April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

KOSMO besmears E-Commerce to boost it’s circulation!

KOSMO, the Malay tabloid newspaper today has committed a vile attack on E-Commerce in a most biased ‘reporting’ by some dumbass reporter in it’s edition today!

The only thing missing is a convenient scapegoat tarred and feathered placed astride a jackass facing south and driven through the village square!

I mean, it’s usual for a bloody tabloid to sensationalise any issues just to stir up public interest and most certainly to increase it’s circulation when the affected parties have to resort to buying the tabloid to read about the sensationalised matter!

Shock and disgust people to the extreme extent that they are driven to go spend a RM1.00 and ‘forced’ to go buy this thrashy news tabloid just to find out what shit this paper is stirring up against the Malaysian E-Commerce businesses?

Talk about trying to smear the reputation and good name of a business that has and is improving the finances of hundreds of millions of successful E-Commerce Business Professionals throughout the world!

What a lowly unprofessional act by this tabloid and the reporting culprit! I am truly offended by this unfounded report by this cheap tactic of this paper!

The usage of the word ‘perdaya‘ gives the impression that Direct Selling and MLM companies ‘dupe’ college and university students into joining them!

This reporter maliciously accuses MLM companies and E-Commerce business builders of misleading such students to ‘invest’ their scholarship funds and cash and ‘lose it all’ in the ‘get rich quick’ scams!

What a load of bullshit! If it was some mad idiot uttering nonsense by the roadside, we can just ignore that bum!
But this is a national tabloid! We can’t just stand idly by and let this accusation slide without taking the tabloid to task! This is just not right!

Pancing duit PTPTN” declares the reporter in this misleading report that accuses certain ‘agents’ of MLM companies of ‘fishing for the loan funds given to the students by the National Higher Education Loans Board or ‘PTPTN’ in the Malay acronym that it is known by.

The accompanying ‘confessions’ of students who claim to have lost their money to these ‘agents’ of the MLM companies is asserted by the numbskull who has a hidden agenda to besmear and sensationalise this misleading accusation against the E-Commerce industry!

Being a Business Team Leader in Uptrend Network and heading Team ZAINKING, I take extreme offence to this attempt to accuse the E-Commerce Business builders in general for the failures of ill informed, naive and incompetent losers who do not know nuts about the business!

Does one go and accuse the E-Commerce industry as a whole for the failures of the miserable few?

Those who do not learn basic business skills and train to be successful leaders in this proven to be beneficial internet based but still very much a solid professional moneymaking business?

A business that has made millionaires out of ordinary folks who built their business from scratch yet now shine forth as multi millionaires and even as billionaires?

I ask this tabloid to be responsible and state which particular MLM company or companies that their report intends to expose as frauds?

If their news reporter has concrete proof that certain MLM companies and their ‘agents’ have cheated the students the tabloid claims to have interviewed and based their ‘report’ on, then by all means go and lodge a police report against the ‘criminals’!

Tabloids and even mainline newspapers are infamous for publishing false reports and made to order news just to spark off an increase in their newspaper sales and add to their circulations!

Editors are forced to order their reporters and journalists to create hot stories just to get more people curious enough to learn about the ‘sensational’ reports concocted and ‘newsflashes’ meant to boost newspaper sales!

It is irresponsible of KOSMO to publish such misleading reports against the E-Commerce and Networking Business here in our nation.

You do not go around slandering an industry that has changed and is changing the lifes of so many good, decent, seriously committed success oriented business builders for the failure of a few idiots in college or university who out of their own volition went forth and signed up for such businesses!

These losers surely have failed to do what they should, that is to focus on their studies first and even if they had no other option but to get involved in such side income earning businesses, to properly study and go about building their businesses without forsaking their academic studies!

Just because one does not have the skills and capabilities of succeeding in their pursuits, it doesn’t qualify them to say that they were cheated or that the E-Commerce business is at fault!

You don’t go climb a coconut tree, stop after a few feet up the trunk, then say that the coconuts are rotten and the fruits spoilt!

KOSMO must report fairly when addressing this matter that has far reaching implications for those of us who are building our individual business networks responsibly and honestly.

Although, their report has not been made directly at me or the company I am involved with, I still feel slighted and am pissed off at this idiot who didn’t do her homework properly before shooting off her mouth or in this case , her befuddled confused excuse of having a devoid cranial content!

I surely hope that the general public realise that this report by KOSMO is malicious in it’s content and misleading in general. The fault of losers in business surely must not be blamed on E-Commerce as the onus is upon them to go about it in a professional way. They failed to do so!

I hereby challenge the reporter to put things in their right perpective and to go lodge a police report against the ‘cheaters’ whom she accuses of misappropriating the poor ‘students’ money!

Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd has been proven to be the best E-Commerce business here in Malaysia and now having booming businesses expanding throughout Asia in our neighbouring countries such as Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Philiphines, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Nevada (USA) and recently in Hong Kong (China).

One does not go slander a business for the miserable failures of some who didn’t equip themselves with the right business skills and acumen!

You don’t blame the dancefloor when it is you who has no dancing skills! It’s a lame excuse for being a jackass who does not have the flair to shine or excel in this excellent industry! Period!

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