April 23, 2024


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How to successfully build up your business networks?

For those of you who are thinking of joining Uptrend Network sdn Bhd, it is important that you join the right team and get yourself in the right frame of mind and acquire the right skills to help you become successful in life and become millionaires.

The goal to be a millionaire in this Uptrend business is noble indeed. It is important to have that goal throbbing in your mind very vividly, so clearly that you are able to visualise yourself living life as a successful Millionaire in Uptrend Networks.

To get yourself going in this dynamic proven can do business , you need to have the right mindset and keep the right company. By that, I mean you need to be in the company of these business leaders. Superstars like Multi Millionaire Cikgu Ahmad Amiruddin @ Cikgu Amir, Tuan Haji Roshdi, ND Lala @ Amir Hamzah, Cikgu Norhaidi Nordin, etc.

Whenever I go to the Uptrend HQ , I will always seek them out and be with them, sit at their tables and listen to what they share about the ways to build up this business. We can get tips and learn new techniques and methods as to how to develop ourselves and our business networks.

As for myself, I have my own ways and techniques in how to build this team ZAINKING! Many seek me out when I am at the HQ or at Cikgu Amir’s Taman Bukit Cheras Uptrend Centre.

My years of experience in dealing with the Sales & Marketing world comes handy in building up the confidences of my team members and add to their skills and knowledge in building up their own networks in Uptrend.

Many of them who have had tried their hands in other businesses but failed now have a better chance of making it to the finishing line this time around in the marathon race to the million$!

Yes, this business build up can be likened to a marathon race. You need to have stamina to last the race. You need to delete unnecessary trains of thoughts and build yourself up to be a winner.
By keeping all those screwed up past failures in your mind, you will only be repeating the same old mistakes over and over again. Doing the same old things over and over again yet expect a different result is nothing but a clear cut case of insanity, won’t you agree?

So, my advice to you is to forget all your past failures. Remove them from occupying your mindset and learn afresh. Reformat your system so to speak and install a fresh new mindset.

A mindset that is dynamic and uptodate with all the necessary skills, knowledge and passion.

Let me share with you some tips on how to build your networking business.

  • Arrive at table talks, appointments, meetings and group activities at least 15 minutes early.

By arriving early, we get to prepare ourselves to set up our needs to get the best of the one to one table talks, business presentations or meetings by having all our stationaries in place or our laptop computers switched on and the powerpoints ready for action.

We also get a time buffer before the event starts. It’s better for us to wait for our prospects rather than them wait for us. If we are late, it doesn’t look good on our professionalism.

People won’t respect us if we don’t keep to our promised time of our appointments. Be early.

  • Know the marketing plan well before presenting to your prospects.

Before you go and meet your prospects, it is imperative that you get yourselves familiar with all the important aspects of the Business Marketing Plans.

If you have the company’s marketing plan on powerpoint presentation, then by all means please remember what’s on the slides and what is coming next on each slide when you run the program through.

You need to run the program over and over again till you know by heart as to what’s gonna come up next. It surely wouldn’t look nice on you if you fumble your way through the business presentation and look as if you don’t know your stuff, would it?

Who would want to sign up with you if you do not present yourself as knowing exactly what it is you are talking about?

You need to come across as a professional E-Commerce business person who is worth doing business with and able to lead your business team to success. So, know the business by heart and be a 100% committed to it and project your confidence in it by your actions in presenting it.

  • Dress appropriately for your appointment or business meetings.

Now, when you are meeting a prospect to present the business, make sure that you turn up for the appointment dressed appropriately for the occasion.

It wouldn’t create a good impression about you if you turn up wearing jeans and a T shirt to talk about a business that is turning ordinary folks into millionaires and changing lifes by building up this hybrid E-Commerce and E-Networking dynamic business.

You need to dress sharp and look sharp for your appointments. You also need to be clean and well groomed, smell nice and be presentable. You have to make sure your personal hygiene is tip top and people will feel comfortable being with you.

Little things like these sure weigh up very heavily on people’s minds when they think as to whether they want to do business with you or not?

I know I wouldn’t want to do business with anyone who looks like they haven’t had a bath for weeks or smell like garbage. Would you?

So, make sure you look good, feel good and smell good when you are meeting any prospects.

I will share more tips with those of you who are interested in building up your business with me in my next posts.

Those who want to join me in this Uptrend Network business can contact me at 6-016-3969881.

Visit my http://zainking.ui2u.com/ to watch a flash presentation of this dynamic business!

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