April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Ignorance about Islam amongst Muslims today!

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. In the Name of Allah, God Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

Yesterday, I went for my Friday Congregational Prayers at Masjid Al-Imam As Syafie at Taman Maluri, Cheras, KL. I observed many of the Muslims attending the prayers at the masjid simply not paying any due attention to the Adabs @ Good Manners of attending the Friday prayers.

This is a sorry sign of how a growing majority of Muslims in Malaysia, both Malays, Indians, and other ethnicities do no longer know what’s right and what’s wrong as to how they go about observing or not giving a damn about the tenets and practices of the Faith of Islam as taught by the Last Messenger of Allah, the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam and relayed to us the Ummah of today by his successors in the form of the Caliphs and the Ulamaks time after time!

This scenario is seen all over the nation encompassing both urban and the rural areas. The educated and the uneducated, the ‘alims @ scholars and the ‘jahils @ the ignorant ones all doing the same old thing all over the country , no matter where they congregate!

It is a known fact that when the Azan is called out, we as Muslims are enjoined to stop talking or chatting with anyone we are with and to pay attention to the Call to Prayer! We are enjoined by the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam to observe silence and to reflect on the Azan being called out. We are to think of the meanings of the Azan and to utter the salutations and recite the verses of the Azan in our hearts and to respect the moment. We are to focus on the reason why we are there at the masjid – to Worship Allah, God Almighty and to observe proper decorums that have been taught to us by the Holy Messenger of God through the various Hadiths and in accordance to the teachings of the Holy Qur’an Al Kareem!

Sadly, no matter which mosque I go to, no matter where in this country, I see this same ignorance rearing up its ugly head amongst the growing number of ignorant Muslims who just give lip service to the practicing of Islam in Malaysia!

No matter whether the congregation is made up of Malays, Indian Muslims or from the rest of the world, every Friday prayer time sees a growing number of Muslims who do not pay attention to the Khutbah Juma’at @ Friday Sermon being read or being preached by the Khatib @ the Imam to the Congregation @ the Jama’ah!

These ignorant ones would be chatting earnestly about their business, about politics, about football, this and that totally heedless of what is being preached to them by the Imam or Khatib appointed for the day!

People used to pay respect to the Khutbah being read or preached in times before. Nowadays, the ignorant ones couldn’t care less about the topic of the Khutbah! They no longer know the real reasons why they are required to attend the Friday Prayers!

To them, it is more of a breaktime from their daily schedule. Time to chit chat, time to catch up on gossip, time to spew BS and to just get away from the office tasks or a lengthened ‘lunch hour’ for most of these chaps in the big cities or even at a rustic old kampong in the rural areas!

Many do not know that they need to be silent and observe proper decorum by sitting quietly and listen to the Khutbah. This trend is getting worse by the days and weeks! At times, the din from all these ignorant ones speaking and chatting amongst themselves drown out the voice of the Imam or Khatib reading or preaching to the congregation!

I am so fed up to see grown men, people who sport beards and turbans , looking like the bloody ‘alims’ or ‘haji’s , yet join the other ignorant ones in desecrating the very essence of gathering to pray and listen to the Khutbah! What the hell is happening to the Muslims?

Most think that the most important part of attending the Friday Prayers is the 2 raka’at actual prayers! The Khutbah is not important, the do’a after solat is not important and to even give out the Salam and wish each other well is not important!

The second after the second salam by the Imam upon completing the Friday Solat will see many of these idiots getting briskly up and start to leave the masjid!

Yes! They themselves do not know that the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW is to sit in peace after completion of the prayers, to wait for the Imam to recite the short Wirids @ Dhikr after prayers and then to join the Imam in saying ‘Ameen’ to the Do’a @ the Prayers in congregation!

Many do not pray the Solat Sunnah before and after the main Jumaat prayers and many just do not know nuts about the religion! Many a times , I have had to advice even old men to observe proper rituals and ‘rukuns’ in performing solat!

Our bloody Muftis are too busy talking about this and that and neglect their responsibilities to teach the Muslims as they really should! The trend nowadays if for these holy moly Muftis to make outrageous statements and to portray themselves as Mr.Perfect’s! Yeah! Right!

