blogging! We blog because we have the facilities to do so now, in these times. The Government of Malaysia must not forget that they actually stand to gain from all the blogging being done.

They can get precious feedback from the citizens direct. Use what’s good and forget the useless ones.

But to go around saying that 80% of the Bloggers are lying and ‘unemployed’ is a bit too much and smacks of both arrogance and stupidity!

If they still keep speaking like this, I just know that these fellows won’t be around the next GE!

Don’t you Bloggers think so? What goes around comes around! They ask for it by lambasting us without knowing that what comes out of their mouths is gonna be kicking them in their ass very soon! Just wait and see!

Life is just like a wheel. Everyone has his or her day. Bloggers will have ours soon. Believe it!

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