September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

ZAINALKAYA lives up to his Uptrend Trading name!

Well, what can I say except ‘Congratulations!‘ to ZAINALKAYA for successfully living up to his Trading Name?

The man just got busy the other day and signed up another 2 Bronze Business Partners in TEAM ZAINALKAYA!

He is a good example of a man who walks his talk and doesn’t sit around waiting for things to happen. If only all who are dreaming of becoming millionaires in Uptrend do as he does, then my wishes for Team ZAINKING will definitely come to be realised.

Let’s welcome SOFIAH77 and MEGASTAR to Team ZAINALKAYA and who is one of my business networks. A big success oriented happy Uptrenders biz family.
If Zainal Azman keeps to this momentum and builds up his business as he is currently doing, he’ll definitely be ZAINALKAYA very, very soon!

The same can’t be said for many who are caught in the doldrums of their minds. Lethargy has infested in some of them who are just giving lip service to doing the business proper.

Some claim to be busy with their work. Some tell me stories that would be best rendered to the nursery kids half asleep for those stories are just that. The usual run of the mill sorry excuses for failure to live up to their objectives and missions.

Many who fall into these abyss of self imposed delusions of insurmountable odds against them just delude themselves into thinking that this business is hard to do!

What’s so bloody hard about asking someone else as to whether they would like to earn some extra cash at the end of the day or night by just speaking to someone else about making additional income?

What makes it sooooooooooo harrrrrrrrrrrrrd to ask, ” Say, would you be happy if you get paid an extra RM50 today? How about an extra RM100 in your wallet today? Would you be happy to have an extra RM100 in your pocket today?

Whom amongst you reading this now would object to having an extra RM500 at the end of this week?

Would it hurt you to have an extra 1o RM50 bills stuffed into your wallet at the end of this day?

I am pretty darned sure that everyone, each one of you, even the bloody naysayers reading this would say ‘YES!’ ‘GIVE ME THE MONEY!’

Hell yeah! Who would say no to money eh?

I am not talking about money robbed from some bank or snatched from some poor hapless victim by the roadside!

I am talking about good, halal money earned from a business that is so simple to do yet there are those out here in the world today who think being an E-Commerce businessperson is so bloody hard to be!

Let me lay it down straight to you. By introducing a Global Business Entrepreneur to your Uptrend Network, the company will pay you cash into your e-wallets, RM38.00 straight.

For each pair of business registered under your business, you stand to make another RM57.00. No questions asked, no dilly dallying.

You do the work, you get paid the bonuses. After 24 hours of registering the businesses, you shall see your rewards accumulated and paid into your e-wallets without fail.

You can either withdraw the money through your bank accounts and withdraw them through the ATM’s where a small USD$2.00 is imposed as banking fees or you can transfer the cash to your stockist mobile dealer like Cikgu Norhaidi Nordin who would then bank in the equivalent excahnge into your bank accounts.

He doesn’t charge you a fee though coming to think of it he should. Being the generous leader that he is , however he overlooks that part and simply breaks out into a warm smile when we meet for he knows a good leader when he sees one and is always so supportive especially when it involves ringgits and sens.
So, those of you who wouldn’t mind getting rich through this business, waste no time in calling / sms’g me at 6-016-3969881. The money’s waiting for you who works for it!

Let’s make money! Insya Allah.

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