August 2, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Distraction – The cause of many to fail in their businesses.

Assalamualaikum to Muslims reading this and May Peace be upon you my Non Muslim readers. Ameen.

When you write a blog to promote your business, make sure that you do not allow any other business ads or put up unnecessary links to them in your blog.
Distracting links to other businesses only tells your readers and blog visitors that you are not focused in this business.

In other words, you are telling your potential prospects’ DON’T JOIN ME IN UPTREND!’.

Why do I say so? Well, what is your purpose in putting up the other business links in your blog? You put up ads or links to other businesses telling your visitors, ‘ Hey, this one is better. It will give you so much returns, bla bla bla’.’

That’s what you are getting your visitors to think because it is there in your blog. Put up by you. So, suffer the consequences.

A blog represents it’s owner. When it’s owner and author isn’t focused on one thing like when you use your blog to promote your business, you’re giving out a signal that you aren’t to be trusted.

This is the reality of the effects of the distraction you put up in your blog or websites.

You are subconsciously telling the world that you have your fingers in too many pies and that eventually, you are gonna miss eating them because frankly the one who isn’t concentrating on one particular business will usually fail in all other enterprises one is in. Too many Distractions.

I don’t have to name names here. Those who are doing this , be ready to accept the repercussions of screwing up your business reputation for allowing yourself to divert to this and that all at the same time.
You are the one who is telling the world that you aren’t focused!

Don’t do that. You do that, be prepared to face burnouts. Burnouts don’t succeed in business. Trust me.

To all Team ZAINKING members, I advice you to focus on building up your business networks.

Speak to at least one person daily about Uptrend and bring him or her to the HQ’s Entrepreneur Opportunity Meetings.

Let the speaker present the business for you. You just do the closing at the end of the presentation.

Do not let time pass you by without making the best of it. You want the money, you need to collect the honey.

Bees don’t sit on their butts all day long and expect the nectar from the flowers to shoot up and go into their mouths.

They fly from flower to flower, busily buzzing here and there, collecting nectar and returning to the hives fully loaded. They then store the precious nectar into the honeycombs.

That honey my dear friends is the symbol of money and power. You want it ; go work for it!

You want to be rich. You want to be powerful. Well, just focus on your business and just do it!

That’s all! Concentrate on learning about your business and then go tell others worth your while.
Do some homework before you go spend your money, burn your petrol and waste your funds on seeing prospects who don’t have the capital to join you or the interest to be with you in this business.
Check out their background first, ask them straightforward whether they have the money and capacity to join you in Uptrend.
You need to select your prospects carefully.
Don’t settle for half baked burnouts to join your team. You will suffer later when they turn into immobile tortoises who in the later stages of your business building will turn deaf, dumb and blur about the whole process.
You can’t afford to have those stumbling blocks in your team. Go for quality!
Go find leaders not followers. You are thinking of becoming a millionaire and leader of a dynamic group of go getters.
You do not need to be babysitters all the time. You can’t afford to do that. No sirree! Please do not force anyone who doesn’t have it in him or her to join you.
Make sure that they have the capital with them before signing up the registration forms.
Their hearts might be willing but if the purse is empty, how do you expect them to pay their business registration fees?
Be smart and do the right thing. Go for prospects who have money, interest, knowledge and the desire to be a bloody millionaire by being willing to work for it.
Focus on all these and you will be successful in your business. I am telling you the facts here.
Those who want to join me to making money, the smart, proven can do way, the number is 60163969881.
The doors of opportunity is wide open here for you today.

You who have the means and the desire to turn into multi millionaires a year or two down the road are hereby invited to join my kick ass, super dynamic team.

If you can bring yourself to change your current status from whatever financial situation you find yourself in, I am here ready to assist you in becoming the best that you can be in Uptrend.

I am Zainol Abideen and I am the Leader of Team ZAINKING! Let’s make money!