April 13, 2024


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Uptrend Network -Your best platform to financial success!

12 Millionaires in a year from this business since Uptrend started their operations in 2003.

We are simply the best E-Commerce and Networking business today in Malaysia and growing by the second in so many countries in the world!

People from all walks of life who have made it to the top by sheer commitment to their business build up from the ground up.

Uptrend is churning out multi millionaires by the year. Wow!!!

Each and everyone of them a shining example of how if one puts in the efforts and remain consistent in their business networking, eventually in a year or two, they have become multi millionaires!

There are many other companies out there today where people try and seek extra income by doing the businesses but in my opinion , none comes close to matching Uptrend Network ease of operations, its outstanding achievements in terms of its financial rewards that it gives it’s business builders and the self development facilities and trainings that it offers to its members.

Basically it is up to us as an Uptrender to equip ourselves with all the necessary E-Commerce and Network Marketing skills and develop our own sales professionalism to succeed as all the multi millionaires that Uptrend Network has produced.

The company is run by distinguished business professionals and multi millionaires, who are leading the # 1, most dynamically growing Hybrid E-Commerce and Networking company in Malaysia and has expanded its operations internationally like in Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, India, Pakistan, USA and the latest in Hong Kong, China!

Imagine, the huge market we have in all those countries. You will never run out of potential prospects and business associates to expand and network your business empire!

The business is very clear cut and fully supported by both the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Government of Malaysia and serviced by 5 major Malaysian Banks with global online banking services.

Maybank, Public Bank, CIMB Bank, Alliance Bank and Ambank are all providing Uptrenders their full online banking facilities 24 hours round the clock business transaction services.

As dynamic professional E-Commerce and Networking Uptrenders, we have a global reach and do our business with people all over the world who have access to the internet and own an online banking account.

Uptrend’s fantastic business facilities enable us to do all our online new business E-Registrations, do our new members placements in the company’s networks, order product packages, transfer funds, check our E-Wallets, use the outstanding Virtual Products Packages where we get superb exclusive online systems to use for our business building and monitoring, and the best of all, the best incomes ever from all the rewards and bonuses being paid to us by Uptrend Network as our due rewards in growing this business to be the best ever, as far as I and hundreds of thousands of fellow Uptrenders will vouch for!

We stand to become multi millionaires in just a year or two depending on our own activities and business building efforts to see ourselves gain the awesome incomes that has been turning ordinary folks from all walks of life into the successful multi millionaires Uptrend now has as it’s business leaders extraordinaire!

I am leading a dynamic kick ass Team ZAINKING, with my grand upline being none other than Multi Millionaire Cikgu Ahmad Amiruddin Mohamad, who made his first million ringgits income through Uptrend in just 7 months! How much more better can it get?

I joined Uptrend on the 1st of December, 2006 with just 1 simple IBP business package.

Today, my business network has grown to having 38 downlines and 119 businesses registered under my team and am getting more and more business builders joining me!

My team consists of business professionals like Doctors, Engineers, Managers, Building Contractors, Businessmen, Company Owners, Supervisors, etcetera.

People who have been in businesses like Direct Selling, MLM’s and other businesses know that Uptrend delivers to its members what it promises. We are getting so many benefits from joining this business that I wish that I had joined this business earlier.

Anyway, as someone who has been working since I left school in 1976 and have been in the Retail Sales and Marketing profession for 20 over years, I know that this business is the best platform for me to finally see myself get my due rewards and realise my dreams of financial success and become a millionaire on my own after spending all my professional skills and know how, helping to enrich my former employers. It’s high time to make myself rich with my skills!

Today, I have the best opportunity before me to make my dreams of becoming a millionaire finally come true.

At 48 years of age , I now am much more wiser and know better as to how to maximize my time and energy to pursue my lifelong goals of becoming wealthy , healthy and be able to teach all those who come my way to live better life’s, be better leaders, be better human beings, be able to provide and protect our loved ones and build up our life’s.

I am on my way to achieving what my lifetime dream has always been. To be free from all my debts and be financially secure and stable with a continuous stream of income coming in daily and monthly through my Uptrend business networks using the best systems available today and getting good money every time I register a new business partner and trigger off sales of Uptrend’s wonderful product packages.

I am helping my team build up their own business networks and I assist them to learn about the business and teach them how to set up their own websites, share with them business building tips and pass on to them my years of professional sales techniques and business knowledge.

It’s been great since I have joined Uptrend for today, I am pleased to be the leader for this wonderful group of business partners I have in my team. I have new dynamic friends who are building this business together with me and through my blog here, have come to meet fantastic new business associates and fellow Uptrenders who are all with me in accomplishing our joint mission to success and become millionaires in a year or two according to our efforts!

If you too would like to be with my super kick ass dynamic growing team ZAINKING, call me or send an sms with your details to 6-016-3969881 to fix your appointment with me and learn about the best moneymaking proven opportunity there is today in Malaysia and all over the world especially in all the countries we have established our networks.

As long as you have access to the internet and online banking services, no matter where you are right now on Planet Earth, we can do fantastic business together!

All it takes is for you to have the means and the will to see your life turn so much for the better and your participating in the business building efforts.

We are utilizing the best of today’s technology and internet systems enabling us to reach the huge global markets and help change the lifes of so many people through Uptrend!

Let’s go make money and use the opportunities here in Uptrend to give us a better future, a continuous source of fabulous incomes and be with all the dynamic, going for gold business partners who are making Uptrend, the best E-Commerce and Networking business that the world has ever seen!

Come join me in Team ZAINKING and launch your own business empire that is sure bound to make a millionaire or millionairess out of you! I will groom you to be the best that you can be!

Call me at 6-016-3969881 now. All my best wishes to you and your loved ones!

Zainol Abideen a.k.a Mahaguru58 and ZAINKING!


“Through Teamwork We Strive! Higher Productivity We Thrive!”
Zainol Abideen

Let’s be millionaires! 🙂

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