June 9, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Clueless in Kuala Lumpur!

This is what I conclude after experiencing encounters with many so called ‘Sales Staff’ especially those working in the shopping malls of this capital city!

I am sure that many of you have had similar frustrating experiences in dealing with sales personnel who don’t know heck what they are selling or have any idea as to what is expected of them, when they stand there behind the counters, especially the ones selling cosmetics or perfumes in almost all the shopping malls of KL!

You must have heard of the phrase, ‘ Beautiful Dumb Blonde’ in the Hollywood movies but brace yourself to now learn of the ‘Beautiful Dumb Blur’ of the multitudes of those wearing false eyelashes , heavy make up that would make a Bukit Bintang transvestite proud and an empty head with no data or memory in their ‘blurred’ CPU’s of a brain!

Everytime we go to Jusco Taman Maluri, we would stop at the Complaints Board and read the Messages there!

You name it ; they have it! From those complaints that will make you burst out with uncontrollable glee to the ones that will make you shake your head non stop like those Duracell Ads bunnies!

Hahahahaha! Harith Iskandar and those stand up comic wannabes here in Bolehland should stop over at Jusco Maluri’s Complaints Message Boards near the lifts to get fresh new ideas!

The idiot who answers those complaints almost always answers ‘ We are regretted with every reply that he or she makes as the standard starting response to each complaint! Talk about screwing up the grammar of the pathetic English these people muster as their repertoire; it is sickening to see such blatant dumbfoundedness taking place in the socalled hip metropolitan capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

Hence my aptly titled ‘Clueless in Kuala Lumpur’ for this post! Sheesh! And you’d think that since this is Kay El we are talking about, the shopping malls and departmental stores ought to be manned by those sales staff with at least some grey matter to pass off as the standard operating procedures to qualify them to stand there behind those counters!

The government is busy advertising this year as ‘Visit Malaysia Year 2007’ but fail to see to it that the people manning all those counters in the malls and departmental stores are qualified and fit to serve every shopper and visitor to their sales counters.

Shopping Centre Managements must see to it that their sales personnel are properly trained and equipped with all the necessary skills to serve the customers better.

As it is, almost 90% of the sales staff stationed behind the cosmetics and perfumery counters can be counted to be the ‘Beautiful Dumb and Blur’ category.

Only the ones we met at Metrojaya Midvalley have some intelligence so to speak when we went shopping there before. The sales staff at one of Jusco Maluri’s cosmetics and perfumery counter is a glorious case of being beautiful, dumb and blur and clueless in Kay El!

So be warned. Be prepared to get ‘We are regretted’ as a standard reply from the Customers Relations Department and also the ‘Duh? What happened? ‘ response from one who can be said to be beautiful but sadly ‘blurred’ all the way there!

There is Justice on Earth after all. Hehehehe…Beauty with no Brains and Brawny but Blurred as well…..

Just being nasty today! To liven things up this Monday morning!