April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Success is achievable if you organise yourself correctly!

Insight of the Day: Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws which govern its acquisition. –George Clason

Assalamualaikum to all my Muslim readers and Greetings to all others.

Pictured here with me is my friend and fellow Uptrenders Nur Izzati Lau and her husband Hilmi from Penang.

They are building their business networks well!

They were at the Cheras Uptrend Centre at Taman Bukit Cheras, Thursday night.

Izzati is a dynamic Uptrend Business Builder who emails me regularly asking for tips and ideas about building this business well. Birds of a feather do flock together, eh? Well, no harm in that.

I also get emails from many of my readers appreciating my sharing of these self development tips and articles that I write here.

It is good to know that my writings are helping many out there to arise from whatever problems plaguing them especially in their own mindsets that has set in causing them to suffer in life.

Negativity is an unseen cancer that eats away at billions of people worldwide causing them to fail in their life and in their business or careers.

Allowing such destructive mindsets to remain in yourselves will only cause you harmful effects in all that you do.

The reason why many do not succeed in their business buildings especially those who have tried to do direct sellings but didn’t even get past go and collect their initial investments in such businesses is mainly due to their failing to equip themselves with the right attributes and skills.

Let’s face the facts. No matter if you represent even Microsoft or Petronas, when you go see a client to do a deal, it is you whom the client sees and makes an assessment of your company or organisation based on your personality!

The person doesn’t know Bill Gates in person or the Chairman of Petronas but he or she will decide whether they want or not to do business with those corporate giants depending on how you as the company’s representative come across to them in the appointment.

You are the face of whatever company you represent so better make sure that you look and do your part in maintaining the good name and reputation of your company!

You need to watch what you say or share when doing the business presentations for if you screw up, your company suffers! The slip of the tongue will cause a backlash that can ruin the business of your company so control that mouthpiece in saying only facts and no bullshit!

It’s all up to you to come across as a person worthy for them to deal with or just excuse themselves out of committing to you in that appointment. First impressions are lasting impressions.

Knowing all there is to the business you represent doesn’t cut it if you fail to look professional and be as a professional in your business appointments.

Now, how do you do that?

Simple. Just follow the standard operating procedures.

Before you go and meet your prospect or client, please take a bath or shower. Have a good soap up or use a shower liquid and wash yourselves all over properly. Shampoo your hair and if you are a man, shave properly and brush your teeth or dentures if you wear one.

Keep your fingernails cut and trimmed short. Dirty and craggy looking fingernails say a lot about their owners. They will betray that this person is not bothered to take care of his or her own self. So, how can we expect that they will be reliable in their business dealings with us?

This might seem to be so basic but it is also a very important aspect of being a successful business person. Personal hygiene is one of the most necessary elements to be well and healthy, both in body and your soul.

One who does not care or bother to keep their own selfs well groomed, well cared for in this basic aspect of being, can’t be expected to be up to mark in their other actions, can they?

So, after that basic hygiene requirement, comes the matter of dressing right for the occasion. When we are meeting someone to speak about a business such as Uptrend Network, we need to take into consideration the impact we make when we go there dressed rightly or wrong!

How would you feel if someone who made an appointment to see you about a business proposition came to the appointment looking like someone who just got up from bed or smells terrible complete with a dishevelled look?

Would you be comfortable sitting with someone whose body odor makes you want to puke?

I surely would make a hasty exit after the first initial hello’s.

First impressions are surely the make or break litmus test that decides whether you will be able to be a millionaire in a year or two from now as you begin your journey to make big bucks with your Uptrend business buildings.

So, if you are serious in becoming the next Uptrend millionaire or millionairess, please do what’s necessary.

To be successful in Uptrend, you have to start with your own self. You have to start with the right mindset and internal spring cleaning of what you think about yourself?

Points to remember before going for an appointment tomorrow:

  • A good night’s sleep is very essential to ensuring a powerful stamina back up and ability to come across as a super dynamic business presentor.
  • If you are travelling outstation to go and present your business to a group of prospects , please remember to pack a hair brush, toothbrush, tooth paste, dentures cleaning items, shavers, small travelling iron, shoe polish and small shoebrush or buffer, your medications, lozenges, Chi Kit Teck Aun pills, Panadol Actifast, Vicks Vaporub, lozenges etc in small packs so that in the event of you being sick, you have your medications and first aid stuff handy.
  • Zips, buttons and fasteners should be pulled up, fastened and set in place before packing in your suitcase to avoid those items getting damaged and coming off during travel.
  • When you have arrived at your hotel or place of accommodation prepared for you by your appointment hosts, use your travelling iron to smoothen out the creases and look sharp in your appearance.
  • Create a fantastic first impression when you walk in to the presentation area and before your prospects. Flash that great smile of yours and show your pearlies to your audience. Be immaculate in your appearance. Make yourself look so presentable that the audience will love to look at you and be impressed with your self belief and grooming skills.

