April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Discover Your Ultimate Potential as a Successful Uptrender!

There is a whole world of opportunity right before us who are building our Uptrend Networking E-Commerce business!

Many exemplary leaders have been born from this dynamic business that is growing at an unprecedented phenomenal rate due to the fantastic system and numerous bonus payments being reaped by Uptrend’s business builders.

Each leader and multimillionaire that we see making huge incomes now in Uptrend have a story to tell. Stories that truly inspire us!

Those who are earning hundreds of thousands of ringgits every month have reached this stage of success without having to kowtow to anybody, pull strings or political connections or ‘big cables’ to get where they are today. This is the reason why I truly admire and respect them.

They have done it through their hardwork and efforts from the ground up. Their’s is a classic example of people who despite all odds of being pioneers in this business a year or two before have gone through the numbers, have experienced all kinds of challenges and survived the test of time, effort and money in building up their business networks and empires which are now giving them their due rewards as per their unending efforts in doing this Uptrend business.

Many out there have gone through their own ‘baptism of fire’ so to speak with regard to doing businesses like direct selling and MLM’s. Some have made it through sheer hard work, some have floundered on the early stages of such businesses and called it quits.

Some have wasted their funds and resources by joining fly by night companies and half baked enterprises. Many share with me their sad stories of being left high and dry by their uplines and introducer’s to the many direct selling companies and businesses that tax them dry with compulsory monthly business maintenance that has them paying hundreds of ringgits monthly to purchase products that they seldom use or need.

Such are the realities of many businesses out there today, sucking the life and energy , not to mention the finances of many who only want to make extra income to meet their growing expenses.

The reality is that many do not get what they set out to gain in the first place by joining in businesses that do not give their members their true value and monetary returns after having spent a few thousand ringgits and precious time and efforts in the long run.

I myself have had my fair share of bad experiences with such businesses before. Fortunately for me , I got back my investments and in fact made some money through them but not as what Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd has and is giving me and my team members!

In any business, the main criteria to be able to succeed and make good income is up to the individual. If one follows the training and business building methods taught in the company’s system, the chances of the person making it big is quite promising.

The answer is up to the efforts and methods that one practices in carrying out the daily activities needed and necessary to see the results of doing the business. Many who fail to develop themselves and improve on their business skills usually stop doing the business eventually and sort of go into limbo.

These are the ones who would give all kinds of excuses for their own failures and go on to blame the company, the business system and their uplines for not doing enough for them and for failing to make them into the successful business people that they set out to be in the first place.

Sounds familiar? Well, this is the actual situation plaguing hundreds of thousands of folks who are voicing out negative stories and laying the blame on all other people except their own miserable selfs.

Are there not successful people in all other businesses out there today? Surely there are many who have gone on to make huge incomes and earn fantastic returns from their business activities and efforts.

That goes to show that the complainers and the naysayers are the ones who in actual fact have failed in their business building and have not really done their part to learn and put to practice what they have been trained to do. Some do not even go for the trainings and just try to ‘wing it’ as they please. Recipe for disaster, won’t you agree?

How can they even expect to do well in their business? Doing business means having the necessary skills and know how of presenting the business, dealing with the questions coming from their prospects and answering correctly each and every query being put before them and giving the true facts and figures. Not bullshitting their way through.

People nowadays are not that stupid or ignorant to be fooled easily. The Age of Information today has all the answers ready for us at the click of a keyboard button and with so many sources readily available before us all. One can easily get information through the internet.

So, I’d say, to all those who are always giving excuses of not having made it in their previous business enterprises, to do a self assessment on themselves.

Did they do what they were supposed to do or did they fail to live up to their responsibilities as business builders in whatever business they were in before? The answer if they are true to themselves will not be very pleasing to them if they are truly honest with themselves.

Today I met a fellow KLite in the person of Miss Veronica, who is ready to launch her Platinum business buildup with team Zainking.

From just looking at her face, I know that she is going to be absolutely successful in Uptrend for her personality reveals a zest for life and a vibrant energy ready to kick ass with me and this business in building an evergrowing networking business that will give her a continuous source of good income to see to her needs and wishes to be another of Uptrend’s Millionaire business builders!

I’ll assist and lead Veronica to be amongst us in Team Zainking who will be millionaires in a year or two! God willing! We can do it! As long as she is willing to do what she needs to do, I’ll see to it that she becomes one of Team ZAINKING’s superstars of Uptrend!

Such is the dynamism of young leaders present in our society today who are coming in to grab the wonderful opportunities available today in Uptrend Network!

The key to their success lies in being willing to learn from leaders like myself and my fellow team builders and putting them to practice!

All talk and no action or implementation will only see a return to the usual run of the mill situation of half baked losers finding fault with the business systems just like before.

I will share with you more tips of how to make the best of your potential capabilities in becoming a successful Uptrend Networker with Team ZAINKING.

