April 13, 2024


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My First Virtual Platinum Member Sign Up from Penang!

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

Say hello to Hazlan Zakaria, my latest Platinum team member who signed up his Platinum HAZQIS EMPIRE business through my http://zainking.ui2u.com website!

Hazlan is an Engineer with an American Electronics factory based in Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zone, Penang and one of my blog readers. He has been following my writings about Uptrend and feels that he could do with the extra unlimited income that this business has to offer for those who go for it.

This virtual Uptrend Platinum business signup success is really something that would boggle the mind of all the people out there who tell me that they just don’t know how to do this business?

Sceptics will remain where they are whilst guys like Hazlan and Team Zainking will be earning big bucks by building this business.

I mean, for a 48 year old guy like me who hasn’t even taken a computer class or anything, but here I am setting up websites, helping my downlines set up theirs, and easily establishing business connections online and offline as I please, really boggles my mind why so many people think doing business is so hard?

Look at how Hazlan and myself established our business connection?

He visited my http://zainking.ui2u.com recently. He has been reading about my Uptrend business build up in my blog here. He sees the opportunity that this business gives to those who register themselves in this business and then build up their networks and gain the fantastic incomes that have and are helping hundreds of thousands of Uptrenders all over Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Philiphines, India, Pakistan and Nevada, USA.

I check my http://zainking.ui2u.com Lead Generating Presentation system and I followed up with those who keyed in their real names and contact details. Hazlan was one of those who keyed in their real names and data hence I got to follow up with him.

After emailing him and then getting to chat with him through Yahoo Messenger, I exchanged in depth details about the Uptrend Business with him by sending him emails containing relevant business info and materials.

After he understood the business and how he stands to earn unlimited income based upon his business building activities with Uptrend through my online tutelage, Hazlan decided to sign up on the 19th of January,2007.

He banked in his Platinum Membership Fees of RM2280 to Cikgu Norhaidi’s Maybank account and after the funds were successfully transferred, promptly sms’d me about it.

I then contacted Cikgu Adi by sms and asked him to check his account and informed him of Hazlan’s Platinum Membership Fees being banked in to Cikgu Adi’s account for registration by him into Uptrend’s system.

Cikgu Adi was in Batang Kali at that time, presenting the business opportunity to a group of prospects there.

Upon checking his account in www.maybank2u.com , Cikgu Adi confirmed that the funds were there, properly banked in his account.

I then sms’d Cikgu Adi, Hazlan’s details and chosen trading name @ HAZQIS EMPIRE. I further gave instructions to Cikgu Adi as to where to place Hazlan’s Platinum business in my network.

Cikgu Adi duly registered Hazlan’s Platinum business as instructed and sms’d me once the registration was done.

All these took place without me and Hazlan ever coming to meet face to face and we successfully completed our business deal virtually online and through the sms system.

And some folks tell me that they do not know how to do this business?

Uptrend business is so easy to do for people who open up their eyes and mindset to the opportunities and are willing to harness the fantastic telecommunication channels that we have with us today.

The internet when used properly generates so many opportunities to us that we can practically make money utilising it.

Hazlan and myself communicated using Yahoo Messenger and we exchanged files and photos plus the relevant documents to forge this virtual Uptrend E-Commerce and Networking business.

How’s that for success in establishing business connections that transcends the distance between me here in KL and Hazlan in Penang?

Once Hazlan gets a group of prospects available, I’d be making a trip to Penang and present the Uptrend business opportunity to them. When they sign up, they’d be placed under Hazlan’s business @ HAZQIS EMPIRE. I have set up his http://hazlan.ui2u.com for him.

Although there are many other Uptrenders over there in Penang, Hazlan has chosen to sign up under me for he knows that in Team ZAINKING, he has a kick ass leader whom he can depend on to help him build up his business network and to be able to earn unlimited income together with me and the others in a year plus and for as long as we shall live.

We have proved that this www.uptrend2u.com business transcends all borders and distances.

If you want to join me on this mission to financial success and share this golden opportunity with those who come into contact with us, contact me at 6-016-3969881 or email me at zainolabideen@gmail.com

Let’s make money! Insya Allah.

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