March 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Chastity Belts for Malaysia’s Women?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh to all Muslims and May Peace be upon the rest.

It’s been quite some time since I wrote about current issues here affecting us in Malaysia.

I caught a glimpse of a report in Malaysia Today concerning a comment said to have been made by Dato Abu Hassan Din Al Hafiz, the Islamic Affairs Advisor to the Yang di Pertuan Agong, Supreme King of Malaysia.

Asking women to wear chastity belts? Why are people such as Dato Abu Hassan Din so bloody irresponsible by saying or passing stupid comments about things so sensitive such as the way injustice is being perpetrated against our nation’s womenfolk?

I for one have always felt so fed up with the way our courts are playing footsie with the vicious criminals who are terrorising the women population in this so-called Islamic nation.

Rapists, Sodomisers, Incest Perpetrators, Adulterers and all kinds of sexual predators are being allowed to get away with light sentences or punishments that only see them being locked up for a few years and then being released to go commit more violent crimes against helpless females in our society.

Now, we have so called ‘ulamaks’ and an Adviser to the Malaysian King no less calling for women to wear chastity belts.

As if the women can be safe from other sexual violations perpetrated upon them by males who are not only from the criminally maniacs out there but even at times comprised of those in uniform supposed to be the guardians of law and order themselves!

The Malays are sadly the largest number of sexual predators preying upon even members of their own families and the highest number of cases of incest are from this community!

What does Abu Hassan have to say about that? What remedial way out is he going to propose next for the society and the Ummah?

I call for capital punishment to be implemented upon all the criminals who are found guilty of sexual crimes against the women in this nation and all other parts of the world.

All this ‘kid glove treatment’ when dealing with vicious criminals is only encouraging the sickos in our midst to be bolder and have no fear in terrorising the lives and honour of women!

Chemical castration serves no purpose. The sexual offender will only turn to vent his frustrations upon other hapless victims and commit murder to appease his demented rages.

A bullet to the back of the head will settle the rising numbers of sex crazed criminals running wild in society everywhere.

Such an effective capital punishment will scare the bastards out there from harming the women and be a deterrent to anyone who intends to take advantage or force his sick self upon any girl or women who is not his wife!

In cases where the perpetrator is someone in authority or a parent or sibling, then the offender must be whipped severely and then exterminated to prevent any further attacks and sexual assaults upon other victims.

This kind of idiotic comments coming from this Adviser to the Malaysian King ought to be grounds enough to see him removed from his position.

He should have one installed on himself first to see whether he’d be comfortable wearing one! What utter nonsense!

Depraved ones in religious charade make up quite a large number of the rapists and sexual predators in this nation. Remember the Religious Department ‘officer’ who asked a ‘khalwat suspect’ to give him oral sex in the Department’s office?

How about the police constable who had sex with the Filipino female detainees in the Royal Malaysian District Police Headquarters lock up in Ampang Jaya?

Or the Principal of a Religious School who sodomised his pupils? All wearing skullcaps masquerading as holy moly fellows who should rather have been sent to the gallows?

The nation needs to spring clean itself from such ‘diarrhoea of the lips and archaic mindsets’ wrongfully allowed to remain in such high positions of the government.

Will we see justice upheld in this nation or will it be another ‘sweep under the carpet’ scenario?

No wonder Islam is getting lambasted in this land as a result of having such screwed-up sickos in position and causing more harm to the land in turn by either their useless verbal slips of their tongues or plain apathy in tackling the problems cropping up in our society?

Wonder which idiot is gonna come up with another cock and bull suggestion to curb the raging menace in this going crazy society under a clueless administration who prefer to bullshit us all into thinking that all is ‘Cemerlang, Gemilang and Terbilang’?

With such limp leadership, no wonder the crooks and the crazies are having a field day in Bolehland.

When the Laws of God are watered down and only lip service to it is administered by the Justice Department of this country, what hope is there for the people to be protected against the hordes of perverts and sexual maniacs out there?

This nation is saddled with rulers who rule with their ego’s and not as they are entrusted by Allah the Almighty asks of them. They will face Him in the Hereafter where they @ the titled ones will be judged according to their actions or inactions here when they ruled over this nation.

I see that in these times where criminals are getting out of hand, the people will be forced to take the law into their own hands and teach those animals a thing or two.

Women should take up self-defence classes and carry pepper sprays or better still someone should invent a form of chemical acidic spray that will corrode the faces or the groin areas of those rapist bastards when they are attacked. Then they will be easy to locate and be identified for arrest and prosecution.

I ask that those who are caught committing incest be punished severely with more counts of whipping and be given the death penalty. Then those animals in human forms will think twice before taking advantage over their wards in the future.

Maybe we should have the justice system castrate these useless scum and install the chastity belts on them as a preventive measure. Now, that one I am sure all will approve.

As the human race sort of gets more advanced in science and technology, the same thing cannot be said as far as its morality is concerned.

People nowadays commit sin without giving a damn about the consequences. Immorality is now becoming part and parcel of social life.

Malay Muslims who are living in big cities such as KL, nowadays grope, fondle their girlfriends in public shamelessly and the audacity of some of those couples doing so in public is simply so bloody sickening to watch. Most Malaysian Chinese and Indians don’t do such things as openly as these idiots do.

Some do so shamelessly whilst wearing the ‘tudung’s’. To them, that piece of cloth doesn’t mean anything. They do not give the ‘tudung’ it’s due honor and place as a symbol of modesty. Why do they bother wearing it then? Just to put on a charade of being a ‘virtuous’ lady? Hypocrites!

These are the kind of idiots that warrant the emergence of the moral police like they have in some other countries.

Quite a large number of urban Malays have sort of forgotten their social customs and cultures as they ape the decadent lifestyles coming from the West day by day.

If they copy the gentlemanly conduct of Western high society, I would have no complaints. But as it is, only the rotten ways are being copied by our youngsters who seem to be nothing more than ignorant fools not knowing their self-worth and weren’t raised as proper members of an Asian society.

What a waste! The more people claim to be modern and educated, the viler becomes their lifestyles. I am not saying all are becoming so but just lamenting the fact that the majority of the perpetrators here in Malaysia are from the “Malay Muslims in Name Only” community.

Try arguing that?

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