August 3, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

People assume too much about me

I received this email today from someone who claims to have been an avid follower of my blog all these while from Georgetown, Penang.

He says he is disappointed with me now for diverting my focus towards making money and no longer bothered to writing about Islam and sharing my views about the current issues, etcetera.

I am disappointed in him as well for making assumptions about me and for accusing me of having fallen victim to the lure of money!

Who the hell is this brother kidding? The Prophet SAW himself asks of us to do business! 9 out of 10 incomes are from business.

What is the point of doing business if not to make money? Out of his sheer ignorance , this person accuses me of being involved in a ‘Skim Cepat Kaya’ @ Fast Moneymaking Scheme!

O Allah! No wonder that the majority of the Muslims worldwide are in deep shit! They assume too much and they do nothing but poke their nose into other’s affairs unnecessarily and think they know us better than our own selfs! Scoot!

Now, I could just ignore the fellow and just go on with what I am doing right now, which is earning a honest income from my E-Commerce Networking Business!

Yeah, bloody old Mahaguru58 is not your run of the mill Muslim who gives a damn about what some stranger in Penang thinks of me and as to whether I have forgotten my ideals and my goals in life!

I am helping my team of Uptrenders in changing their financial situations to be better than what they are suffering from right now by building up our business networks. Yes, we want to be millionaires! We want to have money to feed ourselves, our families and help out those who are poor out there! We are not like others who depend on subsidies and handouts!
We do not waste time poking our noses into others affairs as what the fellow from Penang has done and we are doing exactly what the Prophet SAW asks of us!
We are doing a business and our kind of business is halal and legitimate in the eyes of the Malaysian Government!
What does anyone out there know about what is going on in my life and as to whether I have any income to pay my bills etcetera?

This chap who emails me a letter accusing me of this and that! Is he ready to provide for me and pay my bills for me as long as I write as what he and God knows who else?.. wishes me to write what they want and not as I feel or please?

You can say what you will but remember!. committing fitnah against your fellow Muslim is the last thing that you should do!

No matter what your intentions may be , you have no right to impose on me ! You have no right!

I do not have to kowtow to anyone out there as to what I may write or share with in this personal blog of mine!

Mohd Saiful of Georgetown, Penang. You do not know me or what my situation is. You should just have good faith in your fellow Muslims who unlike you have a desire to improve themselves financially and be independent of relying on the bloody government for our sustenance!

It is not a sin to do business and become wealthy in Islam! The Prophet SAW asks us to ‘Work for this world as if we are going to live a thousand years and also to Prepare for the Akhirat as if we are going to die tomorrow!’

Allah SWT tells us that ‘ I will not change the fate of Mankind until Mankind changes it himself!’

What do you expect me to do? Write as you wish me to and to live on air? Go and improve your own future and stop spewing fitnah on me!

If you do not understand the business concept of networking and making money the smart proven way of helping one another in building a network of likeminded business people, then you need to repent and ask for forgiveness from Allah SWT for having libelled your fellow Muslims!

This is the last I want to speak of this and I will not reply to you or elaborate any further on your misunderstanding me and what I stand for ! You do not have the right to say anything as to what I choose to do or write about! Hope you can at least understand this as clear as possible.

As to the rest of you folks who know what Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd can do for you , come contact me at 016-3969881 to book your appointment with me to chart your financial future where with more money you can do more good to yourselves, your families and for the Ummah than go write emails accusing the ones who are building up their own businesses of ‘neglecting’ their religion!

I guess some folks are doomed to suffer in poverty and expect things to drop down from the sky for them without having to work for their keep!

Reminds me of a fellow who kept a wispy beard, dressed in the robes and brandished a tooth stick to a couple of visitors to the Kapitan Keling Mosque and proclaimed to them that he was holding the key to Paradise!

God save us from these dreamers and libellers! Ameen.