September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Who wants to be an Uptrend Millionaire?

Who amongst you would like to see yourselves be counted as the Millionaires of Uptrend Networkers by the year 2008?

Imagine being able to live without debts and be able to provide for your loved ones and also contribute to your faith as much as you please?

You who have the means and possess the leadership skills that we Uptrenders have , will be able to be just that if you are willing to come join me and my team ZAINKING and are willing to work for it as enjoined by the network!

Yes, you can be a millionaire and remain God fearing as well! Doesn’t mean being rich later has to see you be a royal jerk and pain in the ass to others as you become wealthier in this business!

Being rich and generous is absolutely encouraged by Allah the Almighty for it will enable us to give to the needy and the poor! Being a bloody millionaire will enable us to help so many causes and also give more to the masjid’s collection boxes, wouldn’t it?

We don’t have to skimp on our ringgits when the collection boxes comes before us! Instead of that measly ringgit or two that is usually stuffed in by the majority, how would you like to push in a RM50 or a RM100 banknote into the slot for a change?

You can’t afford to do so if you are just a run of the mill ordinary ‘choki’a’ Muslim who lives a hand to mouth existence whilst deluding yourself that to be poor is the order of the day for a Muslim!

This is no P.Ramlee movie where you will get ‘Ahmad Albab’s Treasure’ by letting your child go play with a genie’s son ! Or either is this a story about Aladdin’s magic lamp where again you have a mythical creature coming to give you riches beyond your wildest dreams!

Hello!!! This is reality staring at us in the face!

You want to go for Hajj? You need to have at least RM15,000.00 in your Tabung Haji funds!

You want to give for Qurban? You need to have at least RM300.00 per your one share in the slaughter of the cow!You want to do this and that? You need money , my man!

Yes sirree! No money no honey brother! You can talk all you want, but if you do not have money, you can kiss so many things goodbye!

Even at the earliest stage of life, when the foetus is being formed, already costs are being incurred when the mother has to be brought to the clinic for scanning and treatment! The charges for the doctor’s fees and the medications have to be paid with cold, hard cash and not cowrie shells!

This is no Papua New Guinea where you can do just that! This is Malaysia, where all services and goods are only obtainable by exchanging Ringgit Malaysia for services rendered or goods received! So, my dear brothers, reflect and recollect that this earthly world does need some el-dinero to pay for all that we need and use!

Gone are the days of bartering and I give you this ; you give me that thingy! So! Clear up that befuddled mind and brush away all the cobwebs clouding the judgements and mindsets that is so backdated; back to the Days of the Old where wealthy people live in castles and are so bloody mean and the good old God fearing folks live in the huts and ramshackle dwellings being content on being penniless! That is so very wrong!

Why can’t we be good benevolent wealthy people no matter what our creed or ethnicity is?

What’s so wrong with wanting to become Millionaire Uptrenders by working hard and smart in this networking business ?

C’mon, do not fool yourselves by being like a frog underneath the coconut shell! Open up and wise up to be with us who are on our way to making money whilst remaining God fearing good folks who love ourselves, our families and our fellow citizens!

Yeah, we don’t hate those of you who have yet to come to your senses that being wealthy is healthy! In fact, many people hate those who come to our tables as we eat at the many food courts and hawker centres of this nation, and these jokers come to us giving the ‘gone commercial’ salam where they don’t give a damn about us but just want to get that ringgit or two from us!

Be honest to yourselves and try saying that it doesn’t bother you! If these folks are rich, would they bother to come disturb so many diners all over the country in the first place? No way!

Wealthy people do not run riot in the streets! Believe me! You ever see any Datuk’s, Tan Sri’s and Multi Millionaires carry placards and banners out there in the streets and roads of this nation just to join the political parties and NGO’s to ‘protest’ against the bloody government for raising the prices of fuel and now toll?

Dream on! Only the poor get so riled up and join the masses of other poor people and go get their skulls bashed in by the FRU riot squad and the enforcement teams! Try and deny that!

I used to get so worked up because the government raised prices as they pleased and in fact have even written against the Badawi and Najib cabinet in my blog before! Now, I know better!

Now, that I am getting my business giving me the returns bit by bit and enabling me to start settling my bills one by one, Insya Allah , I am already seeing my life getting better by the day!