If you want to be a kick ass dynamic Uptrend leader, you need to:

1. Stop waiting for things to happen.

So many times, I hear people complain that they have tried their hands at doing all kinds of businesses but nothing happened.

They tell me that they have attended so many events and business seminars and have invested so much into those businesses but failed to get any returns from such investments and now, they are scared to lose more money.

In reality this is what I say many fail to do. They fail to ‘network’ as they should.

They usually attend such functions like they are the guests and not as the participants of the business. Many just sit through the functions and fail to reach out and connect to the others.

When they say they have attended such and such functions, they fail to realise that they actually did nothing concrete and positive to harness the best opportunities made available to them through the functions and acted as if they should be waited hand and foot by the organisers.

This is a business event we are talking about and not a casual private function held by friends and families. When we attend a business function where we are registered business associates of the particular company, then it is ridiculous for us to expect people to attend to us exclusively as the function is usually held to cater to the general participants.

We must therefore act as professionals and know how to conduct ourselves and to take the opportunity to learn from others, mingle with the leaders of the business and to establish contacts with those who are successful in their business buildings. Take notes from them and use those tips to improve our business build ups. Don’t expect to be spoonfed! You’re not a baby!

When we have prospects whom we have brought to the Business Presentation events at the Uptrend HQ or any of the other centres throughout the nation, then we must know how to attend to them and make sure that we close the business registration of our prospects at the conclusion of the presentation programs.

Things won’t happen unless we do what we need to do as we should. There is no point for you to bring someone to a business presentation if you fail to sign the person up after he or she has sat through the entire business presentation and have understood what the business is about and are positive about the whole opportunity!

You need to strike while the iron is hot! This is the ultimate closure to a business proposition like bringing the prospect to the Entrepreneurs Orientation Meeting @ EOM of Uptrend Networks.

This business works on a Hybrid system of carrying out E-Commerce business transactions whilst establishing new business networks with our new business associates. Sale of products take place as we sign up our prospects as our new ‘downlines’ or in actual fact, new business networkers.

Profits from the sale of the company’s products both Virtual Business Packages and physical products in the form of the Health Supplements and other products are paid out to us as Introducer Bonuses and Pairing of Business Bonuses.

To know what I am talking about, you need to come meet up with me at the Uptrend HQ where I will show you how it works. Do not assume anything without knowing for sure what I am saying here.

Assumptions and conclusions made without knowing the realities will only confuse you unnecessarily. Do the right thing. Contact me at 016-3969881 to book your appointment with me to come learn about the business which can make you become a multi millionaire!

2. Introduce yourself with a 16 seconds sizzler!

Have you ever been introduced to someone and when told what the person did, been completely at a loss for words because you had no idea as to what he or she was talking about?

Do not underestimate the power of positive introductions. When you meet someone for the first time and he or she looks like worth knowing, then introduce yourself to them with a dynamic manner that will create a fantastic first impression of yourself to them.

Do not mumble your words to them. Practice introducing yourself with a simple twenty to twenty five words statement that provokes interest and in terms that even a standard six pupil can understand! The key is to practice, practice and keep practicing everyday and night.

Stand before your mirror and practice extending out your hand to do a handshake and speak with a conviction that portrays your self confidence and belief in yourself as a professional. When you shake somebody’s hand, make sure you grasp the hand firmly and shake it with power. Do not overdo it and never shake someone’s hand as like a dead fish! Put some firmness in it!

Your introduction should include your name and Trading Name in Uptrend, the market you serve and how you benefit your clients. You don’t get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression!

For example:

  • “I’m Zainol Abideen. Also known as Mahaguru58 in the Blogosphere. I am leading Team ZAINKING in Uptrend . I help people make fantastic incomes through Uptrend’s E-Commerce and Networking business! I specialize in turning ordinary folks into leaders!
  • “Hi! I am Jefry! I lead Team GOLDEN PALACE in Uptrend Networks. I am leading a dynamic team of people who are making good income through E-Commerce and Business Networking!”
  • Assalamualaikum! I am Wan Azli! I am leading Team MYKING in Uptrend. We are on our way to becoming millionaires in a year or two. I am helping people make daily and monthly income through Business Networking!”Keep your self introductions short but sharp and simple. Fancy self conjured descriptions only tend to turn people off and must be avoided at all costs.

By speaking clearly and with full confidence to people whom we are just meeting will project a good image and first impression about us to them. They will want to know more about you and want to speak further with you about the business.

So, it is very important to create a good impression about yourself to people whom you are meeting for the first time. Attract their attention by being super dynamic and show them your best side and appear as a true business professional. Be the best you can be!

If you want to be in my team, call or sms me your name and address to my mobile number at 6-016-3969881. Let’s go make money!

Life is a series of adjustments. Let’s go for gold! ~More tips coming after this~ .

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