August 1, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Positive Thinking! The Awesome Power Within Us.

In the name of Allah, God Almighty, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

If there is one single element that can turn someone into a highly successful person in any one field of expertise and professionalism in his or her career is having the proper mental attitude called ‘positive thinking’.

It is the most vital mental attribute that one must cultivate and keep it pumped up and always upto mark in order to rise above all adversaries and tribulations of life that one faces each and every second of one’s life.

Building self confidence and cultivating positive thinking in one’s mindset is the result of being in the right frame of mind and after having acquired a sense of self worth and realisation of one’s capabilities and internal strength.

It results from a conscious effort of improving oneself over the years and by way of the accumulation of all the qualities of leadership and managing oneself , solving problems and settling issues that have cropped up over time.

Experience, training, learning, self development, belief in oneself and perseverance will bring about a strong sense of positiveness within oneself provided one keeps company with likeminded strong dynamic success oriented leaders and winners within one’s daily circle of acquaintances.

One’s entire life is determined by what one thinks of oneself and being very positive about oneself is the key to trigger all kinds of achievements brought about by creative thinking and exploring the power within us.

Throughout the passages of time, philosophers and scholars have always told us ‘ You are what you think you are!’

Nothing can be more right than that! If you think that you can’t do this or that ; you are absolutely right.

You have already programmed yourself to believe that you can’t do whatever it is you were faced with.

Each and every winner out there in the world today are where they are because they chose to think that they can! That positive thinking triggers our powers of creativity and internal strength residing deep within each and everyone of us to come up with that special gift ; that special ability that only we have imbued in us by the Almighty.

We need to have that desire. We need to have the raging fire within us. We need to keep our soul and our spirits pumped up, ready to perform and deliver. We need to give our best all the time.

We have only one lifetime here on Earth. Why hold back on ourself? If you have it in you, go do your level best.

You need to push yourself to the maximum you can achieve! If you have it in you, use it.

You must have absolute faith in yourself! You must know yourself clearly and improve yourself to achieve the best standards that you can . You must have faith in yourself to do any job well and do your best when you do it. No pulling back on your talents and special skills! Go for gold.

If you look at yourself and think that you are honourable, conscientious, determined, courageous, capable and self discipline, then you have positive power!

POSITIVE THINKING will get you everywhere. Without this faith and belief in yourself , you will not be where you wish to be.

You need to nurture, polish and prime yourself to the superstar that you can and will be if only you think positive of yourself. Do you have an option to think otherwise? You don’t!

Be the best that you can be and you too will be a super successful winner worth your name!