April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

The Difference between 2 Viewpoints Amplified!

I have received an email which has made my day so to speak on this blessed Aidul Adha.

An earlier email from a fellow Muslim so distressed my heart that it made me sad and I felt so unhappy as to why some people can be so heartless and damn overbearing upon us yet claim to care for us! Tch tch tch tch…some people can be so bloody ignorant!

Then this morning, my inbox contained this uplifting refreshing email from a Christian whom I so respect and appreciate his wise and meaningful message and show of support! Reflect on the two differing emails , people and try to see what the real situation is today as to the state of thoughts and mindsets between Muslims and Christians out there!

You must be sincere as to your conclusions and try to see the reality as to this issue.


Dear Brother Mahaguru58,

I read with interest your reply to Nizam from Penang.I would like to send you this email just to drop off a note of encouragement- don’t bother about what people tell you.

If it makes you happy or you believe in the cause, it is all the justification you need. No one should tell you what to do or what to believe in,how to do it or how to live your life.

So keep fighting for what you believe in regardless of what some people who think they are concerned about you talks about.

Sometimes people tend to think we are fools because of our age , either we are too young or too old, therefore we are stupid.I can relate to this as well.

Some people tend not to take my views seriously and at the end of the day, the points validate themselves and I am vindicated or justified.

So in your case my friend, I wish you all the best.I sincerely wish you make it and silence your critics.Success speaks for itself.

To a much lesser degree I experienced what you are going through, and understand what you must be feeling now at people who just do not see your point of view and think they know better.

All the best in your business ventures and Happy Aidiladha to you and your family.

God bless and keep you.

Emmanuel Joseph


Kepada Saudara Zainol Abideen,

Untuk pengetahuan saudara, saya adalah seorang pembaca regular laman web anda dan saya sangat tertarik dengan artikel artikel dan pandangan anda terhadap isu-isu semasa dan dalam bab-bab ajaran islam dan sebagainya. pengetahuan anda didalam Islam sangat saya kagumi.

Tetapi semenjak kebelakangan ini saya agak tidak begitu selesa dengan artikel artikel yang anda postkan dalam laman web anda.

Sebelum ini laman web anda adalah satu sumber laman web yang kukuh mempertahankan ajaran islam dan saya sangat tertarik dengannya. Saya juga telah berpesan kepada kawan kawan saya untuk melawat laman web anda dan memberikan semangat yang tinggi di kalangan kawan kawan akrab saya.

Namun pada hari ini jika kami memasuki laman web anda http://mahaguru58.blogspot.com/ tiada lagi informasi informasi ajaran agama islam dan hal / topic topic yang berkaitan. Hanya yang dapat dilihat ialah Skim Cepat Kaya yang anda agung agungkan.. saya tidak begitu faham kenapa anda harus begitu mempromosikan skim cepat kaya ini yang banyak berunsur kepada pertaruhan dan judi.

Pada hari ini juga semua artikel artikel anda telah bertukar kepada unsur unsur wang semata mata tetapi tidak lagi islam. Di laman web anda juga dapat dilihat dengan jelas bahawa anda hanya pentingkan wang dan berjuang demi wang.

Saya akui segalanya di dunia ini hanyalah dengan kuasa wang, tetapi saya tidak beberapa setuju jika kita hanya berjuang untuk wang. Laman web anda http://mahaguru58.blogspot.com/ pada hari ini telah berubah wajah daripada pandangan seorang musliman terhadap hal hal dan isu isu semasa dan berkaitan islam kepada skim cepat kaya.

Saya juga tidak beberapa selesa melihat gambar yang anda tayangkan bersama wang yang anda katakan sebagai pendapatan anda dalam skim cepat kaya ini. Apakah maksud anda disebalik gambar yang anda ambil bersama wang wang tersebut. Gambar gambar itu bagi saya sudah berunsur seperti syaitan. (maaf jika saya terkasar atau salah).

Sesungguhnya wang ini adalah bahaya kerana wang sangat kuat kuasanya mempengaruhi manusia dan menggugat iman seseorang. Wang yang dicari bukanlah untuk dibawa mati dan saya disini merasakan bahawa saya tidak perlukan wang yang banyak seperti anda kejarkan dan labelkan diri anda sebagai “millionaire in progress”.

