April 23, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysian Bloggers Association-Let’s form it now!

I express my sympathies to my fellow Malaysian Bloggers Jeff Ooi @ Screenshots and Ahiruddin Atan @ Rocky Bru on their being sued by the New Straits Times for ‘defamation’.

It was bound to happen. I shared my concerns about the need to have a properly registered Malaysian Bloggers Association with our leading Malaysian Bloggers like Raja Petra Kamaruddin @ Editor of Malaysia-Today.Net before in his blog, with Jeff Ooi himself when we met at the Young Malaysians Forum at the DAP organised event a few months back and also with Datuk Ruhanie Ahmad of Kuda-Kepang Blogspot when we emailed each other a couple of months back.

I sensed even back then that if we remain as we are now, then slowly one by one, our voices will be silenced by the powers that be by using the legal clout that they have against the Malaysian bloggers as long as we remain disunited like the present moment.

Bloggers actually play a very important role in the dissemination of information to the masses.

We have always been fed censored, altered and at times information that is nothing but propaganda material by the media where we did not have access to the truth in the years before the advent of the internet and the weblog era.

Bloggers today have first hand access to everything that is taking place before us and at times we even get to share such news with the blogosphere complete with the pictures, facts and figures to back up our postings.

Jeff Ooi and Ahiruddin Atan have been very helpful in sharing first hand news and reports with us and we owe them our undivided support and backing in their times of need now.

The time has come for us Bloggers to rally behind them and give them our support, financially, morally and legally to defend our rights to speak against the monopoly of information and control over Bloggers that this media giant is smashing down in an attempt to gag these two prominent bloggers.

I am sure that there are capable lawyers amongst our Blogosphere who would be willing to represent Jeff Ooi and Ahiruddin Atan in defense of themselves. Come help them please.

As the proverbial phrase reminds us again and again, ‘ United we Stand ; Divided we Fall!’.

It’s high time for us to rally behind our fellow bloggers and form the Malaysian Bloggers Association. Datuk Kadir Jasin is best suited to be our founding President and the other leading bloggers make up the Founding Committee members. I propose setting up this association.

Bloggers still must be held accountable for what we post and publish.

Being a blogger doesn’t mean we can just say anything we want and cause others offense unless it is warranted for as an appropriate response and reply to anything anyone else posts against one or one’s faith or business enterprises!

So shall we too reap what we sow or in this case , publish to the www.

Mind what we say or share. As much as we don’t like being gagged, we shouldn’t go around digging dirt on people when none of us are so bloody clean ourselves.

It is true that none are sinfree but that doesn’t mean we can just berate them at will. We too need to wise up and know what to say or publish as it involves people’s reputation at stake.

Take responsibility for what we post! God willing!

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