April 14, 2024


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Team ZAINKING welcomes Platinum Member Jefry!

Alhamdulillah! Team ZAINKING proudly welcomes Cikgu Jefry Satiman, GOLDEN PALACE Platinum Business Owner who signed up and registered his 7 businesses after midnight today, the 16th of January, 2006!

Although having his left leg in a plaster cast, Cikgu Jefry came with me to the Uptrend PJ HQ and saw with his own eyes the fantastic opportunities that this business gives us and is the most proven can do business today for many success oriented people!

Mr. KK Chew, a successful Uptrender happened to pass by and stopped to give Cikgu Jefry some words of support and encouragement and shared his experiences with Cikgu Jefry!
That spurred on the enthusiasm of Cikgu Jefry and he made his decision to join me and register his business the same night. Cikgu Jefry paid for his registration by credit card!

We then drove from PJ to Danau Kota, where we waited for Cikgu Adi and Sham to arrive from Batang Kali, where they had just presented the business to a group of people there. 2 Platinum sign ups and a few GBE’s were the results of their time there.

Cikgu Adi briefed Cikgu Jefry further and soon, GOLDEN PALACE was properly registered and I placed his Platinum business under Cikgu Fathee’s SUGARKING 4!

I deliver as I promise to my downlines that I will place businesses under them!

This business is about standing up to your beliefs and going for your objectives to be financially free in a year or two.

This opportunity is for people who want to see their dreams realised by working to achieve them by following the proven system.

It’s not that hard if you are willing to learn from us and follow the example of the leaders who have made it to be millionaires in just a year plus!

Well, congratulations once again to Cikgu Jefry and I wish him all the best in his business build up with team ZAINKING!

May Allah SWT bless us in this noble mission to make more money the halal way and help all those who want to see themselves and their families live a better life, be able to provide for all their needs today, tomorrow and the future!

Do not waste time thinking about it. Call me if you too would like to work together with us in realising your dreams within a year or two from now and not waste a lifetime dreaming about it!

CALL 016-3969881. Zainol Abideen. http://zainking.ui2u.com

You and only you can decide your future! No one else will come to provide for us! Do you agree?

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