April 23, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

What’s your No.1 Priority in Life?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi ta’ala wabarakatuh to all Muslims reading this and May the Mercy and Guidance of Allah be upon the rest! Ameen.

My dear brothers and sisters, fellow Malaysians and Children of Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam, wherever you may be, on this planet, reading this.

When we look at what the present world is going through, in terms of political strife, disputes, wars, occupations and invasions taking place by the mighty against the weak as we can see taking place as we read this in the Middle East, certain parts of Africa, the Kashmir areas, Middle Europe, etcetera, we can’t help but feel sadness to watch humanbeings being killed, injured and face devastation as a result of the greed and gluttony of the powers that be.

Every newspaper we read, every major news portal we click on to , brings up to us a scenario that is so revolting, so disgusting and so sickening as to the inhumane acts of those in power and authority to inflict and cause death and destruction to so many…..all ironically in the name of Justice and ‘Democracy’!

Even here in Malaysia, we recently saw a mass demonstration of those goaded by certain quarters to gather on the roads and streets of the capital to protest the pending rising of toll charges by the highway concessionaires, who are holding the government to ransom with their MOA’s.

Who do you think make up the masses of protestors out there last Sunday in front of Sunway Pyramid?

The Rich and Famous or the Poor and the Desperados?

No prizes for guessing correctly that the main mass of the folks out there last Sunday weren’t your Mercedes Benz owners, or the Bukit Kiara type of crowd.

Some even brought their children and babies to protest saying that the pending toll hikes are robbing their children of their milk budgets! To that extent, huh? Wow!

Talk about playing it to the max! These folks deserve an Oscar for their dramatics! It is the bloody ‘directors’ of this protest in the form of the dastardly irresponsible NGO’s and Political parties who have put innocent, gullible in the dark citizens like those baby carrying folks at risk of being smashed to smithereens and maimed, injured or killed in the process if the demonstration turned violent!

No amount of recompensation by any party can return the life of anyone who gets in the way of the FRU @ Federal Reserve Unit of the Royal Malaysian Police Force when they are ordered to break up the crowd and disperse the mass of demonstrators!

Is the DAP, PAS or PKR ready to come up with millions of ringgits to compensate anyone who gets injured, maimed or killed in the demonstration?

Do you even think that the FRU will ever give a hoot to anyone whom they bash up and break skulls, limbs and bones in their process of crowd control?

Why do people still over the years be so bloody stupid to think for a second that when they go demonstrate out there against the bloody government, that they will be left to run riot as they please and not get harmed by the Riot Squad?

Safety first! Always remember that you live only once here on this earth and it is of no use if you go get yourself walloped senseless over demonstrating against the increase of a few sens or ringgits to travel in relative comfort and safety on the highways of this nation.

What’s a ringgit or two compared to the safety and wellbeing of your own self, your parents, spouse and children and family members or friends?

Is it worth your while to go get a bloody concussion just because some smart alec shouting into a megaphone riled you up so much that you forget for an instant as to what is your No.1 priority in life?

If being pissed off in having to pay an extra RM1.00 or 2 as a result of the pending toll hikes is what burns your commonsense to a crisp, then surely you do not know what’s right and what’s wrong?

Instead of complaining about the rising costs of living here in Malaysia, why not try to get additional income to offset the rising costs of living our day to day life here by doing something extra during our free times after office hours?

Instead of wasting time and money talking and arguing about Abdullah Badawi, Najib, Samy Vellu, Mahathir or Anwar Ibrahim, why not channel our precious time and resources to something that is giving unlimited additional, most needed precious income to so many today in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Philipphines, India, Pakistan and even in Nevada, USA?

To me, my priority in life is towards myself, my spouse, my kids, my family members and my fellow Malaysians especially those who are now growing dynamically in my Team Zainking!

Yes, even the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam asks us to get our priorities right! We are told to improve our lots by doing what’s right.

What is more right than doing business the right way, the right time , using whatever resources we have in our hands and channel it to build up a sure fire way that gives us additional, halal , income that helps us to take care of all arising costs and charges that we have to pay to use whatever facilities in our life?

To those who are pissed off about the pending rising costs of using the highways or low ways or whatever bloody way, come contact me to find out how to make the extra bucks that I am talking about.

Come join me in making our lifes livable and get the income that we need to pay for all the bills choking the life out of us.

It’s no ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ fable. We do need to do something to gain something. We do need to follow the example given by my leaders in this business.

It is not a fly by night operation or a get rich quick scam.

This is a legitimate, sure fire, can do business that is giving unimagined before returns to those who register themselves with the company and follow the business network building system to the letter.

People are making daily income that ranges from the hundreds to the thousands in this business by just doing what the system asks of them.

Anyone who can read this can do this business. I will teach those of you who think you might not have what it takes to be amongst us who are on our way to earning lots and lots of good income to see to our needs.

If you are willing to learn and practice what I am ready to teach you, you too can see your financial situations get better and better by the days and weeks to come.

Think. What is your # 1 Priority in life?

With a good regular growing income, you can devote your life towards worshipping God Almighty as much as you please.

You can provide for yourself and your dependants in a way that you couldn’t afford all these while.

You can have a better home, a better vehicle, live a better life, eat better, drink better, clothe yourselves better, give more to your beloved families, give to charity and help others who aren’t that fortunate as you will be if you join me in this business I am building up so dynamically!

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May you decide wisely and ensure a better tomorrow for you and those whom you love! Ameen.

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