April 14, 2024


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Jeriau Falls at Fraser Hill

If there is one thing that I can’t resist to see, is a waterfall or clear cool river that is not congested with people!

Jeriau Falls is just a 20 mins walking distance from the road leading to the falls at Fraser Hill.

The pathway is flanked on both sides by ferns and tropical flora.

I came across wild animal tracks that I suspect to be those of wild boars.

My conclusion is based on the hoof marks that ran deep in the soft mud banks near the river.

The boars were probably feeding on the earthworms as the place looked quite turned over like the paddy farmers prepare their rice fields with earth turning equipments.

The boars probably come to the riverbanks at night as there was no sign of any in the daytime.

There was a lady photographing the animal tracks with her SLR camera.

Mazlina from Bank Rakyat KL HQ with her friend Ummu.

The falls were not that deep as usual due to heavy accumulation of sand from the stream above but the impact of the waters was very powerful and I couldn’t take the pounding too long!

The water was very pulverizing and this 48 year old body is not that tough to take the pummeling at this age and I had to just be by the edge of the falls and receive a natural body pounding massage by the raging falls!

One thing I regret is seeing the visitors to the falls recklessly throw their garbage indiscriminately at the garbage can. The rubbish was strewn all over the garbage disposal area and it looked like the Majlis Daerah Raub rubbish disposal crew had not done their job for ages!

The toilet facilities had no water supply when ironically there was a strong flowing river just at it’s doorsteps.

As I know, even the Orang Asli’s were clever enough to tap into the flowing clear river and erect a natural water supply system with bamboos that were dipped into the flowing current and then transporting the water straight up onto the hillslopes and into their huts.

Why can’t the Majlis Daerah Raub use the same techniques albeit using plastic water pipes and supply the water to those toilets which are now rendered useless without water?

It’s not that expensive to install those durable water supply pipes that are sorely needed by visitors who have to answer their ‘call of nature’ in a proper manner than be reduced to shit all over the place or go peeing in the jungle!

There would be ‘consequences’ of doing so in a tropical forest! I don’t want to say it but you know that forests are dwelling places of jinns and their types and it is just not wise to go do stuff that might see you end up with a swollen weenie or other afflictions.

I remember an episode where I brought home a river stone well polished and rounded from Sungai Congkak when I was living at the Ayers Tower in Taman Kosas, Ampang, Selangor.

I had taken the stone from the jungle stream to be used as a heating stone to massage away body pains using heat treatment. The thing was that I had taken the stone without permission from either the forest rangers or even just ask aloud to Allah Almighty as I should.

That night, when I went to the kitchen where I had left the stone, I felt my body hairs stand on end and I realised that there was a presence of an unseen spirit. It gave me the creeps and I immediately recited the Ayatul Qursi and protected myself.

The next day, I called up the local Imam of the masjid nearby who referred me to speak to Ustaz Ismail Kamus, who is well known for his prowess in dealing with the spiritual world especially in exorcising jinns and evil spirits away from those who are possessed.

Ustaz Ismail Kamus then taught me to recite certain verses of the Surah Al jinn which I promptly did when I was back home.

He also asked me to throw away the stone and the jungle ‘helicopter like’ seedlings which I had brought home with me as ‘souvenirs’ from my Sungai Congkak trip.

Once I returned home, I immediately did as I was taught by the Ustaz and the minute I touched the stone and the seedlings , I again felt a chill and my arm hairs and all other hairs stood up! Phewww!

Reciting the verses of the Surah Al jinn, I took the stone and the seeds to the rubbish disposal area at the condo I was staying in and dumped them through the chute! At last!!!

Good riddance! When I returned home and went to the kitchen, everything was back to normal.

I didn’t feel anything anymore and knew that whatever it was that followed me home with the stone had gone forever! Alhamdulillah!

Now, I know better. If I go to the forest reserves or go swimming in the rivers or streams, I no longer bring back anything but snap some photographs and leave nothing but my footprints there.

The spirits or jinns do exist out there in the world all around us . We just have to learn not to take stuff from the forests without permission from those guarding them. I have learned my lesson.

The trip to Jeriau Falls was well worth it and I look forward to exploring other falls like Sungai Gabai, etc at Hulu Selangor this weekend. Care to join me take a dip in the waters?

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