Adakah anda telah bertukar prinsip diri anda untuk menjadi jutawan? itukah yang anda kejarkan? Apakah anda telah menukar prinsip anda atau saya yang salah faham dengan artikel anda? jika saya yang salah tolong betulkan saya.

Saya berpendapat disini, jika anda hendak berbangga dan hendak mempromosikan skim cepat kaya anda, tolonglah postkan dalam ruangan berasingan. Saya sudah kurang minat untuk berkunjung ke laman web anda kerana sudah tiada lagi sumber sumber yang saya pernah perolehi sebelum ini.

Saya memberi teguran ini dengan penuh rasa ikhlas, sesungguhnya jika imam itu salah adalah wajib bagi para jemaah untuk menegur. sekarang inipun kepercayaan saya pada diri anda masih belum hilang dan saya masih lagi meletakkan keyakinan yang tinggi pada anda.

Sekian,Yang benar.

Mohd. Saiful Nizam,Georgetown.



To Brother Zainol Abideen,

For your information, I am one of your blog’s regular readers and I am very attracted to your articles and your views towards current issues and also regarding the teachings of Islam. Your knowledge of Islam impresses me.

But lately, I am not that comfortable with the articles that you have been posting in your website. Before this, your website was one of the website resources that was solidly defending Islam and I was very attracted to it. I had also reminded my friends to visit your website and it has given them a strong sense of confidence amongst them.

Yet today if we are to visit your website, there is no more information about the teachings of Islam, and the relevant topics. What can be seen is this Get Rich Quick Scheme that you so glorify! I don’t understand why you must be so promoting this get rich quick scheme that is more inclined towards betting and gambling?

Today, most of your articles have changed to financial matters and no longer Islamic. In your website, it is obvious that you only care for money and are working for money!

I admit that everything in this world (is possible) only with the power of (having) money, but I do not really agree if we struggle just for money.

Your website today has changed in character from being one of a Muslim who wrote about Islam and current issues relating to it to now of a Get Rich Quick Scheme.

I am also not comfortable to see your picture with the money that you say is the rewards from this get rich quick scheme!

What is your intention in taking that picture of yourself with all that money? Those pictures to me have elements of Syaitan! ( sorry if I sound rough or am wrong).

Verily money is very dangerous for its powers are awesome and can influence mankind and affect the faith of someone.

Money that is being sought after can’t be brought to the grave and I feel here that I do not need that much money as you are chasing after and labelling yourself as a ‘Millionaire in Progress’.

Have you changed your principles to be a millionaire? Is that what you are chasing for?

Have you changed your principles or am I the one who has misunderstood your article? If I am wrong, please correct me.

I am of the view that if you want to be proud and want to promote your get rich quick scheme, please post them in a separate column. I am not keen anymore to visit your website for it no longer has resources that I used to obtain from it.

I am making this comment with full sincerity. Verily if the Imam is (doing something) wrong, then it is compulsory on the congregation to correct him.

Even now, my trust in you has still not vanished and I still have the highest confidence towards you. That’s all.


Mohd Saiful.

Subhanallah. All Praises be to Almighty Allah for giving me so much in terms of support coming from both Muslims and Christians who happen to be my blog visitors and readers.

As shown by Brother Emmanuel above, a Christian whom I have yet to meet in person but who has proved himself to be someone whom I believe I must meet before I pass on from this mortal realm, his demeanour is actually more of a true Muslim than many whom I have come to know in my life!

This is my sincere opinion after having come to know and exchange views with him, this gentle insan who if only I can meet up with him and share with him, what I have come to learn about Islam and who Hadhrat Eesa ibni Maryam actually is, will be one splendid Muslim worth his name before Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and the entire Creation.

To me , Brother Emmanuel comes across as a balanced individual who does not pontificate upon us but speaks sincerely as a Christian who believes firmly as to what has been taught to him.

I believe that if Allah SWT so wills that one day, I do get the chance to meet Brother Emmanuel in person, there is a chance for me to pass across important information that just might help him see the real deal with us Muslims and the Christians, Insya Allah!