Those who are now in my team are starting to experience the same better financial rewards from their business networks growth!

Ask MONEYKING @ Ahmad Zulkifli how it feels to get more cash coming into his hands as he builds up his business and signs up new business partners by the day?

Ask Cikgu Adi how he feels getting thousands of ringgits coming into his bank accounts by the day? He drives a Toyota Wish costing RM130,000.00 which he bought with his earnings from this business. He pays for all our food and drinks anytime he is with us. Do you think he can do that if he is poor?

When was the last time you paid for so many people’s food and drinks at the place you frequent?

Ask Cikgu Amir, the Uptrend Multi Millionaire as to how it feels to live as he does now? A year plus after striving hard and working smart to have now built his Uptrend Network?

The man makes more than RM500,000.00 per month! Imagine what you can do with that much money coming in to your bank account?

Imagine the kind of good things that you can do with that much money filling your coffers and not having to worry about ever again being chased by the banks, the credit card agents, the house loan, car loan, the personal loan’s collection agents, etcetera!

Imagine being able to go to any mosque and orphanage and give to the masses cold hard cash that you feel like giving without a second thought for you would be getting so much more coming in from your business daily?

Imagine the kind of life you would be living when you can focus your energies to devotion towards Allah and be merciful to all who are needy before you?

Imagine living in a home that caters to your every need. Being able to pay in advance for all the maintenance fees and buying whatever you need in cash!

Being able to go and buy anything you ever wanted and what your wife or your kids want and still be good natured and humble enough not to forget yourself and your origins by remaining kind and gentle and religious.

Being rich doesn’t mean that we have to be a haughty, royal pain in the ass as many others out there!

Islam has no restrictions on its Ummah becoming wealthy! Islam in fact asks us to strive for this world and to make good both here on this Earth and in the Hereafter!

So, those of you who are suffering from being chased by bills and creditors, do not waste your time anymore and come contact me at 016-3969881 to see whether you qualify to be an Uptrender?

Yes, I have to go through the numbers! Not everyone out there can do this business! Aa aa..not even if you have the funds to register yourself in our Network!

There are still some basic requirements that you need to be able to fulfill!

  • You need to have the qualities of a LEADER!
  • You need to be able to lead a team of Uptrenders! You need to be able to inspire and raise the spirits of your team members and your business partners!
  • You have to have the charisma and the special skills to be able to even sell a fridge to an Eskimo! 😛 Hehehehehe…..nahhh…it’s not that hard!
  • You come join my team, you need to be willing to listen to me and learn from me and do as you are told, then you have a chance to be a winner!
  • You must have it in you to want to learn and practice what we teach you.
  • You need to be able to use the Internet and know some basic skills in using a computer and understand some basic marketing skills.
  • You can learn them through my ZAINKING Google Group that is exclusively being offered to my team members and my potential new business partners who sign up with me.
  • You must be part and parcel of my team and not try to be a Lone Ranger! Lone Ranger’s get their butt’s arrowed and scalped by the forces out there! I don’t need lone rangers!
  • You can be a successful Uptrender in my team if you are willing to work with us as a team member! Through Teamwork We Strive ; Higher Productivity We Thrive!

All you need to do is to forget all your past experiences in whatever other businesses that you have tried and failed in before!

The past is just that! It’s history and there’s nothing no one can do anymore about it!

Learn from the screw ups and try not to repeat them or go get yourself skewered again!

Life is what we make it to be and today, this Uptrend Network business opportunity is proving to be one of the best extra income provider that many are reaping huge rewards from it, both from the great income , self development that comes with it, and the great many new success oriented good friends who come with the network into our lifes! Alhamdulillah!

Come join me today if you believe that you have it in you to be the next Uptrend Millionaire!

Click on my business card here to see the details in a larger view and contact me from the mobile number 016-3969881.

You can email me your full details and state as to when you want to register your business with Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd!

Success awaits those of you who get cracking on this once in a lifetime opportunity! Just praying for wealth and good fortune will not see you getting bundles of cold hard cash being offered to you on a platter! You need to work for it! Not work hard hauling stones on your head or back but just be willing to learn and earn! If you have what it takes, then start calling me to join us!

You too can be rich, wealthy and be a good person as God wants you to be! Call me to be one!

Insya Allah! May Allah SWT help us all. Ameen.

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