August 2, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Why it’s important to be in the right team in this business?

There are many who are in the networking business and other forms of business but still haven’t made their mark or even got any returns from their investments.

Some sort of get excited in the first few weeks of their business and after seeing the fantastic incomes of their business leaders and introducers.

Sure, the impact and the razzamatazz of the presentations, the success stories and the dynamic gung ho spirit and prowess of the ones making the big bucks will lift you up to a euphoric state of mind and spirits that everything and I mean just practically everything will seem rosy to anyone who is new to the business, etcetera.

After the initial excitement has dissipated and we are on solid ground once again after having been swept up in the crescendo of superpowered dynamic kick ass presentations that are designed to do just that – share and impress the prospects – we have to look at things as they actually are.

Yes, all those results and achievements are true. Yes, those millionaires who are your uplines or team leaders have made it to the top. Yes, they can go around in their flashy Mercedes Benz Kompressors and flash their toothy white pearls of smiles all around and swagger about with pride and a sense of achievement in the business.

They have earned that right and they should do just that. Be a glorious shining example to all the newcomers and fresh starters in the business of E-Commerce and Networking as we are doing here in the Uptrend Network world.

Now, let’s face up to reality.

This business is based upon activity. We need to grow our business by reaching out and sharing the business opportunity with others like us. We do need to do something to go gain something extra in our life. We do need to see to it that we learn about the business, know it’s Marketing Plan well and build up our business skills especially where it concerns our abilities to speak to and tell others about this business.

We can gain tremendous support and knowledge from our Team Leader and our fellow Uptrenders provided that those people themselves are equipped with and have the necessary dynamic personality and charisma necessary to lead us to success and victory against the challenges of this business.

We need to make sure that the team we join in and the person we choose to be our leader in this business has what it takes to take us to the top along with him or herself!

To get moving and succeeding in this business, it is important to know that we need to have a very supportive and co-operative upline as our leader.
A leader who doesn’t respond immediately to your calls or replies to your sms’s and emails is just useless to you and your million dollar dream and business objectives.
That’s why it is very important to see to it that you go join only a leader who has all that it takes to lead you to the top! He or she needs to be an action oriented dynamic go getter!
It’s the basic need to choose only the ones who can deliver to you the necessary skills and leadership to be somebody in this business!

To see to our dreams and plans to be a millionaire in this business, it is vital to be in a team that is growing and going up, rising over any trials and tribulations, that come our way.

We too need to be positive. We do need to read up on all that we need to know and learn about doing business this way. Using the Internet and all the wonderful tools and systems that are at our disposal.
There is no point in having the latest fancy full of gadgets and top of the line laptop computer with us but fail to utilise it to the max.

There is no point in having the broadband internet service at our homes and offices but we fail to connect to potential prospects and downlines if we want to be super successful Uptrenders.
This business will give you the returns that you want provided you have a growing thriving business network with new business associates with similar mindsets and dynamism that you have in you.
You can have a fancy office, equipped with all the latest gadgetry and luxurious furniture and elegantly designed, impressive looking business cards and stationaries, but if you do not go get new business clients and downlines in your business, you will get nowhere in the business.
The only truly most essential element to ensure a successful Uptrend Network business of ytour own is to have enough people joining your team and building up your business networks together with you in a joint effort and highly charged and motivated consistent strong spirit as you can find in my Team Zainking!
We need to get out of any lowdown mentality we might have based upon our past experiences and unsuccessful try outs in any other business ventures we might have got into before.

We need to be better than what we were before and we need to remove our past failures and screw ups in previous businesses if we want to be together with all those Millionaires of Uptrend in the next ‘Malam Gemilang Uptrend 2007 or 2008’!

We need to be with the right leader and the right team in order to harness the strength, the spirit, the drive and the energy from all the winners in our team.

We need to carefully choose and register ourselves with the ones who will motivate us, kick our slow dragging butts into action if we start to slack and carry through our one year mission to the millions of ringgits or dollars that we seek!

There are no two ways about it. If you want success, you need to follow the ways of those who are the winners in this business!

You will achieve nothing if you go listen to any sore loser out there or keep company with anyone who are known to be the ones who have failed over and over again in whatever enterprises they were in or surrender your fate to the whims and fancies of the born losers!

You can’t afford that. We can’t afford to waste our precious resources and time waiting for things to happen and for the one whom we selected to be our leader to do anything constructive for our businesses.

We need to take charge. We need to get behind the steering wheeel. We need to know our situations and our pluses and minuses of ourselves.

We need to chart our courses. We need to equip ourselves with all the necessary tools and facilities needed to see to it that our businesses keep growing and keep registering new business associates through the right activities and keep the right company!

Cikgu Amir always says, ” If you listen to the winners, you too will be a winner! If you go listen to the losers, can you expect nothing but loss to be your returns coming from them?”

So, the important aspect of becoming successful in Uptrend Network, is to know who are your leaders?

You need to go join only the one who can lead you to success. You need to choose carefully your captain if you want to reach your port. You need to choose the right pilot to take you up to the skies and land at the right airports.

You need to be with Team ZAINKING if you want to see results in your business. The most important thing is for you to ask yourself, ‘ What have I done on my part today to help change my current situation from being here as I have always been or where would I like to be a year from now?’

If being a successful Millionaire Uptrender is your goal and objective in life, then waste your time no more.
Call me at 6-016-3969881 to start your business building with me in this proven to be a ‘can do ‘ business!

Everything’s possible if you have the right leader and you too do what you need to do to get those big bucks coming your way from now on.

Those who do just that will see that this business is the best thing to happen in their lifes!

Go for gold! Let’s all make money! It’s what God wants us to do. To improve our lifes ourselves!
Insya Allah! Call me at 6-016-3969881. I will help you if you will help yourself to be a winner!