Why is this happening? Who is to be blamed for the deep rot taking place amongst the Muslims?Again, the culprits in concern are the parents of today who fail to nurture and teach their children about the tenets of the faith! The religious authorities do not go down to the people and teach them about the do’s and don’ts of Islam. They prefer to do TV Shows and rub shoulders with the glitterati and the VVIP’s!

The various Muslim groups and Jama’ats are more interested in listening to the empty fiery rhetoric of their leaders and their Syaikhs and do not focus on the basic building blocks of Iman and Aqeedah!

The reality that these Muslims are only putting on a charade of being religious is so very obvious when they fail to observe and practice the Adab and Sunnah of the Prophet SAW!

Wherever you go, you see unsmiling faces coming right before you and most do not give a smile or give a damn about greeting each other as enjoined by the Prophet of Allah!

Whenever I go to any mosque or surau, I have to initiate a response by giving out the Salam and reach out to shake their hands! Most are either suprised or wary of this fellow who comes smiling at them and then not letting go of their hands till our eyes meet and make contact and then asking the idiot to smile and to grasp the hand proper as enjoined by Rasulullah SAW!

Only then will they smile and do so sheepishly or bewildered by the affront posed by me to them who had no one else doing this to them or being reminded of this basic Muslim custom as enjoined by our Prophet!

What is so bloody wrong with the Muslims in Malaysia? Why have the Malays, the Mamaks, the Benggalis and all other ethnicities here started to forget and not know all these simple, minor things that when ignored and unobserved have born forth idiots who know nuts about their faith?

It’s amazing to see some new converts to Islam practice and observe the Sunnah of the Prophet to the letter but those born into Islam take this precious Way of Life for granted and do not practice their God given faith!

No wonder you have the Lina Joy’s coming into the scene! This is a clear sign that when Muslims stop caring for each other and everyone starts to just mind their own bloody business, apathy and ignorance about Islam creeps in!

You have Alims turning into Zalims and you have tudung clad womenfolk committing all kinds of idiotic acts and behaviours out there and posting their shenanigans onto the internet as a declaration of their pride of being so obviously stupid and ignorant of their place in the society!

Many male Malays here in KL sport earrings , wear tattered and butt showing low hip jeans out in public. There are many Malay women who expose half of their stomachs and navels and wear those idiotic low cut jeans showing their backsides and G strings as a mark of their ‘western standard and lifestyle!

If you go to KLCC, you are guaranteed to see all these idiots congregating and making a show of their stupid gone wayward selfs as they kiss and cuddle each other on their way up and down the escalators!

How the hell have the socalled Islam Hadhari government led by the socalled bloody Chief Imam of ‘Islam Hadhari’ the ‘Ulllamak Abdullah Badawi gone so bloody ignorant of the rot taking place in this socalled Islamic nation called ‘Malaysia’?

I just don’t know what to call these people but bloody Munafiks who do not practice what they preach!

You can go up on stage and declare this and that but the reality poking up at you from the grassroots here in the Malaysian society will come and poke your butt one of these days sky high! You can bet your life on that happening!

Things are already going from bad to worse today Just wait for the coming days of tomorrow! It’s damn worrying, I must say!

To the Muslims reading this, I ask that you do your bit for the ignorant ones out there doing all kinds of shit and sins Help to guide them by advising them. You have to. There is no one else who can help them out but us. You can’t depend on the jokers in JAKIM or the bloody BN or even PAS government !

Start with just someone whom you see doing wrong. Advice them using your wisdom. Do not go hard or easy on them. Be moderate but be consistent. Insya Allah, you might just help save a Muslim from going to Hell out of their ignorance! I have many more things to say but I don’t want to carry on right now! Please understand that I do not claim myself to be so bloody holy myself but at least I am trying to improve my faith and my practice of it by passing on the Message of Islam that the Prophet SAW has left us . You too can do just that! All the best!

Take care and have a meaningful Aidil Adha! Go do your part for Islam and the Muslims!

Wabillahi taufeek walhidayah Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Ta’ala Wabarakatuh!

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