If you are the type who sweats easily, make sure that you do your presentions in an airconditioned place or where there’s a fan or if you are in an open area like a balcony or a premise where the seating facilities are set outdoors.

Click the picture here to see it in a larger view.

  • Wear a jacket to hide any sweat marks under your armpits in the situations necessary in order not to draw unnecessary attention to those wet armpits areas where your shirt or blouses will be in stark contrast to the rest of yourself.
  • Your hair must be well combed and look in place. You must come across as a dynamic leader who inspires others and leads by example and not just spew out rhetoric.
  • Look good to feel good. Don’t be a deadwood ; you will not cause others to aspire but only perspire!

Having said all that, it’s time now to look at your business skills and marketing know how. I will write about this subject in my following postings.

Winners are not born. They are made. None out there will bother to come groom you to be a leader except maybe a few. Even then we know that in real life, no one really gives a shit about us and all are just looking out for themselves in the real sense of the world.

Yet do not despair. If you are one of those looking for a way out from your present bleak outlook especially where lack of finances are causing you to live a sorry life running here and there trying to earn that extra ringgit or dollar to pay your bills, fret no more!

I can lead you to success financially here in Team ZAINKING. I just need you to sign up as a Platinum member and business builder with me here in Uptrend Networks.

It doesn’t matter if you are living outside Malaysia. As long as you are able to communicate with me through the internet, I assure you that becoming financially free from debts and able to live as a bloody millionaire is just a year or two away depending on how you adopt and adapt all that I have to teach you.

This is the real deal. Do you expect life to change for you by doing the same old thing that you do day in day out? What? Am I hitting a nerve there?

Well, good! Now you know that things won’t change for you like in the rags to riches stories in the movies, what are you waiting for?

Doesn’t mean you have to stay as you are because some idiot back then duped you into a business and left you high and dry without proper leadership?

Get over it. There’s no use crying over it. No one’s gonna bother knocking on your door and hand over a big fat cheque for you to solve your sorrows! It simply doesn’t happen!

Call me now at 6-016 3969 881 anytime. I keep my phone on 24/7.

You can also chat with me through Yahoo Messenger or Skype and learn more about starting your journey to be a true blue millionaire and change the sorry state of mind and life you are in right now * (if applicable)!

You need to want to change your lot and work together with me as a willing partner! I don’t have time to babysit or spoonfeed anyone. You want to be like a baby ; stay home !

Stop dreaming of being a bloody millionaire for by warming your butt at home won’t bring you the dollars or the ringgits and you’ll remain as you are and always be so till you kick the bucket or the bucket comes crashing down on ya!

It has to be ‘action’ all the way till we cross that finishing line a year or two down the road failing which just be as you are and save us all the heartaches!

Uptrend’s multi millionaires such as Cikgu Amir are where they are by working hard but smart.

He stays and shares the business plans with those prospects who are serious in wanting to be financially free by doing their part and are willing to learn and earn.

You need to mix and keep company with the winners like Cikgu Amir and kick ass leaders like me if you want to see something change in your life for the better!

Fly with the eagles to see wider and do better!

You choose between listening to some jerks out there and stay as you are now or come listen to people like us who are making changes in our life and starting to enjoy a better opportunity that gives us great rewards in cash and kind when we start our dynamic kick ass race to the finishing line by 2008 or 2009!

Choose between sure proven can do kick ass success here with me or remain in the Land of Doom and Gloom that losers and half baked ‘investment guru’s’ thrive in thinking that they are right and everyone else is wrong!

Let’s do this and prove the idiot’s and doomsayers wrong! Let’s show those idiots that Uptrend when done properly does give us the money and better life that we seek!

I am enjoying the returns and have started settling my dues one by one since joining this business. Alhamdulillah!

This is Zainol Abideen and I am the Leader of Team ZAINKING!!! 60163969881!


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