August 2, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Abdullah Badawi has committed Fitnah upon us Bloggers!

I am not a fan of Abdullah Badawi. Let me lay it down straight.

To me, Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad with all his excesses, screw ups and ‘iron fisted’ policies plus his slip ups over the years, still commands my respect as this nation’s most exemplary leader to date!

Everytime I hear Abdullah Badawi come on the TV, I’d flip channels. Can’t bear to hear his squeaky, raspy rhetoric spoil my mealtime! Would immediately lose my appetite if I hear another empty slogan, another false impression from his lips saying that all is well in my beloved nation!

It isn’t. Malaysians are not living a better life since he was appointed by Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad as his successor.

Our life has been made much more harder with his decisions to hike up the prices of petrol and now increased toll rates. He has not made any concrete advancements in the life’s of ordinary Malaysians, irrespective of race and religion.

Maybe the small remoras sticking to his self might have profited from the advent of Abdullah Badawi’s government but the majority of Malaysians are suffering from the economic backlash that his policies have inflicted upon us as a nation.

I believe that as a Malaysian citizen, I hold the right not to support the man and his policies.

Freedom to choose my leader is an unchallengable right that I as a citizen have within the law.

His recent diarrhoea of his lips stating that we bloggers are liars is an act of ‘fitnah’ that I protest and state my opposition to this slander committed by the man who initiated a newfound concept in my faith of Islam that I as a Muslim will never come to accept!

He may be the Prime Minister of this nation which I love with all my heart despite all the current maladies facing us from all aspects of life here but I will never throw in anymore support for this man who calls us liars without thinking of the consequences of his libel against us Malaysian bloggers, wholesale!

I have stopped believing in what the major newspapers publish for I know that many are concocted up reports meant to guile the readers into swallowing all the lies that the powers that be instruct to be printed.

All my life, I have been voting for the BN government as the Opposition have yet to prove to me that they can do a better job at running the Malaysian Government. Yet, after Abdullah Badawi has been placed as the Prime Minister of this country, I somewhat feel, it’s a bloody waste of my time and energy to go support this person.

I feel that all this rhetoric being bandied about by the present administration has not done us good. We have major problems especially the pollution and destruction taking place in our country’s ecosystem that is wreaking havoc upon the lifes of so many people, south of the peninsular.

Life’s and properties are being submerged in flood waters due to this present government’s tidak apathy in watching over our land. Singapore has been allowed to disturb and destroy the ecological state of the Straits of Johore by carrying out reclamation works on the two islands it owns there resulting in the destruction of many cities and properties by being flooded when the water has no place to go but swept back into the Johore low lying areas.

What has Abdullah Badawi’s government done to stop the Singaporeans from messing up our State of Johor’s ecological situation? Nothing!

The man has been flying here and there, rubbing shoulders with Bush and all other leaders of the world but failed to take care of his own backyard, this country!

He is in my eyes not worthy of my respect or support. Neither does any of the leaders in waiting. This country faces a dearth of good, able, rational, stand on their own leaders in the likes of ‘dictator’ Mahathir!

Yes, he was cruel. But he was being cruel to be kind. His leadership saw us Malaysian citizens not being as burdened with higher costs of living as we are suffering now and will still suffer more as the present government does as it pleases with more price hikes in store.

I do not want to dwell on AAB’s failures. Serves me no purpose. But his calling us liars without due cause is simply too much for me to swallow and do nothing about it. As an ordinary citizen but a registered Malaysian voter who had no alternatives but to vote the fella into power, I exercise my right to state my objection to his slander against us.

Before Almighty Allah, we are all equal in our ranks and status. I ask Allah SWT to give due returns to this man who has slandered us, Malaysian bloggers as a whole.

May Allah punish the slanderers and the backbiters accordingly! Amin.