Now to the accusations being posed to me by Brother Mohd Saiful who despite not knowing me in person, so chooses to libel and accuse me of so many things just like that!

Look at the difference of viewpoints taking place here. Muslims nowadays almost always are behaving as if they are always right and everyone else who doesn’t give in to their demands and wishes are Syaitans and not Islamic!

These cockeyed viewpoints and self delusions are what is causing the majority of Muslims worldwide to be so left behind in terms of progress and development because they so choose to remain archaic in their mindsets and do not really do anything positive to improve their lots both academically, financially, socially and mentally in most areas!

This dementia taking root in the hearts and minds of those who are misled into believing that to be affluent is a sin in Islam are actually so very ignorant of what the Prophet Muhammad has enjoined us and also as to whether Allah SWT forbids us from improving our lots in all areas, including working hard to become financially stable by doing business and all other efforts to earn a halal income.

When we look at these two conflicting viewpoints from a Muslim towards another Muslim whom he accuses of having ‘sold out’ his principles of being committed towards the propagation and sharing of knowledge about Islam as I have come to learn and opiniate about certain issues and matters relating to it and then taking into consideration the views and support of a Christian who happens to understand clearly as to why I am now encouraging the many suffering Malaysians regardless of creed or ethnicity to come join me and my team of Uptrenders to work in unison in improving our lifes both financially and in all other self development areas!

This is a clear reflection as to why many Muslims still remain in their self imposed state of Jahiliyah as to what Islam is and is not!

It is not a sin to work hard and smart to become financially independent for a Muslim.

It is not a right for Muslims to remain poor and ignorant about the real deal in living life here on Earth by denying oneself from the Barakah that Allah SWT has prepared for us!

It is stupid for any Muslim out there to say that Money is the Root of all Evil and is a trait of Syaitan to go work hard to get money! Total Bullshit and the epitome of one who is totally out of touch with the actual teachings of Islam, Ad Deen ul Haqq!

Do please remember that the Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam has warned us about being poor!

” Poverty leads to Kuffur!” Those who are so bloody poor wouldn’t think twice of committing apostasy and embrace whatever teachings just to survive and live on to the next day!

Don’t you know that ? Why do you think there is so much unhappiness in the world of the Muslims today?

Have you not seen the pitiful conditions of the many desperate suffering Muslims living a life of desolation and abject poverty of so many millions of poor and suffering souls in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Ethiopia, even next door Indonesia or even here in the squatter areas of major cities in Malaysia or in the rural areas?

How do you think writing about just Islamic issues on my part is going to put food on the table or the plates of those poor people of all those countries and also on my own plate?

Who the hell do you think is going to come, knock on my door and hand me a big fat cheque to settle my so many outstanding bills that were choking the life out of me?

Have you ever experienced the hunger pangs that I went through of not having money to even pour petrol into my car tank in order to travel here and there to seek business?

Would you even have thought that I was so bloody poor that I was reduced to eating just plain rice and salt to ease off my growling tummy?

All you know is to accuse me of this and that? Damn!!! To add salt to my open grieving heart of my abject poverty, folks like Saiful out there do not really know what is the true situation of so many suffering individuals out there!

You just imagine us to be this and that but do nothing to help us in our lifes!

Yes, I have lots more to share with the Ummah as to what I have come to learn in my 48 years of life! But you do not know nuts of my tortured life so far! You do not have an inkling as to what hell I have had to go through in order just to live a better life at the twilight of my temporary existence here on Earth!

I don’t give a hoot as to what anyone out there wants to think or say about me as to my current mission to help myself and my team ZAINKING members to be better off financially from now to the last days of our lifes!

I have not and will never forget my ideals or my principles of standing up for Islam, Ad Deenul Haqq as long as I shall live!

You should not jump to any bloody conclusions without knowing me in person or over adulate me or my efforts for my religion!

I am no Angel but I am no Devil either! If Allah so wills that I were to be this or that, I will do so as He Wills!

Just do not go shooting off your mouth about me or anyone else without knowing us in depth and really know whats taking place in our lifes.

May Almighty Allah guide us all! Ameen.

Wabillahi taufeek wassalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Zainol Abideen @ ZAINKING

Brother Emmanuel, time to meet up for that coffee / teh tarik session! Call me!

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