April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

The Poor Keep Protesting ; The Rich Get Wealthier!

Assalamualaikum to all my Muslim visitors and Good Morning to the rest!

I got the flyer to attend yesterday’s Anti-Toll Hike Protest a week ago when I was having dinner with my wife at Asean Flavours in Suria KLCC.
This young Chinese guy with a sling bag was passing out a small notice about the proposed protest to those of us who were dining there.
I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be better if he was passing out E-Commerce Business Opportunity flyers instead?
Well, the week passed and I was away in Kuantan when the protest took place as ‘reported’ elaborately by my fellow blogger Present Power Point. The photos here are courtesy of him.
I have blogged before about this fiasco. Poor people putting themselves at risk for nothing!
Why are the people protesting? No other reason than that they are poor and can’t afford to pay more!
That’s the whole crux of their protest, isn’t it?
They protest because the Opposition parties rally them to go gather on the roads and streets of this nation and the gullible ‘poor’ people do so , carrying placards, banners, shout at the top of their voices and hurl abuses at Abdullah Badawi, Najib Tun Razak and Samy Vellu!

Does it change anything? Will it change any damn thing? Nothing doing.

Yup, curses, curses and more throat drying, lung rasping abuses hurled at those billionaires holding power in Putrajaya and the Ministry of Works!
Will Samy Vellu lose sleep over this?
Does it ruffle a nose hair of the fellows whom the masses would like to bring to the gallows?
No sirree! Not an atom of the 3 being cursed like hell will be ever disturbed.
They will still be filthy rich, get wealthier by the second from all their businesses, proxies and other forms of investments that the protesting ‘poor’ public will ever get to know or even if they did, come to no avail! Do you agree?
No matter what DAP, PAS, PKR and all other protesting NGO’s do and make one hell of a show as they did at Sunway is it going to ruffle the feathers of those who do as they please and as they wish?
This is the utter reality and truth that the led by their muzzles crowd fail to realise day in day out, year in , year out!
Has all the protests held over the years done anything to change the ruling power’s objectives and executive decisions?
What have the people who took part in all those protests ever got out of their efforts? The only visible gains we see are cracked open skulls and bleeding faces of some poor folks who got so riled up by the protest organisers that they failed to see the realities facing them.
This nation is doomed to be ruled by the present ass kickers because the people are always so easy to be fooled into getting their butts kicked and walloped by the FRU’s whilst the powers that be are unaffected by all the hullabaloo taking place on the streets and the Protest Organisers comprised by the Opposition bigwigs themselves are safe from harm’s way and protected by their ‘inner circle’.
This is the reality and truth that those ‘poor’ people need to wake up to and realise that as far as any protest goes, you will surely get crushed and stamped on by the government’s machinery and get nothing but injuries and scars to show that you were there at the ‘Mother of all anti Toll Hike Protests’!
Getting kicked and chased by the FRU isn’t gonna put food on your table or add money to your depleted bank accounts, right or not? Or are the Protest Organisers handing out $$$$$ to support your presence?
Why the hell do people have to waste their precious times in going there to get themselves hurt when they could utilise the time to better purposes?
Will they get any richer by attending such useless protests? Do anyone of them think that Abdullah Badawi , Najib Tun Razak or Samy Vellu for the matter is going to give them even a fleeting second of a thought?
If they think that those 3 ever care about them prostesting, then they must be either daydreaming or high on BS being fed to them by the Protest Organisers!
The people of this country will keep on voting the BN into power and the belligerent few who love to shout and hurl abuses at protests like the one held yesterday will remain filthy poor and desperate waiting for a bloody miracle to take place.
Keep on protesting and remain poor whilst the billionaires in Putrajaya get wealthier and wealthier by the second.
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I invite you to visualise yourself, driving a comfortable car, flush with cash, drive up to the toll gates and zoom past when your prepaid toll system installed on your dashboard pays whatever bloody toll they want to charge you.
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Have a nice profitable day and stay the hell away from trouble. You don’t need it. Believe me.

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